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It's Happy Hour! Costume

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It's Happy Hour! Costume

Dogs Carrying a Box of Corona Beer

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Photo #1 - Dogs Carrying a Box of Corona Beer Photo #2 - It's happy hour! Photo #3 - Dog Carrying a Box of Corona Beer Photo #4 - I had to find the perfect box Photo #5 - Clothes I found at Goodwill (she hates them) Photo #6 - 'Why are you doing this to me?'
Costume type:  Costumes for Pets
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for pets entered our 2016 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Vania, the 'It's Happy Hour!' costume creator:

My goldendoodle Luna and her pal getting ready to start happy hour on the beach! I got inspired by all the costumes of dogs carrying stuff, and wanted to make it a little funnier with a case of Corona!

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382 votes
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#1 comment by Jeffrey October 11, 2016

Love it! The winner!

#2 comment by BART SARKISIAN December 1, 2016

love corona costume how can I order one

#3 comment by Vania December 1, 2016

I made it!

#4 comment by Clara July 18, 2017

Can I place an order for the corona puppy costume?

#5 comment by Laura August 15, 2017

How can I place an order for this costume please?

#6 comment by Vania Farnsworth August 16, 2017

I made this costume from scratch.... Bought all the kids clothes at Goodwill... It took me a while, but it was well worth it!

#7 comment by Kellie August 26, 2017

I absolutely love this !
How did you keep the Corona box from falling over ?

#8 comment by Sabrina September 13, 2017

How did you keep the box from wiggling around? It's cute.

#9 comment by Kam Frantkowski September 26, 2017

I wanna know how u did that... I think its the best Ive ever seen

#10 comment by Sassyfox1121 October 14, 2017

I love it! I would love to see the steps you took to make it. How creative of you!! My dogs are a little bigger than yours but I think I will try it. Thank you for sharing such a fun & enjoyable idea!!

#11 comment by Robin October 15, 2017

Is this for sale? How much?

#12 comment by Amey October 17, 2017

How are the back pants staying on? Please do more of a step by step. This is amazing and I want to try to win my vet's contest. :)

#13 comment by Rachel October 19, 2017

Can you please post a step by step?! This is AMAZING!

#14 comment by Vania Farnsworth October 19, 2017

If any of you live in Richmond VA, I'd be happy to let you borrow it. I'll post a link with pictures next.

#15 comment by Tiffany October 20, 2017

I live an hour away from Richmond, I would love to borrow it!!

#16 comment by Vania Farnsworth October 20, 2017

Tiffany, no problem. Text me at 804-245-7780

#17 comment by Vania Farnsworth October 20, 2017

Tiffany text me at 804 245 7780

#18 comment by Brad October 22, 2017

can I buy a costume? This is amazing!

#19 comment by Evelyn Biton Barlia October 28, 2017

Can you post a step by step of this. Please!

#20 comment by Vania Farnsworth October 29, 2017

Ribbons are at the bottom. I'll see if I can find more pics

#21 comment by Diane Orrell November 18, 2017

I'm in the uk & would love to make this costume for my dog, could you please advise of the steps I need to take Vania, Thankyou.

#22 comment by Miranda January 15, 2018

Where can I buy this costume?

#23 comment by Vania January 16, 2018

It's a homemade costume

#24 comment by Miranda January 19, 2018

Love that corona.costume please let me know if you have it for sale

#25 comment by Vania January 20, 2018

If you are in Richmond VA you can have it

#26 comment by Kylie February 22, 2018

I am wanting to buy this but need to know how much this is first

#27 comment by Kylie February 22, 2018

Just wondering how much this is and if it is for sale

#28 comment by Vania Farnsworth February 23, 2018

Made from scratch... Not for sale, sorry

#29 comment by Claire March 23, 2018

AMAZING!!!!! Can you send me the guide how to make it please??

#30 comment by susan March 31, 2018

Do you have some basic instructions

#31 comment by Olivia September 11, 2018

How can I buy one?

#32 comment by Vania September 12, 2018

I posted all the pictures that I had... I made the costume myself.

#33 comment by Cori September 13, 2018

what did you use for the arms? did you velcro the box on?

#34 comment by Vania September 14, 2018

I bought some fluffy fabric, stuffed it with socks to make the arms. Everything was held together with ribbons, but velcro is a great idea as well!

#35 comment by Amy September 15, 2018

Can I pay to borrow it this year for Halloween? I live in Los Angeles. I will pay to “rent it" from you, shipping costs & return it to you after a Halloween!!! Please let me know...I am in loooove with this costume!!! Thanks so much!!!

#36 comment by Maria Pilafov September 16, 2018

How were the pants attached and the box not moving I'm using string but doesn't work

#37 comment by Vania September 16, 2018

Oh my. How do you want to proceed and how much are you willing to pay?

#38 comment by Courtney September 30, 2018

Hey Vania! I love this costume! I'm trying to make it based off of the photos but it's a bit challenging to get through my head. Is there a chance you could discuss it with me? I don't mean to bother but I'm really interested in this. Thank you for any and all help I really appreciate it!!


#39 comment by Cathy October 4, 2018

Hello!!!! I love the costume and would like to make it for my golden doodle. How did you put the box on? I would love to have instructions if possible. Thanks
My email is galenacm[at]aol.com.

#40 comment by Vania October 5, 2018

I added ribbons at the bottom

#41 comment by Winston October 8, 2018

Come on share how you made this please! A step by step would be fantastic!

#42 comment by Emily October 14, 2018


If you could make this costume for a shihztu I would gladly pay for it.


#43 comment by Vania October 14, 2018

I'm very flattered, but I have to respectfully decline. It.might be easier if you make it yourself, as you need to test the costume as you go. Sorry!

#44 comment by Adrian Guerra November 27, 2018

You really need to be on “SHARK TANK". Get this thing “patern/copy right". Before someone steals your idea. This is a money maker. Don't let it slip away. You're very talented. Let it pay off. Good luck.

#45 comment by Gill king April 18, 2019

Can you buy these costumes

#46 comment by Ashley K from Jersey October 12, 2019

So I bring my service dog to work with me everyday and I know this would be a hit! Did you post the step by step instructions anywhere? I think im going use hot glue and good old needle and thread!

#47 comment by Phillip Standiford October 20, 2019

We so want 1 for our dog Rya in a small she's a Teddy Bear and loves Corona

#48 comment by Dale Martins October 21, 2019

Omg you could go into business I would buy one

#49 comment by Vania Farnsworth October 22, 2019

It's actually not so difficult to make.... you just have to take your time and visualize all the steps :)

#50 comment by Kelly Kelly October 22, 2019

It looks like it might be too big fora cocker spaniel....

#51 comment by Dawn October 22, 2019

Absolutely brilliant. Very clever of you

#52 comment by Diane Hampton October 24, 2019

I absolutely love this! You have a good thing going here. Come up with instructions, I would buy them from you or better yet, make them and sell them. I want one for my boxer.

#53 comment by Douglas October 25, 2019

I would love to buy one from you!

#54 comment by Andrew October 25, 2019

Can I buy this

#55 comment by Bananas Gorilla October 25, 2019

Everyone wants to know, where is the video?!!!!111???

#56 comment by MICHELLE QUILEY October 26, 2019

Can I buy this somewhere

#57 comment by Gina koger October 27, 2019

Is there a phone contact so I can order the dog costume?

#58 comment by VIcky Capizzi October 28, 2019

Where can I purchase this costume?

#59 comment by Rebecca November 9, 2019

Do you have a pattern? Any tips? Would greatly appreciate

#60 comment by Colleen Guthridge November 9, 2019

Can I order one of the dog carrying the.box of beer

#61 comment by Hollie Troy August 18, 2020

You made it on a website for cute or odd items. You really should think of selling directions or patterns. You could really make some money. One of the cutest costumes I've seen in a long time.

#62 comment by Rocio R. Bradley September 26, 2020

I would like to buy one of this costumes. Could you sell it to me

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