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2019 Halloween costume contest winners at Costume-Works.com

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2019 Halloween costume contest!.

This year's contest categories are:


Winners in all 6 categories were selected by the Costume-Works.com Team.

The 2019 Contest Winners are:

Best Family Costume

1st place ($100)The Candy Land Crew CostumeThe Candy Land Crew

2nd place ($50)Under Construction Family CostumeUnder Construction

3rd place ($25)Carnival Rides Family CostumeCarnival Rides


Cutest Baby Costume

1st place ($100)Mini Submarine CostumeMini Submarine

2nd place ($50)Baby Mjolnir and Thor CostumeBaby Mjolnir and Thor

3rd place ($25)Rainbow Dippin' Dots CostumeRainbow Dippin' Dots


Best Children's Costume

1st place ($100)Audrey 2 - Little Shop of Horrors CostumeAudrey 2 - Little Shop of Horrors

2nd place ($50)Mickey & Minnie Topiary CostumeMickey & Minnie Topiary

3rd place ($25)Antique Wind Up Doll CostumeAntique Wind Up Doll


Best Couple Costume

1st place ($100)Mrs. Rosebud and Slimy CostumeMrs. Rosebud and Slimy

2nd place ($50)Pennywise & his Red Balloon CostumePennywise & his Red Balloon

3rd place ($25)Dr. I. Hackemoff and her patient, Lucky CostumeDr. I. Hackemoff and her patient, Lucky


Coolest Adult Costume

1st place ($100)Innuendo CostumeInnuendo

2nd place ($50)White Claw Monster CostumeWhite Claw Monster

3rd place ($25)Pink Poodle CostumePink Poodle


Best Group Costume

1st place ($100)Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship CostumeTitanic: The Unsinkable Ship

2nd place ($50)Toy Story 4 Group CostumeToy Story 4

3rd place ($25)Adult Beanie Babies CostumeAdult Beanie Babies


Congratulations to the Winners!!!

All the winners will receive a message from us with further instructions via email within 2-3 days.
If you didn't receive an email from us -
please check the 'SPAM' folder of your mailbox,
OR contact us using this form
*** please include your Full Name, your PayPal address,
and your Contact Email address
(the one that you used to enter the contest) ***

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Thanks to all the contestants - you all are awesome!
We hope to see you again in our contest next year!

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