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A Whole Family Of Haunted Costumes For Your Halloween Enjoyment!

Half the fun of Halloween is making your own homemade costumes and if they're haunted costumes, so much the better! And by 'haunted costumes' we don't mean dressing up like a simple ghost or a goblin. We mean dressing up as a house haunted by ghosts or a cemetery haunted by goblins or a wicked looking tree haunted by evil, winged creatures. We mean dressing up in costumes that give you the real heebie-geebies!

Creating unique costumes that scare the beejeesus out of your takes hours and hours of hauntingly-hard work, as Cassie and her family will surely attest to. But they'll also tell you it's worth it because they all took home a Special Prize in our 2011 Halloween Costume Contest.

Homemade Haunted House Costume

First, there's Cassie's 8-year old, dressed in a Haunted House costume. His costume is entirely handmade from his glow-in-the-dark moon hat to the dollhouse shingles on the roof. Even the creatures you see stirring around the house are all handmade from clay. To add an extra touch of realism they filled sippy cups with dry ice to create the mist you see floating around the entrance to this haunted house and there's also spooky haunted house sounds playing from an iPod tucked into a pocket.

Homemade Haunted Graveyard Costume

Next, Cassie's 11-year old dressed as in a Haunted Graveyard costume, all completely handmade, too. Notice the spooky Grim Reaper poking out through the misty tomb on the hat, with more mist circulating in and around the creaky wrought iron cemetery gates. This costume is made of paper mache which is a good thing. Carrying around all those headstones can get pretty tiring if they're made of real stone.

Homemade Haunted Tree Costume of Papier Mache

Cassie's teenage daughter joined in the fun with her Haunted Tree costume. Cassie says many hours of blood, sweat and tears went into creating this papier mache costume which turned out to be so heavy they had to put it on wheels! But check out the evil owl lurking in the top of the tree. Wouldn't want to run into him on a dark night!

Homemade Mummy Costume

And finally, Cassie's littlest one her 4-year old dressed in a Crying Mummy costume! Well, he started out as the Crying Mummy, anyway. But after he started piling up all that Halloween Candy his tears quickly dried up! This is another handmade costume that consists entirely of some muslin, torn into strips, and wrapped around the baby, who's dressed in a cream colored sweat suit that Carrie picked up at the thrift store. You can't get much simpler than that. I just hope she gave him a potty break before she started wrapping! Do you suppose that's why he's crying?!

It's obvious Cassie and her kids really enjoy making their own Halloween costumes and we can't wait to see what they come up with this year. How about you? Have you started planning your costume yet? We have some great ideas here at Costume Works. Tour the site and start planning. Halloween isn't far off!

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