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2011 Halloween Costume
Contest Winners!

2011 Halloween costume contest winners

Thanks to everyone who joined our Halloween costume contest this year! We hope you're enjoying all the 2011 contest entries as much as we do!!

This year we had 5 nominations in our contest, so this page will be long:


Most Creative Costume

1st Place = $100

Bride of Frankenstein costumeAnastasia in her fantastic Bride of Frankenstein costume

2nd Place = $50

Rock, Paper, Scissors costume for kids5 y.o. Joe with simple but very original costume idea: Rock, Paper, Scissors

3rd Place = $25

Hide and Seek Champion Halloween CostumeDavid in his one-of-a-kind, unique costume: Hide and Seek Champion 1971

While choosing winners of the contest, we realized that we have no appropriate nomination for costume themes! We have 3 contestants with very original and creative costume themes, who we'd like to award in the Most Creative Costume nomination:

Special Prize = $25

Haunted costumesCassie and her kids with amazing Haunted Costume Theme

Special Prize = $25

Insects costume themeHeather with her original Insect Theme
(13 insect costumes!)

Special Prize = $25

Homemade Family Farm themeJulie-Anne with her awesome Family Farm Costume Theme


Coolest Adult Costume

1st Place = $50

Homemade Lizard Man CostumeJason and his fiance Anna in their cool Lizard People costume

2nd Place = $25

Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat CostumeAmber in her amazing "two-faced" costume: Alice In Wonderland / Cheshire Cat

3rd Place = $10

Homemade Mr. Cupcake CostumeCheri and her husband in their awesome costume: Mr. Cupcake & Cook Chef


Best Children's Costume

1st Place = $50

Artist and his Masterpiece CostumeAyden and Camden as Artist and his Masterpiece - very original costume created by mom Rachelle

2nd Place = $25

Homemade Pinocchio costumeKevin in his awesome Pinocchio and Gepetto costume, created by mom Arlene

3rd Place = $10

R2-D2 and Princess Leia CostumesGregory and his cute kids dressed as Princess Leia and R2-D2


Best Pet Costume

1st Place = $50

Evil Surgeon and Patient CostumesAladdin and Phoenix with Evil Surgeon and Patient costume theme, created by Bonnie & Beth

2nd Place = $25

Beetlejuice and Lydia costumeJessica as Lydia and her cute dog dressed as little Beetlejuice

3rd Place = $10

Witch Cat CostumeTassy the Witch Cat, costume created by Cindy


Favorite Halloween Costume

Winners in this nomination were determined by your votes - either on our website by voting & commenting, or in form of facebook "likes" and number of visitors to your costume page!
We tried to make this competition fair and give everyone equal chance to win, that's why we created this complicated voting process with "stars", "likes", comments and number of visitors from other websites. Formula of our "score" may look questionable to many of you, but this is not a measure of creativity or designing skills... We treat these numbers as amount of love and support you received from your friends and family, for whom your costume is truly Favorite!

The winners of the competition are:

Tank Halloween costume idea for wheelchair   1st Place
Brave William with his cool tank, created by dad Timothy.
Prize = $100
Cute Tinkerbell baby girl   2nd Place
Cute little Ally in the Tinkerbell costume created by mom Katie.
Prize = $50
Homemade Transformer Optimus Prime costume   3rd Place
David in his amazing transforming Optimus Prime costume.
Prize = $25
Flower Fairy costume   4th Place
Beautiful little Baylee Rose as a Flower Fairy.
Prize = $10
Loofah Girls - creative costume idea for group   5th Place
A group of pretty 'Loofah Girls' who charmed Las Vegas by their original costumes.
Prize = $10
Indiana Jones costume   6th Place
5 year old James as Indiana Jones Jr. in the costume created by mom Tina.
Prize = $10
Animal from the Muppets costume   7th Place
Maria in her awesome homemade 'Animal' costume.
Prize = $10
Black Swan costume   8th Place
Beautiful Sahra in her handmade Black Swan costume.
Prize = $10
Frankenberry creative costume   9th Place
Dana in her very original Frankenberry costume.
Prize = $10
Horror Movies Costume   10th Place
Desiree, Tyler, Luna and Trent in the creative 'Horror Movies theme' costumes, created by Crystal.
Prize = $10

Congratulations to the Winners!!!

* * * * *

Thanks to all the contestants - you are all awesome!

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