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False Halloween Eyelashes

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One day of each year many people prepare to disguise themselves as unique creatures, goddesses, superheroes, and so much more. Often, many Halloween-crazed people will spend weeks, possibly even months preparing for their over-the-top Halloween costume. One fashionable and popular costume necessity are false eyelashes.

Check out our fun collection of colorful, shiny and spooky false eyelashes featured below. These amazing eyelashes are great for nearly any costume you wear to parties, your work, anime conventions or trick-or-treating.

Spiderweb False Eyelashes

Witch Spider Web EyelashesWitch Spider Web Eyelashes

Spider Web False Eye LashesGreen Glitter Spiderweb False Eyelashes

Spider Web EyelashesLong Black Spider Web Fake Eyelashes

Silver Spider Web EyelashesGlittery Spiderweb False Halloween Eyelashes

Spiderweb EyelashesFantasy Makers Spiderweb False Eyelashes

Spider EyelashesLong Black Eyelashes with Black Spiders

Wild Exotic Eyes False Eyelash Kits

Ice Queen Exotic Eyes Rhinestone Eye MakeUp False EyelashesRhinestone Eye Makeup False Eyelash Kit

Stormy Xotic Eyes Silver Glitter Eye PaintSexy Stormy Exotic Eyes Fake Lashes Kit

Xotic Eyes Angelic Glitter Professional Eye MakeupAngelic Exotic Eyes False Eyelashes Kit

Exotic Cat Eyes Cheetah Print False EyelashesExotic Cat Eyes Halloween Makeup Kit

Bloodlust Glitter False Eyelashes Vampire Makeup Exotic EyesVampire Bloodlust Exotic Eyes Makeup Kit

Exotic Eyes Pink Eye Glitter Jewels Professional Eye Make UpPink and Jewels Exotic Eye Makeup Kit

Glow in the Dark False Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Synthetic Glow In The Dark EyelashesGlow in the Dark False Eyelashes

Blue and Gold Glow in the Dark False LashesGlow in the Dark Blue & Yellow False Eyelashes

Red, White, Blue Glow in the Dark False EyelashesRed/White/Blue Glow in the Dark Fake Lashes

Feather False Eyelashes

Stunningly Beautiful Feather False EyelashesElegant Shu Uemura Style False Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Silver Feather False EyelashesZinkcolor Silver Feather False Eyelashes

Pink Feather False EyelashesZinkcolor Hot Pink Feather False Eyelashes

Blue with Neon Feather Plume EyelashesBlue with Neon Feather Plume Eyelashes

Neon Multi Colored Feather EyelashesNeon Multi Colored Feather Eyelashes

Unique Fluffy White Feather False EyelashesZinkcolor White Feather False Eyelashes

Jewelry Studded False Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Silver Glittery Band False Synthetic EyelashesSilver Glittery Band False Synthetic Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Silver Sparkle Stud False EyelashesSilver Sparkle Stud False Eyelashes

Zinkcolor White Pearl False Synthetic EyelashesWhite Pearl False Synthetic Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Black Green Rhinestone False EyelashesBeautiful Green and Rhinestone False Eyelashes

Baci Starlight Edition Style Rhinestone Premium EyelashesBaci Starlight Edition Style Rhinestone Eyelashes

Eyelashes Glitzy RinestoneGlitzy Rinestone False Eyelashes

Black Lashes With Crystal StonesBlack Lashes With Crystal Stones

Long black lashes feature miniature black crystalsBlack Lashes With Black Crystal Stones

Funky, hand worked, eyelashes with an alternating blue purple green color design and white crystal stonesBaci Magic Colors Rhinestone Eyelashes

Glamour False Eyelashes

SHANY Cosmetics Eyelash Extend Assorted Reusable Eyelashes Thin Collection, 3.6 OunceEyelash Extend Assorted Reusable Eyelashes Thin Collection

SHANY Cosmetics Eyelash Extend Assorted Reusable Eyelashes Thick and Dramatic, 3.6 OunceEyelash Extend Assorted Reusable Eyelashes Thick and Dramatic

SHANY Cosmetics Eyelash Extend Assorted Reusable Eyelashes Color Frenzy, 3.6 OunceEyelash Extend Assorted Reusable Eyelashes Color Frenzy

Baci Glamour Black Feather Eyelashes with Adhesive Included, BlackGlamour Black Feather Eyelashes

New 10 Pairs Make up Party Color Feather False Fake Glamour Eyelashes Blue with Glue HR-103New 10 Pairs Blue Feather False Glamour Eyelashes

New 10 Pairs Cosmetic Feather False Glamour Eyelashes Yellow & Green with Glue HR-105New 10 Pairs Feather False Glamour Eyelashes Yellow & Green

False Synthetic Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Pink Polka Dots False Synthetic EyelashesPink Polka Dots False Synthetic Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Rosy Pink Plum False Synthetic EyelashesRosy Pink Plum False Synthetic Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Vibrant Red W/ Iridescent Glitter False EyelashesVibrant Red with Iridescent Glitter False Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Cobalt Blue False Synthetic EyelashesCobalt Blue False Synthetic Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Mystic Purple False Synthetic EyelashesMystic Purple False Synthetic Eyelashes

Zinkcolor Ivory White Gold False EyelashesIvory White Gold False Eyelashes

False eyelashes can come in all different sizes and shapes, and can be made of several different materials to achieve unique looks that match a particular costumes' personality. Those who have never applied fake eyelashes before might wonder how to apply them, which type to choose, and where to get them.

False lashes can be the perfect addition to any outrageous or even simple Halloween costume. It adds intensity to the entire look, and it's definitely an easy way to achieve unique personality to a costume. A look can easily transformed by using fake lashes. Go from bland and boring to bold and spectacular.


What type of false eyelashes are the best?
And where can they be found?

There are various types of false eyelashes. You'll want to choose the type of eyelashes that add the wanted effect to your particular eyelash shape and structure. For those with long eyelashes that are few, thin and sparse false eyelashes are best. There are actually even false eyelashes that are made from real hair, and these lashes best complement those with more ordinary costumes, rather than outrageous because they give off a very "natural" look and they even grow.

Cool Spider Web EyelinerCool Spider Web Eyeliner
Via Mia//Makeup

For those with light eyelash hair, brown colored long and natural eyelashes would be best for them. Adding a bit of mascara on top of the false eyelashes can create a more dramatic, dreamy effect. For women seeking a sexy, sleek costume appearance, half full false lashes may be best, as they look very settle and attractive. Again, applying mascara on top of the lashes can make the look more dramatic.

Spider Web Liner and Purple Lips MakeupSpider Web Liner & Purple Lips Make-up
Via Celebrity Sun.Star

Costumes that depict doll-like appearances may be in need of extreme drama for their lashes, as eyelashes are a priority ingredient for anyone wanting to look like a realistic doll. Popular eyelashes to achieve this look typically come from Asia, where false, dramatic lashes are in high demand. "Harajuku Doll" style lashes can be ordered online or can be found in an Asian beauty supply store.

Spider Web Halloween MakeupSpider Web Halloween Make-up
Via ModelMayhem.com

Halloween costumes that are sweet and cute, such as a Fairy Halloween Costumes, may include light pastel colors such as pink and purple. This type of costume would need a droopier, sultry eye that can create the dreamy effect a fairy costume would need. Costumes, such as Kitten Halloween Costumes, however need an eye look that is beyond dramatic, to achieve a "kitten doll" look. Cat eyes are needed for the kitty look, along with lots of dark eyeliner and additional coats of mascara on top of the complimentary eyelashes.

Gothic Halloween MakeupGothic Halloween Makeup
Via https://www.monroemisfitmakeup.com

Some more options for false eyelashes include colored eyelashes. Colored eyelashes, such as pink, purple, blue, and green are a great addition for really outrageous costumes such as animals, cartoon characters, and objects. Feathered false eyelashes are even an option for those looking for a crazy and wild effect for their eyelashes.

Gorgeous Feather EyelashesGorgeous Feather Eyelashes by Shu Uemura
Via Padmita's Make Up Blog


How are false eyelashes applied?

To apply false lashes correctly, first decide the length of the eyelashes you will need. You may need to trim the lashes if you need shorter lashes. Make sure the eyelids have no makeup on them yet, and then use an eyelash curler to prep the eyelashes. If applying a full set, apply a thin coat of glue along the base of the eyelashes using a toothpick or similar item. Finally, wait for the glue to dry. It's easier to apply a full set of fake lashes rather than individual lashes, but neither is too difficult. The process of applying fake eyelashes may take around 10 minutes.

How to Apply False Lashes Video


Spider Queen - Webbed Eyes Makeup Tutorial


False eyelashes can be a great eye-enhancing addition for all kinds of Halloween costumes, such as dolls, zombies, characters, object, fantasy characters, and much more. Most false eyelashes can be found in Halloween super stores, drugstores, beauty supply stores, and of course online. False eyelashes are very easy to apply and create a much more realistic Halloween costume appearance for both parties and memory filled photographs.

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