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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


35 Favorite Children's Book Characters Halloween Costumes35 Favorite Children's Book Characters Halloween Costumes

For Halloween why not draw inspiration from literature for your kid's costume? From modern children's classics, to fairytales from the likes of Hans Christian Anderson, there is no better source of inspiration than books.   Read More »


70 Creative Optical Illusion Halloween Costumes70 Creative Optical Illusion Halloween Costumes

Costumes can stand out for two reasons: they can be incredibly elaborate, or make you think - wow, I would never have thought of that! It takes a clever costume to be striking, and the genre of optical illusion costumes never disappoints. Illusion Haloween costumes provide the opportunity to include multiple characters, create an entire scene, or simply dazzle and confuse your friends.   Read More »


80 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples80 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples

The costuming is double the fun when you try a couple's costume. It's a great chance to bond and experience revive some childhood memories to share with your sweetheart. So, this year, why not experiment with DIY Halloween costumes for couples? To provide some inspiration, here are some creative couples costumes from our Halloween costume contest.   Read More »


50 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets and their Humans50 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets and their Humans

One member of the family that can sometimes miss out on the Halloween party is the family pet. Have no fear though because even they can get in on the ghoulish action with a great deal of creative costumes and ideas available. Check out these great imaginative pet/human costume ideas submitted to our annual costume contest. Our hope is that you get some good ideas from these and have as happy of a Halloween as these owners and furry friends.   Read More »


65 Coolest Couples Halloween Costumes65 Coolest Couples Halloween Costumes

With so many different Halloween costumes available, how do you make sure that you make a splash at your costume party? A couples costume could be just what you need to be set yourself apart from the crowd. It is a great way to involve your significant other or even a close friend in on the fun. There are a lot of great costume ideas that couples can choose from. Check out this page with some of the coolest couples Halloween costumes from the annual costume contest at Costume-Works.com   Read More »


50 Creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Women50 Creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

No one wants to go to a Halloween party wearing the same thing other people are. You want to be unique, to stand out from the crowd with a killer idea no one else has thought of. Fun and feminine, these fifty creative DIY Halloween costume ideas are so original, others will wish they thought of it first when you arrive on Halloween night.   Read More »


45 Fun Family Halloween Costume Ideas45 Fun Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Who said Halloween is just for the kids? With themed costumes, parents and other adult family members can join in on the ghoulishly-good times. If zombies have picked your brains and you're a candy corn or two short of a good idea, draw some inspiration from this sweet selection of family-friendly costumes. Don't simply be a bystander this Halloween while the kids have all the fun- make it a trick-or-treat to remember with some fang-tastic family fun!   Read More »


100 Creative DIY Costume Ideas for Dogs100 Creative DIY Costume Ideas for Dogs

It can be difficult to find costumes for dogs in Halloween shops, especially since dogs come in all different sizes. Here are some great Halloween costumes for your furry friend that you can create yourself at home, with just some handy supplies and a creative mind.   Read More »


30 Awesome Parent & Baby Costume Ideas30 Awesome Parent & Baby Costume Ideas

Relive your childhood by joining in the Halloween fun with a parent and child themed costume! What better way to fully enjoy Halloween with your baby is there than being a part of their costume idea? Get your creative juices flowing with this list of frightfully-fantastic costumes designed for parent and child. Best of all, these ideas can be crafted at a fraction of the price of store bought costumes by using some imagination and common materials.   Read More »


50 Creative DIY Baby Costume Ideas50 Creative DIY Baby Costume Ideas

When our little ones seem to grow up so fast, you want to be sure not to miss a moment. Halloween offers a spook-tacular opportunity for bonding and fun with baby. Whether you have a little ghoul or a little angel, this list of DIY baby costume ideas will leave onlookers howling with delight on Halloween night. Sink your teeth into one of these hauntingly cute costume ideas or draw some inspiration to create the perfect look for your little pumpkin.   Read More »


35 Funny & Cute Baby Costume Ideas35 Funny & Cute Baby Costume Ideas

One of the top reasons for having a baby has got to be to dress them up. Okay, so, maybe you have better reasons, but nonetheless if you have one of these adorable tiny humans, you should really be taking advantage of the fact that they will wear whatever you tell them to. Because they are half the size, baby costumes really are twice the fun of any other kind of costume. Even better, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to put together your own fantastic baby costume.   Read More »


Fabulous Animal Costume IdeasFabulous Animal Costume Ideas

Animal costume ideas are always fun to brainstorm and even better to look at when they're unique and well crafted. You don't even have to spend a lot of money on your costume. Many of them can be crafted inexpensively and still look great! Take time with the costume, let the experience of putting it together be as enjoyable (if not moreso) than the wearing of it.   Read More »


Coolest Movie Costume IdeasCoolest Movie Costume Ideas

Halloween is naturally the time when someone is most often thinking about movie costume ideas. Movies and television inspire people to have fun and be silly. Whether you are attending a comic or cosplay convention or just preparing early for Halloween, this page is meant to help inspire you to have fun and get creative!   Read More »


50 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls50 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Halloween is one of the most magical times of the year. It's also a time when creative Halloween costumes pop up for a fun night of Trick-or-Treating. These young girls have made some truly unique costumes that will have you wondering how they manage to have such a big imagination! If you're looking for creative Halloween costume ideas, see what other young girls have been turning out this year.   Read More »


36 Creative Group Halloween Costume Ideas36 Creative Group Halloween Costume Ideas

How much fun would it be for your whole group or class or team or cul-de-sac to show up at your Halloween festivities - not in matching costumes - but in homemade, creative costumes that go together, costumes along a theme? Imagine the splash you and your friends could make, all dressed as colorful, maybe wicked characters from a favorite story or movie. Or, what would people say if the entire front office staff came to the annual office party as comic books - or as fruitcakes? Farm animals? Game pieces? Well, the idea is to think outside of the ordinary - after all, this is Halloween!   Read More »


45 Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes45 Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes

Calling all trick or treaters! It's almost time to start filling those bags with lots of goodies. Have you chosen your little ones costume yet? If you haven't and shopping in the party store doesn't sound very festive, check out some of these great ideas for the do-it-yourselfers. Or come up with your own idea and then enter our online costume contest!   Read More »


65 Clever Halloween Costumes for Kids65 Clever Halloween Costumes for Kids

Who doesn't love to dress up and see who can create the funniest, scariest or wackiest costume? Some people begin planning their costume choices months and sometimes even years in advance. If you are like me, the planning is just beginning and costumes can be expensive, which can limit our choices. But with a little time and some great ideas, you won't need to spend a lot of money shopping at a partystore.   Read More »


75 Creative Couples Costume Ideas75 Creative Couples Costume Ideas

Children are not the only ones who love playing dress-up. We all love playing make-believe and it's really fun to give our inner vampire or ghoul or superhero or movie star a night fully "out" of the closet. And you still have plenty of time to get super creative! Lots of adults go all "out" for adult parties - but consider getting "in the mood" even to take the kids to that safe trick and treat event at the mall, or surprising your young guests when they ring your doorbell.   Read More »


50 Creative Family Costume Ideas50 Creative Family Costume Ideas

How would you like to show up to your favorite family Halloween fest as the best-dressed, most original family ever? These pages showcase cute, innovative, and creative home made costume designs. Then through the annual costume contest, more designs are added each year to spur your imagination. The idea on this page is to feature costumes for your family that somehow all go together like a toothbrush and toothpaste - and floss, or peanut butter and jelly - and bread.   Read More »


18 Creative Halloween Costumes for Parents and Baby18 Creative Halloween Costumes for Parents and Baby

Love Halloween but don't really feel comfortable bringing the new addition to a party? Just because they don't know what's going on doesn't mean it isn't the perfect time to start bringing them in on one of your favorite holidays! We have a variety of parent/child costumes as ideas to inspire you. Just because your little one isn't old enough to go trick or treating doesn't mean you can't!   Read More »

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