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Akasha - Queen of the Damned Costume

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Akasha - Queen of the Damned Costume

Akasha - Queen of the Damned Costume

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Costume type:  Costumes for Women
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This homemade costume for women entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Mallory, the 'Akasha - Queen of the Damned' costume creator:

I am wearing the costume. Queen of the Damned is by far my favorite vampire movie! And i love Aaliyah! I chose this costume because its unique and u cant buy it anywhere!

The breast plates are made from model magic and were glued onto an old bra and painted. The necklace and jewelry chest piece are hand made from fishing line, beads, poster board that i painted, wire, and plastic jewels.

The headdress is made from two metal head bands, wire, posterboard, irridescent fabric, sparkle paint, and plastic jewels. I sewed black fabric on front and back of the skirt and made the belt from old fabric, posterboard that i painted, beads, fishing line, and plastic jewels.

Make up and hair were done by me as well. I also made my own vampire teeth so that they would fit exact. I took one of my hard mouth pieces and used nail acrylic inside and then clamped down. After the actylic hardened, i pulled them out and built up vampire teeth with the acrylic. After this hardened i sculpted them down with a dremel.

Hope u enjoy my costume! It was alot of hard work!

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127 votes
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#1 comment by T.S. November 3, 2012

That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Holy crap that is awesome. I plan to do a take on the Anubis warriors from the second mummy movie only as the lion goddess sekhmet (also an Egyptian god) and dress very similar to the queen of the damned. Although I realize my costume idea is rather hard to explain I figure it is unique and will aid in scaring the small children in my neighborhood come Halloween. I thank you for the inspiration.

#2 comment by Pauley January 13, 2013

Wow, this costume ist absolutely awesome!!!!!

#3 comment by Jessenia April 11, 2013

WOW! Its beautiful!! I would pay to have that costume made for me.

#4 comment by Brittany April 11, 2013

That is awesome! I would pay to have this costume also.

#5 comment by Mallory Gray April 23, 2013

Hey guys! thank you for your wonderful compliments! aot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this!

#6 comment by Amber Cooper-Martinez July 21, 2013

Do you have any tips on the breast plates??? I have been trying to make this costume for 3 years now, and I am determined this year to have it! I have thought about making a mold of my breast but I just don't know where to start! Any tips would be helpful!

#7 comment by Kaila July 28, 2013

This is the closest I've seen to it so far. Do you think you coulda me me one if I bought the materials?

#8 comment by Mallory Gray August 5, 2013

The breast plates i made out of model magic. To shape them the same as my breasts i took one of my bras and put saran wrap over the breast part and then formed the model magic over that. Once dry i shaped it and added deatil and paint. Hope this helps!

#9 comment by Kat August 19, 2013

Is there anyway that you can contact me!? Please say YES!! :)


#10 comment by Mallory Gray August 19, 2013

You can email me at hootiehoo1[at]aol.com

#11 comment by joy boya August 25, 2013

I love queen aaliyah well that`s what i call it and i would love to war her outfet it would be so cool if only i new where to buy it well i like it for all u aaliyah fan by the way i am her number one fan .

#12 comment by yanet diaz August 27, 2013

Hello I am planning to make this costume but I need some tips. Id really appreciate if you could help me. I tried emailing but it was rejected for some reason.

#13 comment by Ashley September 1, 2013

I would love to pay you to make this for me!!!!! Please send me your email address

#14 comment by Mallory Gray September 1, 2013


#15 comment by Mallory Gray September 4, 2013

I just want to let everyone know that this is a very time consuming and expensive costume to make. It took about 3 months and cost about $300 just to make. Ive had several emails the past couple of months inquiring if i could make them this costume. Please only serious inquiries. This is not a costume you can buy at the halloween store so it not going to be priced like one. Not tryin to ruffle anyones feathers but alot of blood, sweat and tears goes into making something like this. Thanks guys!

Mallory Gray

#16 comment by Jeanette September 9, 2013

I would pay $300 for it! Where are you located?

#17 comment by Mallory Gray September 10, 2013

The costume does not cost $300.00. It COSTS me $300.00 in material alone to make it. Sorry for the confusion

#18 comment by Cristina September 20, 2013

How much to rent costume im serious in ordering to rent or buy

#19 comment by Jai September 23, 2013

Great costume, can i buy it? lol

#20 comment by kay kay October 3, 2013

Hay can u make mine were r u located i will pay to have it made now... i dont really use my email so what other way can i contact u...

#21 comment by Mallory Gray October 4, 2013

I do not have time now guys as it is an extensive costume to make and Halloween is too close. I am in the process of moving into a new home and ive got two other jobs as well. The actual costume is not for sale. It is made specifically for my measurements. I will be available next year. Thanks guys

#22 comment by Loren October 4, 2013

Hey Mallory awesome job! Im doing this costume this year. Love the character from the Anne Rice book, anyway, can you please say how you made the headpiece stand up straight? That is the part that I am having trouble with. Thanks so much!!

#23 comment by letrice holmes October 4, 2013

hey can you make me the akasha costume as soon as you can I need it for a contest I appreciate thanks

#24 comment by Bird October 12, 2013

Hi there, gorgeous costume! Its fabulous, you did an excellent, professional job!May I ask how you got the bra cups to stay on around the back? And the neck piece?

#25 comment by Crystal October 20, 2013

I have been wanting to do this or years!! Love it! You did an amazing job! Where did you get the eyes?!?

#26 comment by Deja mcherron December 17, 2013

Do you think you could give details on how you made the headdress? And some of the places you bought your supplies at?

#27 comment by Shanese January 21, 2014

How much would you charge to make me one?

#28 comment by Tinessa January 23, 2014

May I buy your costume??????

#29 comment by Jehn-i January 28, 2014

omgeee i would pay u to make this for me

#30 comment by kitty March 24, 2014

I think she is showing to much:0

#31 comment by Aussie Lisa May 31, 2014

This is absolutely amazing!!! The best one I've seen.. I was attempting this costume about 8 years ago, bought all the pendants, charms ect from Turkey and Pakistan.. What I've got is a near exact replica of it, the head piece I've got all the bits for cut out spikes ect, skirt all stuff for beading ect, the breast plates was the hardest and I cracked the sooks at it and had been in a box in pieces for the last 8-9 years lol. It is a very big job and I feel ur pain, and I know it's expensive I spent a total of 600$ on the pendants and beads ( as postage to Australia, and a lot are antique, or old) you have done an absolute amazing job! Im planning in having mine ready by next year for my 30th. U just inspired me to pull it out :) thanks again and I'll try the model magic for beast plates... Thanks and I hope u don't mind if I email u if I need some pointers! Good job f:)

#32 comment by Mallory Gray June 2, 2014

Its exact from the movie "kitty". But thanks for ur opinion...no one cares by the way

#33 comment by Whitley Fossella September 13, 2014

Can I buy this from you? I've been trying to find something this amazing for years *diehard queen of the damned fan*

#34 comment by Christie G September 14, 2014

This is absolutely my favorite costume I have ever seen made by a person...
I love this movie and costume. You did a Great Job... Thank you for this...

#35 comment by Dee October 11, 2014

Please can I buy rent this costume, asap!!!! My name is dee

#36 comment by Shawna October 17, 2014

I did mines a couple years ago ! It WAS REALLY HARD WORK!!

#37 comment by Chica October 29, 2014

Did u make a YouTube video on how to make the head piece n neck jewelry

#38 comment by Mishae White November 3, 2014

Do you still have this costume?

#39 comment by l. garrett November 17, 2014

Wow, you did a great job and you look wonderful in it. What a great ideal. Great looking kitchen btw !!!!

#40 comment by Whitney November 19, 2014

Definitely looking forward to doing this next year. You look great! I think I would be able to handle everything except for the headpiece. Would you please quote me on just the headpiece.Thanks!

#41 comment by Cristina November 26, 2014

This costume is amazing! Wonderful job!

#42 comment by amber November 27, 2014

I would be willing to pay u $600 to make this costume for me I would love nothing more to have this costume I named my daughter after her

#43 comment by Vonnie April 18, 2015

A-FREAKIN-MAZING!!!! I've been looking for this costume or instructions to create since the movie's release!! If you have the time this year or period, I would definitely pay for you to make for me. I don't have to have it for Halloween, I just want it!!!

#44 comment by Terie haynes August 4, 2015

Hey just wondering if u still were making this costume?

#45 comment by Samantha S August 10, 2015

What kind of paint did you use for the belt? And where can you get it?

#46 comment by Revlaun August 12, 2015

Queen of the Damned is one of my favorite movies since I was a little girl. I love vampires and for some years now I've been trying to me to find this costume. I was wondering if you can make it for me for my 18th birthday coming up in October!?

#47 comment by Diana September 24, 2015

Would you sale?

#48 comment by Tiffanie October 14, 2015

I want it plz sell it to me

#49 comment by Mallory Gray October 14, 2015

I believe i am going to sell it. Ill be listing it on ebay

#50 comment by Janae B October 15, 2015

Hi , do you have an email? I would love for you to make it this for me this year

#51 comment by Nieshia Gaskins October 15, 2015

Mallory! Hi I emailed you a while ago. I had questions about the costume I wanted to make my own please if you could send me an email that'd be great!

#52 comment by Shakita Green November 30, 2015


I would love to purchase this, if you could make this for me. Do you have an email so we can discuss more?

#53 comment by Leigha May 19, 2016

I want to buy this!

#54 comment by tiara May 30, 2016

Are you still Making this costume? Would love to buy it

#55 comment by Belle September 7, 2016

I'd love to buy one of this!

#56 comment by Joe September 15, 2016

How did you make head piece?

#57 comment by Justina Schmidt September 28, 2016

I'd like to buy one from you if possible

#58 comment by Chianti jordan September 29, 2016

Can you email me please I have a couple questions About the costume chianti.Jordan1998[at]gmail.com

#59 comment by Michelle Aponte December 1, 2016

I'll be willing to pay some good $$$ for this costume if i can fit it! please contact me with the sizing info!! or even pay you to make one for next halloween in my size :)))))

#60 comment by Lex March 7, 2017

hey, would you be able to start working on the costume for me soon ? i really would love to have one so i hope you're still making them if you have time to. I would love to know the amount and more info. Ill be 21 this halloween and would kill this fit

#61 comment by Queenie April 11, 2017

How did you decorate the bra strap?

#62 comment by Phoenix Midnight June 29, 2017

Is there any way you could do a video of how to do her headpiece. I tried making one out of 12G wire, but it's still so flimsy and I ended up trashing it. :/

#63 comment by Steve barry July 10, 2017

It's a stunning outfit

#64 comment by Emily September 8, 2017

Wow you are a genius! I am looking for something like this to use in a video. I would only need it for 2 days. Is there anyway I can get one?

#65 comment by Steve Barry September 9, 2017

Beautiful Costume Mallory

#66 comment by Lon September 12, 2017

Is this for sell?

#67 comment by Lindsey October 7, 2017

I wanted to try make kasha queen of the damend costume for next Halloween I already have the skirt it's black the bra top that I had to start with broke and now I have to get another one I found the necklace at style for less and eyelashes flase lashes I need fabric for belt jewelry pieces for crown wrist jewelry press on nails peach lipstick fangs blood vampire. Decorate pieces for sleeves and bra top temporary color hair black

#68 comment by Sam April 19, 2018

Can you make me a costume plz!!! You are very talented!!!

#69 comment by Randi June 23, 2018

Is this costume still available? We're having a throw back costume party for holloween in October. I'd like to be prepared.

#70 comment by Janise September 28, 2018

Is this still available?! I've been looking for an Akasha costume since 2015!!

#71 comment by Ariel October 3, 2018

Omg I was wondering if you were willing to sell or make another one.

#72 comment by shakya n simpson October 20, 2018

Hey can you please email me I know these comments are old but I would like to ask you some questions about the outfit if that's okay

#73 comment by Theresa Stewart March 25, 2019

Would you be willing to sell a copy of the blue prints for this costume? I will be using it for a Halloween contest and so far your design is the best I have seen.

#74 comment by Yatti October 13, 2019

How can I get this costume from you?

#75 comment by Jaciente March 25, 2020

Not sure if this is still an active conversation but where did you get the pieces(blue squares) to make the apron half?

#76 comment by Alexandria April 11, 2020

Do you have a tutorial on how to make or better yet, can I pay you to make it for me?

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