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2018 Halloween Costume Contest

The 2018 costume contest is over! Winners in 6 categories were awarded with money prizes: $100, $50 and $25!
Click here to view the 2018 Halloween costume contest winners.

The winners were selected by us (the Costume-Works.com team) in the six costume categories below:

  • Best Family Costume
  • Cutest Baby Costume
  • Best Children's Costume
  • Best Couple Costume
  • Coolest Adult Costume
  • Best Group Costume

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2018 Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

2018 Halloween costume contest winners at Costume-Works.com

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Below are all the wonderful costumes entered 2018 Halloween Costume Contest. Browse and enjoy!

You are viewing costumes 1 to 30 of 2256 contest entries.

Interactive Toilet With Flushing Sound Homemade CostumeInteractive Toilet With Flushing Sound

Elvis and Las Vegas Showgirl Homemade CostumeElvis and Las Vegas Showgirl

Wonder Girl Homemade CostumeWonder Girl

I Dream of Jeannie Homemade CostumeI Dream of Jeannie

Hunchback Witch and Pet Spider Homemade CostumeHunchback Witch and Pet Spider

Mystical Unicorn Homemade CostumeMystical Unicorn

The Cutest Octopus Homemade CostumeThe Cutest Octopus

Squirt from Finding Dory Homemade CostumeSquirt from Finding Dory

Baby Phanatic Homemade CostumeBaby Phanatic

Jolly Holiday with Mary Poppins & Bert Homemade CostumeJolly Holiday with Mary Poppins & Bert

Joe the Guardian Troll Homemade CostumeJoe the Guardian Troll

Wonkerer's Homemade CostumeWonkerer's

Dragon Trainer Homemade CostumeDragon Trainer

Captain Jack Homemade CostumeCaptain Jack

Moana and her Boat Homemade CostumeMoana and her Boat

Te Fiti from Moana Homemade CostumeTe Fiti from Moana

Heihei from Moana Homemade CostumeHeihei from Moana

Arthur Homemade CostumeArthur

Moana Family Homemade CostumeMoana Family

Stone Soldier Homemade CostumeStone Soldier

Wood Elf Homemade CostumeWood Elf

Teletubbies and the Baby Sun Homemade CostumeTeletubbies and the Baby Sun

Piņata and Candy Homemade CostumePiņata and Candy

Little Rascal Homemade CostumeLittle Rascal

Grim Reaper Homemade CostumeGrim Reaper

Scarecrow Homemade CostumeScarecrow

Teeny Tiny Moth Escapes Death Homemade CostumeTeeny Tiny Moth Escapes Death

Hansel and Gretel Wicked Witch Homemade CostumeHansel and Gretel: Wicked Witch

Fake News Homemade CostumeFake News

The 405 Interstate Highway Homemade CostumeThe 405 Interstate Highway

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