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Tank Costume

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Tank Costume


Costume type:  Costumes for Boys
Categories:Halloween Costumes, Toys and Dolls Costumes, Wheelchair Costumes

This homemade costume for boys entered our 2011 Halloween Costume Contest, and won 1st place in the Favorite Halloween Costume nomination!

A word from Timothy, the 'Tank' costume creator:

This is my son William. He has C.P. He wanted a tank costume. I made this tank out of plywood and some conveyor line for tracks. The barrel is made out of PVC pipe and shoots using air pressure. The air comes from a car type air compressor hooked to the battery on the wheelchair. The cost of this project was:

                      Pipe 50.00 $
                   Plywood 11.00 $
                Compressor 15.00 $
                     1x2x8 6.00 $
                     Paint 8.00 $
                    Lights 6.00 $
             Conveyor line free
                     Total 96.00 $ 

Rating: 4.5 of 5. Votes: 208

208 votes
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#1 comment by Maggibea November 11, 2011


#2 comment by Mom November 12, 2011

William has Cerebral Palsy and he is slightly Autistic. He is very bright. He is a sweet and ususally happy young man. He is undergoing stretching casts on both legs. This means it is like having a charley horse in both of them 24/7. The casts go from toes to tush. He would love to win so he can buy some games for his psp. He is frugal...he buys used ones...Please help him...

#3 comment by Pamela Nipper November 14, 2011

Really great...Did you have a police car last year...Looked for you this year in our neighborhood did not see the tank so wonderful that Timothy can have the vision to build this!

#4 comment by Jessica November 14, 2011

Good luck! My sister in law has cerebral palsy as well. She would LOVE this costume and so do I! :)

#5 comment by Emily November 14, 2011

Awesome grrrreat costume! :) I love you little brother!

#6 comment by SHANNON November 14, 2011


#7 comment by aileen November 14, 2011

i agree with shannon this is the most amazing kid ever and knows how to inspire people keep it up!!!!

#8 comment by Erica November 14, 2011

William you are amazing! You inspire me everyday! Always remember that you can do anything. I know all the surgeries, casts, and therapy is painful...But if you keep working hard you will walk one day. You owe me a dance, and I will collect on that promise. I love you sooooo much!

#9 comment by Nina Ramsey November 14, 2011

I love this costume. Wiliam's dad is amazing. He should try to make this a business. Children and adults would love this for their costumes. This would cheer up so many people.

#10 comment by Nicole November 14, 2011

Amazing! So impressed that it actually shoots out air and the tracks move... you look like you're ready for battle William!

#11 comment by Suzy Kelley November 14, 2011

William is an amazing young man as is the rest of his family. They are ALL truly an inspiration to many. Awesome costume and I wish you the best always.

#12 comment by Jaydah November 14, 2011

I love William's tank. That looks like alot of fun. I want to have my poppa build me something just as cool. Jaydah, 8 years old

#13 comment by Timothy November 15, 2011

Awsome Will!!!! Looking goog all we need is a few more votes. We had fun making this costume. Good luck Will.

#14 comment by JoAnn November 15, 2011

William what an awesome way to be part of the army at Fort Benning. I know you wish one day to be in the army and you can't...so this is the best next thing...way to go!

#15 comment by Lynzi Ann November 15, 2011

I like your costume! Good luck! I hope u win, so you can get some games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your dad did a great job!

#16 comment by Military Wife November 15, 2011

WOW! This is an awesome costume! I have never seen anything like this! My husband is in the army and he thinks this is the coolest tank ever!

#17 comment by LeeAnn Baugus November 15, 2011

Awesome tank costume Will. I love the fact that it actually shoots. Bet it's lots of fun. I love you!!! Good luck!!!

Love your sis,

#18 comment by James November 15, 2011

Wow, what a costume! You had to be the winner this year in trick or treating and any parties you might have gone to. Best of luck!

#19 comment by Bobby November 16, 2011

I bet it was alot of fun for William. His dad made that boy's day. Such a neat idea.I hope he wins.

#20 comment by Hay hay! November 16, 2011

Good luck, Will! I have faith that you are going to win this contest! Keep up the good work, and keep your head held high! I love you very much! You are my favorite uncle! I miss you!

#21 comment by Barry November 16, 2011

The tank is so neat. I wish I were young again so my dad could build one for me. Hang in there buddy, CP is not a great thing but it could be worse. You have a family that loves you. I wish you the best in all you do.

#22 comment by Isis November 17, 2011

William you are soooo great! I wish I could see your tank. Maybe poppa will put it back on your wheelchair when we come and visit! I hope you win! I love you and miss you!

#23 comment by Ann November 17, 2011

I am so excited for you. You are the luckiest boy in the world to have a family that cares so much for you. Keep the spirits up. love the tank.

#24 comment by Michelle Barron November 17, 2011

Will is a funny and amazing young man. A little hard headed sometimes but aren't we all. I have watched him thoughout the years battle with his disease and despite all that he has been through he always has the best smile on his face. I love the Smith Family and would like to ask you to please vote for this amazing young man.

#25 comment by Taylor November 17, 2011

What a great tank William! It looks amazing! Great job! I'm so proud of you and love you. I hope you win!

#26 comment by Joi Giger November 17, 2011

Will, you look like you are having a lot if fun in that Tank. We look forward to hearing you progress. You are in our prayers.

#27 comment by Lyndsey November 17, 2011

Love you William and love your costume! You and your dad did a great job! Good luck in the contest! Also keep up the good work with all your progress on your surgeries, you can do it!

#28 comment by john ramsey November 17, 2011

Hi william, I hope you win but if you don't win the contest I hope you know you won big time in the hearts of all that showed they love you .if it was just get a new game I know you know I would help you get one but it was more then that it was to see how many people care about you.and to let people see the love your dad and mom have for you.ilove you so much uncle john and michelle

#29 comment by Jimbo November 17, 2011

Nice costume dude! I hope you win! I saw someone on tv the other day, and i thought about you!!! Love you and miss you.

#30 comment by Ramsey November 17, 2011

William is a very smart and talented young man. He was the one to come up with the tank idea. His dad carried the idea out to fruitation. I hope they win.

#31 comment by jen November 17, 2011

Awesome!! Hope you win :)Very neat idea. You deserve this William. Lets see how many more people vote and continue to keep you number one.

#32 comment by Kathy November 17, 2011

Good Job! Looks like William is having fun... that's what Halloween is all about... nice to read that William came up with the idea.. and Dad and William did it together

#33 comment by Patty Tidwell November 17, 2011

I love it.....He looks very happy and I pray that he wins.....You look very cool in it William... Love Patty Tidwell

#34 comment by Sis November 18, 2011

As u make another trip to Shriners today... I don't want you to scared or worried about the pain. I want you to think about how many people support you.....even strangers think your awesome! I love you brother bear!

#35 comment by Gloria Q November 18, 2011

This is the most awesome and original costume idea I have ever seen. It is definitely 5 stars !!

#36 comment by stoves November 18, 2011

He is the brother of one of the most kind-hearted and determined women I know...through-out my husband's entire military career, I have met very few individuals who are whole-heartedly genuine in their actions. Please vote for William...because he and his entire family are so deserving of this...and you have to admit that this is a very innovative design for a costume...

#37 comment by mom November 18, 2011

I am so proud of you Willie. Today you took the pain of the stretching like a champ. You didn't freak out about it like the first week. I am happy you can come to daddy and me with all of your thoughts, hopes and dreams. What are you going to be next year?

#38 comment by Christopher November 18, 2011

Hope you win, your tank is the best! Good luck uncle william. I cant wait to teach you how to play basketball! I love and miss you!

#39 comment by LADY MARGARET November 19, 2011

William, you were so small when you were born. We were so worried about you. Thank God you pulled through and are able to enjoy all that life can offer you. I know it is hard to get moving and the pain is hard to deal with. Yet, you do. And your rewards are building things with your daddy and the tank is AWESOME

#40 comment by Joi Giger November 19, 2011

I hope you r the winner. To all your family and friends you will always be first place with them. Good luck

#41 comment by Kami November 19, 2011

Good luck William! Your tank is awesome! Im your biggest fan! I cant wait for you to come to California!

#42 comment by Jaymee November 20, 2011

William, it is almost time to see if you win. I hope you are enjoying your tank and this contest. There are some really cool costumes out there. I think yours is the coolest. Good luck!

#43 comment by Alex December 22, 2011

Patton's Tank.. I think that's a win right there!

#44 comment by Regan November 16, 2014

Love the costume! You always have amazing ideas!

#45 comment by Ojan June 20, 2018

Available to purchase from you?

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