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Halloween Events

The most obvious thing, aside from getting in Costume that is, is "Trick or Treat!" ("smell my feet, or give me something GOOD to eat!" (Oh GROSS!.... but it's the RULE!) I've seen people of ALL ages wandering the streets and doorways begging for a Sweet Treat. OK, so some are simply parents accompanying their babes as is their duty... but don't let anybody fool you...it's one of the FUN parental duties...if I DO say so my SELF.... And ...I do.

Halloween kids trick-or-treat-ing

There are Halloween Parades in some areas and there are often School Halloween Parties and Dances serving EyeBall Float Punch and Spider shaped Cookies to add a bit of creepness to a special Halloween evening. At some of these affairs prizes are given for the Best, the Funniest, or the Scariest Halloween Costume (speaking of prizes... don't forget to make a photo or two of yourself and your friends in Halloween costume and post your entry to our Halloween Costume Contest!). There are Parties and Dinners... small family and friend get-togethers..or Rip-Roaring, Rock n' Rolling, Freaky-Funk Halloween BASHES... in homes all across the land.

Halloween Haunted House

HAUNTED HOUSES have become a VERY BIG deal over the last few years. It would probably be something to plan for well in advance. You can FIND LOCAL HAUNTED HOUSES through a few sites here on line. Just like a regular "Events Locator"...you can search by state or Zip code to find the SCARY place nearest you and in most cases you can by tickets for that particular Haunted House ON line also. Just try and search and you may be amazed at what you find in your very own neighborhood.

You might find Halloween Festivals at the local Parks or Community Centers. Shopping Malls often open their doors later than usual to provide a safe and warm Halloween Haven for those less apt to go galavanting around the neighborhood looking for fun. Malls usually have Games for children and some good Treats to eat. One might find a Gypsy Fortune teller there...and possibly a Photographer to catch a Photo of you and your Family in Costume..for a humble sum of course.

A couple of ways to find out about Halloween Activities and Events in your area is to call your local Chamber of Commerce and/or to keep your eyes on your local newspaper "entertainment" section.

You might also try the Online EVENT LOCATOR that I use to find just about ANY event I get my mind set on.

Halloween can be the BEST of fun for Adults and Children. Please be careful in your journey out amongst the Goblins and Spirits. Handle others with kindness and care also..after all...most of us are just out trying to have fun and/or show our children a good Halloween to remember.

Parents, please double check your childrens candy bags. Make sure all candy wrappers are firmly sealed and don't allow any homemade candies, cookies, or cakes, from anyone that you don't know personally... but you already knew that...... right.....?... Ü

Here's an extra little list below on things to remember during Halloween fun..to keep it "FUN".

Top 5 Halloween Safety Rules:
  • Eat a good meal prior to trick-or-treating.
  • Consider fire safety when decorating for Halloween.
  • Plan and review with your children the route you plan to take when trick-or-treating.
  • Be visible and use a flash light during night hours.
  • When designing a Jack O' Lantern, leave the carving to adults!

Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns