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Halloween Recipes & Food

At the center of every celebration you'll always find some type of food. For Thanksgiving we pile the sideboard high with Roast Turkey, Candied Yams and dozens of delicious side dishes and desserts. At Christmas time we do it all over again with a Glazed Ham, Gingerbread and dozens of decorated Christmas Cookies.

Every party, no matter how large or small, no matter what the cause for celebration, includes food and beverages. As the saying goes, "Eat! Drink! And be Merry!" And with that in mind, I'd like to add something new here at Costume Works.

Many of you dear readers come here looking for costume ideas for holidays and events other than Halloween. After all, people wear costumes all year round because costume parties are popular for many occasions. And if you've toured the gallery you know that everyone loves to share pictures of their creative costumes and party ideas.

Now I don't know about you, but I could sure use some new ideas for Holiday menus. My grandmother's Apple Pie recipe has always been soggy, my family has been serving the same stuffing recipe at Thanksgiving since Hector was a pup and I don't mind telling you – I'm over it!

What about you? Are you looking for some new recipes for the various parties, galas and balls you host throughout the year? Even better – maybe you have a few you'd like to share!

Personally, I have all kinds of food-y ideas for Halloween (Since it IS my favorite holiday!) and I'll be sharing them all with you, right here. In fact, here's a couple of tips just to get the ball rolling...

Glow-In-The-Dark Beverages Glow-In-The-Dark Beverages are great for Halloween parties, especially when kids are invited, but they'd also work well at a New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve bash.

To make your beverages glow in the dark, all you need is one secret ingredient: Tonic Water. That's right. Tonic water contains Quinine which glows in the dark after it's been exposed to light. Use it for Kool-Aid, mixed drinks, fruit juices and even jello.

Tonic water has a bitter taste and it doesn't take much to make your beverages glow in the dark. When making Kool-Aid or jello, replace half the water with tonic water to get the glowing effect and avoid the bitter aftertaste. When mixing cocktails, it's not necessary to water down the drink. A splash or two will do the job.

Witch's Brew This is another easy one but you have to be careful with your timing. Any beverage will do, as long as it tastes good served cold.

Pour your punch, Kool-Aid or other beverage into a large Witch's cauldron or punch bowl then just drop in a few pieces of dry ice and watch the fog start rolling in!

Be careful to wear gloves and use tongs when handling the dry ice. It's also best to serve this as soon as you put everything together. Wait until it's almost time for the party to start to pick up your dry ice from the store, too, because it won't keep long in your freezer.

Now, how about you? It's your turn to share one of your favorite holiday recipes or cooking tips. And don't stop at Halloween. Maybe Halloween isn't your favorite holiday. (How sad!) Or maybe you're really proud of your Christmas Pudding or your Double Chocolate Birthday Cake. (Mmmmmm! Double Chocolate Birthday Cake! Yeah!)

Costume Works has always been a joint effort between me and all you wonderful readers. I don't want to be like those other stuffy recipe sites and only list my own favorite recipes. What fun is that? The whole point of posting holiday recipes and cooking tips is to share new ideas so let's have it. Whether it's your favorite cookie recipe or a picture of a really cool homemade apron and oven mitt, I'll post it right here so we can all share in the fun.

So stay tuned, dear readers. I'll be sharing a recipe for my world famous Monster Munch next time – a treat you're sure to enjoy, so you won't want to miss it. And I'll soon be posting my recipes for Bones & Blood, Candy Corn Pizza, Nutty Ghosts and Slimy Worms On A Bun. (My! Doesn't that sound yummy?!)

I'll also share some of my favorite ideas for things like holiday table décor and servingware, and I may even show you some of my favorite festive aprons and table linens.

In the meantime, start sending me your own recipes for foods you serve at your spectacular parties, galas and balls. And don't forget to include pictures. (You KNOW how I love to share pictures here!)