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Up! Family Costume
by Christy
Flo and Mayhem Costume
by Julie
Rosie the Riveter Costume
by Jennifer

About Costume Works

Coletta, the founder of Costume WorksCostume Works' website and its famous annual Homemade Halloween Costume Contest were founded by Coletta Daniel in 2006. Starting from 2011, this website and the Halloween Costume Contest are maintained by a small group of Halloween enthusiasts.

Witches, goblins, devils, angels, skeletons, fairies, kings, wizards and tigers...oh my!

Whether you choose to be drawn in by the sugary sweet allure of candy or the chilling call of more sinister things, there is no night quite like Halloween. What other day lets you be anything you could possibly imagine? Each Halloween is different from the last due to the many creative individuals celebrating it. It is a time where people can live other lives for a night and celebrate with family and friends. Costumes now range from the traditional witch or zombie to the most elaborate and creative costumes imaginable. Lights, make-up, and elaborate props – both manufactured and homemade – have really expanded the possibilities when it comes to Halloween costumes.

That said, what will you choose to be this Halloween?

Costume Works is a website dedicated to helping people celebrate Halloween to the fullest. Our vast selection of galleries is sure to spark inspiration for the perfect costume. Here you can find costume ideas for all ages and situations. There are even costumes for babies and pets. Indeed, little ghouls, ghosts. and super pets can find the costume for them here. Our website hosts ideas for individual and group costumes that are different, fun, and sure to impress. Additionally, helpful 'how-to' sections are sure to make every Halloween night a frightfully enjoyable experience.

Costume Works can't take all the credit for the many excellent costume ideas on the website, though. Each year, Halloween lovers from all over enter Costume Works' annual costume contest. All it takes to enter is a photo of a great costume and a short description. By entering, users gain the opportunity to win fabulous cash prizes and have their costumes viewed by thousands of visitors from all over the world. Who knows – your costume idea might just be that special inspiration somebody was looking for all along (not to mention, winning cash is always nice!). The contest covers various categories so do-it-yourselfers, groups, pet owners, and even those who just came across a cool costume at the store can enter.

Since the contest is open to nearly everyone, the ideas presented on the site are virtually limitless. Those who love to craft their own costumes will especially enjoy the creative homemade costumes. Each description includes an informative 'how-to' and creative tips and ideas for costume creation. Halloween certainly doesn't have to be expensive or limited to store bought costumes. Many users have submitted very creative, attractive costumes made with objects found around the average household. Costume designers and other Halloween enthusiasts are sure to find something they love within the pages of Costume Works.

So click away, Halloween lover! You're well on your way to finding the costume idea that speaks to you! Whether your style is sweet or sinister, young or old, solo or with the gang, you're sure to find the inspiration to add some magic to Halloween night. We look forward to seeing what fantastic costumes you scare up this Halloween!