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2019 Halloween Costume Contest

The 2019 costume contest is over! Winners in 6 categories were awarded with money prizes: $100, $50 and $25!
Click here to view the 2019 Halloween costume contest winners.

The winners were selected by us (the Costume-Works.com team) in the six costume categories below:

  • Best Family Costume
  • Cutest Baby Costume
  • Best Children's Costume
  • Best Couple Costume
  • Coolest Adult Costume
  • Best Group Costume

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2019 Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

2019 Halloween costume contest winners at Costume-Works.com

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To share your Halloween costume ideas, and see your creative costume photos featured in our costume galleries - submit your costume photos and enter our 2020 Costume Contest.

Below are all the wonderful costumes entered 2019 Halloween Costume Contest. Browse and enjoy!

You are viewing costumes 1 to 30 of 2015 contest entries.

Pirate Baby Homemade CostumePirate Baby

Baby Frankenstein Homemade CostumeBaby Frankenstein

Yoda Baby Homemade CostumeYoda Baby

Let's Get Crackin' Homemade CostumeLet's Get Crackin'

Cabbage Patch Doll Baby Homemade CostumeCabbage Patch Doll Baby

Unicorn Rider Homemade CostumeUnicorn Rider

Baby Taco Homemade CostumeBaby Taco

Snow Globe Souvenirs Homemade CostumeSnow Globe Souvenirs

Little Star-Lord Homemade CostumeLittle Star-Lord

Yondu & young Peter Quill Homemade CostumeYondu & young Peter Quill

Origami Paper Crane Homemade CostumeOrigami Paper Crane

Toy Story Family Homemade CostumeToy Story Family

Fortune Tellers Homemade CostumeCouple of Fortune Tellers

Piano Homemade CostumePiano

Herman and Lily Munster Homemade CostumeHerman and Lily Munster

Thor Odinson Homemade CostumeThor Odinson

Pocahontas Baby Homemade CostumePocahontas

Under Construction Homemade CostumeUnder Construction

Poppy Homemade CostumePoppy

Voyager Moana and Tefiti Homemade CostumeVoyager Moana and Tefiti

Decidueye Homemade CostumeDecidueye

Ernie from Sesame Street Homemade CostumeErnie from Sesame Street

The Elf on the Shelf Homemade CostumeThe Elf on the Shelf

Colonel Sanders and His Chicken Homemade CostumeColonel Sanders and His Chicken

Rhinestoned Skeleton Homemade CostumeRhinestoned Skeleton

Eyes are the Windows to the Soul Homemade CostumeEyes are the Windows to the Soul

Diva of Death Homemade CostumeDiva of Death

Half-faced Aliens Homemade CostumeHalf-faced Aliens

Exhausted Parents Homemade CostumeExhausted Parents

Unlucky Golf Player Homemade CostumeUnlucky Golf Player

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