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Halloween Accessories & Props

When I think of Halloween Accessories I think of Vampire Teeth and Witches Hats. Very simply put...the list of additions to a Halloween Costume can be REAL long. Check through the online stores and you'll see exactly what I mean. There is MUCH to choose from so have FUN and use your imagination to add just the right thing to make your Costume the most original around town. Let's face facts, two Witch Costumes can be basically the same, HOWEVER! When we start to add the Accessories of Hats and Boots and Brooms... THAT's what seperates the wannabee witches from the real spell-casting horrors! YIKES! Ü

Flying witch

Where to start? ..Where to START!??! I suppose the best way to do this may be to start from the TOP! MANY Costumes require a HAT as one of the finishing touches. Some Costumes don't POSATIVELY need a hat to complete the idea...But that doesn't mean that you can't wear one if you WANT to! :-) .

Here's that Cat's Hat... from Buy Costumes:

Cat's Hat

Hats are so cool...
but there are just SO MANY !!

That said... It is a good time to remind you that I have a page JUST for HATS, on the left-side menu. I also have pages for other Accessories that may need more than just a show of 1 article or 3. Masks, Wigs, and Make-up each have their own pages. I HOPE to be adding to the pages often, and changing-around often also... just to keep things interesting. Ü

Eyes are certainly next. There is a lot we can do with the OUTSIDE of our eyes with Make-up...But if we REALLY want to do something radical... How about Crazy Contact Lenses. Of course they aren't for everyone, and are not the type of contact lens that you would get from an eye doctor... I would leave children out of this absolutely. Adults and SOME teens(with adult permission) who are familiar with the wearing of Contacts and who have not had any eye problems can get pretty crazy with Contact Lenses.

Pierre Silber carries just what you want:

Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween (Red)
Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween (White)

Red and White Zombie Contact lenses

Colored Contact Lenses (White Cat)
Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween (Purple Kitty)

White Cat and Purple Kitty Contact lenses

Colored Contact Lenses (Black Out)
Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween (Berzerker)

Black Out and Berzerker Contact Lenses

The above are only a few of types what Pierre Silber has to offer in Contact Lenses for Halloween and other Costume Occasions.

Next up (mahap I should say "down") ...Teeth?, Fangs?
From my friends at Buy Costumes:

Bloody Fright Fangs

Classic Blood Tip Fangs

Small Blood Tip Fangs

Grillz Silver Skull Teeth

Buck Teeth

Grillz Gold Teeth With Diamond Tip

Pimp/Pirate Gold Tooth

Lucky Green Tooth Cap Adult

Fantom Fangs (Bat)

Billy-Bob Teeth - The Original

Billy-Bob Teeth - Aviator

Billy-Bob Teeth - Puck Teeth

Over the Hill Gums

Glam Fangs RED-Boxed Small

Sabers Extra Long Fangs

Hillbilly Grillz Teeth

Gold Metallic Grillz Teeth

Pirate Grillz Teeth

Custom Vampire Fangs In Coffin, Deluxe

Custom Designer Chrome Fangs

Great White Teeth

Skeleton Teeth

Werewolf Fangs In Coffin Deluxe

Double Upper Fangs In Coffin

Glam Fangs Black-Boxed Regular

Billy-Bob Teeth - Braces

I'd say that's a very fine assortment of Choppers from Buy Costumes. Ü

Next I think we may need to Fly someplace... and we don't yet have a Broom..so maybe we should try earning our wings?..even GNARLY ones!?
Wings are from Costume Kingdom:

Costume Accessories: Deluxe Beast Wings and Chest Piece

Beast Wings w/Chest Piece

Costume Accessories: Marabou Trimmed Angel Wings

Marabou Trimmed Angel Wings

Costume Accessories: Black Bow Wings

Black Bow Wings

Costume Accessories: Tempting Fairy Wings

Tempting Fairy Wings

Costume Accessories: Bashful Fairy/Butterfly Wings

Bashful Fairy Wings

Tinkerspell Womens

Tinkerspell Costume w/wings

Kids Costumes: Deluxe Rosella

Rosella Costume w/wings

Kids Costumes: Deluxe Mariposa

Mariposa Costume w/wings

Kids Costumes: Lovely Lady Bug Ballerina

Lovely Lady Bug Ballerina Costume w/wings

Kids Costumes: Dragonfly w/ Wings

Dragon Fly Costume w/wings

Kids Costumes: Lady Bug w/ Wings Toddler

Lady Bug Costume w/wings

Great Wings from Costume Kingdom.

IF your hands aren't old and wrinkled already the way mine are...you may need some added touches to get those nice smooth hands a little Uglied up if you wanted to be....a witch for example.

Buy Costumes has loads of hands to pick from..Alien to Wolfman... to...dead.

Alien Deluxe Latex Hands   300- Deluxe Immortal Latex Hands

Above are Alien and Immortal

Below are Gorilla and Corpse

Adult Gorilla Hands   Character Hands - Corpse

You WILL find plenty more hands...

Jumbo Gorey Feet Adult

...and probably even a gross foot or two.

At Buy Costumes as well as at most of the other Costume Stores that you will find here.

Witch Shoe Covers

Certain Costumes require definate Accessories... A WITCH for example: may need her shoes to look appropriate. The world of Costume ACCESSORIES is definately a LARGE one... and a part of that world is what is referred to as "PROPS". To my mind a Prop is a part of a costume that is NOT attached to the rest or to the person...but is usually in the hand of the costume wearer as an extra visual clue as to whom or what that person is. Sometimes a prop is necessary, most times though I think it is a "choice". As in: A Witches Broom or A Fairy Godmothers Magic Wand. Robin Hood... without his Bow and Arrows? Luke Skywalker without his LightSaber? Mayhap some props ARE a necessity. Sherlock Holmes just would not seem the same without his Pipe.

Boss Hogg CostumeBoss Hogg

Captain Jack Sparrow CostumeCaptain Jack Sparrow

Easy Mac & Cheese CostumeEasy Mac & Cheese

Hellboy CostumeHellboy

Homemade Ice Queen costumeIce Queen

Star Wars Jawa CostumeJawa from Star Wars

Witch Homemade Halloween CostumeLil Witch

Medieval Knight CostumeMedieval Knight

There are possibilities to be greatly creative when adding Accessories and Props. I truely believe that these additions, no matter how great or minimal... are the things that bring out the individuality of each and every Costume wearer. So have a blast when adding your Accessories and Props. Be Creative and true to your Costume. :-) Oh..a MOST important "Accessory or Prop"! Do NOT forget to bring along your MAGIC!


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