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Historical Costumes

Dressing in Costumes to suit a certain period of time in the past can be exciting, romantic, nostalgic and LOTS of fun for people of all ages. Whether we are dressing-up to honor an Ancestor or to be in tune with our surroundings in an Old West setting, one thing that is strived for is "accuracy" in our Costumes. Hopefully, through these pages, you'll be able to find just what you need to take steps back in time, to whatever time period suits your fancy. You'll be dressed in Period Costumes that will make you actually feel the nostalgia of being a part of History.

Here are some "historical" pictures taken out of my own attic :-) The clothing here, of course, was only just THAT – "clothing"... for the ladies. THEN. However, If we wore replicas of the clothing today, we would definately be in "Historical Costumes". From the corset right up to the high collared blouses... I doubt a women was often "comfortable" when she laced and buttoned-up her clothing to go out of the house..or perhaps even out of her ROOM.

Here are some Aunties of mine in Belguim taken many many moons ago:

Historical dresses Old photo

In the late 1940's skirts got a bit more daring as you can see in this photo of my mother. This dress would be considered retro, vintage, or nostalgic by todays standards.

retro dress 1940

I've divided this Category into Time Periods to make it easier for you to find the Historical Costumes and Wigs that you require for your journey into the past:

However, Aside from the Historical times listed on the Menu there are the times in between which are NOT listed... Times that, although maybe not as memorable, are still a part of History and thus, should always be remembered. Obviously, If I tried to put ALL costumes for ALL eras here I would use up ALL of Cyperspace! (..hmmmm..maybe not. ALMOST THOUGH! :-) SO, Be sure to check through the online stores that I show you here to find costumes for times like The Revolutionary War or what I like to refer to as "The Bonny and Clyde Era", days of the Flapper and Gangsters or how about the good ole 60s? Those were some revolutionary days also. Then there were times in different places, like Egypt. There was a beautiful lady named Cleopatra who ALWAYS dressed to kill. (pun intended) Of course, when the lady had the need to look the part of SUPREME royalty... she often donned her Hat...errr..."Headdress".

Viking Halloween costumeBunnhilde

Authentic Samurai CostumeSamurai Costume

Black Knight CostumeBlack Knight

Headless Marie Antoinette Homemade CostumeHeadless Marie Antoinette

DIY Little Bo Peep CostumeLittle Bo Peep

Medieval Knight CostumeMedieval Knight

Viking CostumeViking

Robe a la Francaise CostumeRobe a la Francaise

Above a some Historical costumes from our Homemade Halloween Costume contest. You can browse entire gallery by clicking any of the thumbnails above, or just visit the Costume Picture Gallery pages.