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36 Creative Group Halloween Costume Ideas

How much fun would it be for your whole group or class or team or cul-de-sac to show up at your Halloween festivities - not in matching costumes - but in homemade, creative costumes that go together, costumes along a theme? Imagine the splash you and your friends could make, all dressed as colorful, maybe wicked characters from a favorite story or movie. Or, what would people say if the entire front office staff came to the annual office party as comic books - or as fruitcakes? Farm animals? Game pieces? Well, the idea is to think outside of the ordinary - after all, this is Halloween!

Check out these favorites below and others around the site for idea for your own office or group.

Group Halloween costume ideasCLUE
Sent in by Andy to our 2013 costume contest.

These colorful and clever master CLUE detectives are use paper mache and fabric dyes to disguise themselves as they search for leads to find the murderer, the location of the murder, and the murder weapon.

group costume ideas (Minions)Minions
Sent in by Heather to our 2013 costume contest.

Applying duct tape and canning rings to trucker hats for eyes and some pipe-cleaners for hair, these not-so-despicable, definitely-not-inept and certainly-creative Despicable Me Minions teamed up to be ready to find a new villain to serve.

Disney Villains group costume ideasDisney Villains
Sent in by Amber to our 2013 costume contest.

This bawdy group of imaginative co-workers channeled their inner scoundrels and pulled out all the stops to become spectacular Disney Villains with a flair for color and creative aplomb.

group halloween costume ideasSuper Engines
Sent in by Amanda to our 2013 costume contest.

This group of fun-loving, creative geeks from the company IT department titled themselves the Super Engines - I imagine them as engines of genius driving their company's progress and profits!

Spice girls group costume ideasSpice Girls
Sent in by Samantha to our 2012 costume contest.

This saucy group of inspired ladies decided to add zing and flavorto the party all by themselves when they decided to fashion themselves as McCormick spice girls using poster board and Velcro - and crayons! Hope they also brought the Maalox!


Why should your groupmake your own costumes?

Well, it's more creative and much more fun, especially when you're doing it as a group. You have a much, much wider range of costuming choices than store-bought, and homemade allows everyone to express their originality. The ones in the store are pretty predictably all-the-same and so it's hard enough to come up with enough individualized store-bought themed costumes for a family, much less a whole group - so home-made is definitely the way to go. The sky's the limit to the amount of fun you can have both out-doing each other and helping each other out... then put on smile and enjoy the "wow's" when you all make your grand entrance!

So, gather your ideas, your cardboard and felt and duct tape and makeup, buy a few boxes of safety pins, and have the best time ever this year as the talk-of-the-town! Then, don't forget to submit your photos for our photo contest. If you look you will see that we already have some for this year's contest in this category, and we surely hope you too will want to compete. Be sure to "like" or "pin" your favorites, and let your friends and family know where to find ideas for Halloween.


Creative Group Halloween Costumes

(Click on the images below for detail on each costume)

Group costume ideas - Four Seasons CostumeFour Seasons

Group costume ideas - Fruit Salad Group CostumeFruit Salad

Group costume ideas - Monopoly Group CostumeMonopoly Group

Group costume ideas - Guess WhoGuess Who

Group costume ideas - The Dark CircusThe Dark Circus

Group costume ideas - Disney VillainsDisney Villains

Group costume ideas - The Wizard of Oz Halloween CostumesThe Wizard of Oz

Group costume ideas - Super EnginesSuper Engines

Group costume ideas - MinionsMinions

Group costume ideas - The Harlem GlobetrottersThe Harlem Globetrotters

Group costume ideas - The Stages of Britney SpearsThe Stages of Britney Spears

Group costume ideas - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CostumeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Group costume ideas - CLUE Group CostumeCLUE

Group costume ideas - Zombie Wizard of Oz Group CostumesZombie Wizard of Oz

Group costume ideas - Candyland Group Halloween CostumeCandyland

Group costume ideas - Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Halloween CostumesHocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters

Group costume ideas - Rock Paper Scissors Halloween CostumeRock Paper Scissors

Group costume ideas - Spice Girls CostumeSpice Girls

Group costume ideas - Corona 6 Pack CostumeCorona 6 Pack

Group costume ideas - Duck Dynasty CostumeThe REAL Duck Dynasty

Group costume ideas - Tetris Group CostumeHuman Tetris

Group costume ideas - Duct Tape Crayola Crayons CostumeDuct Tape Crayola Crayons

Group costume ideas - Alice in Wonderland CostumesAlice in Wonderland

Group costume ideas - Magic School Bus Costume Idea for GroupsMiss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus

Group costume ideas - Loofahs Costume for GroupsLoofah Girls

Group costume ideas - Toy Story Soldiers CostumeToy Story Soldiers

Group costume ideas - Mortal Kombat Game CharactersMortal Kombat Characters

Group costume ideas - Lock, Shock, Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas CostumesLock, Shock, Barrel

Group costume ideas - Cereal Characters CostumeCereal Characters

Group costume ideas - Willy Wonka and Friends CostumeWilly Wonka and Friends

Group costume ideas - Taco Bell Sauce Packets CostumeTaco Bell Sauce Packets

Group costume ideas - Ghostbusters CostumeGhostbusters

Group costume ideas - iPod Nano Costume Idea for GroupsiPod nanos

Group costume ideas - 101 Dalmatians Costumes101 Dalmatians less 90

Group costume ideas - Star Wars Characters CostumeStar Wars Characters

Group costume ideas - The Flintstone Family CostumeThe Flintstone Family

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