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Seahorse Costume
by Marguerite
Seahorse-riding Mermaid Costume
by Natasha
Seahorse Siren Costume
by Pam

Seahorse Costume

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Seahorse Costume

The seahorse perched in its natural environs, the beach

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Photo #1 - The seahorse perched in its natural environs, the beach Photo #2 - At the beach on a windy, Hawai'ian Halloween day Photo #3 - Dancing on Halloween night, complete with LED lighted eyes and along the seahorsesspine Photo #4 - Close up of sequins and fins on Seahorse head, worn as a headpiece Photo #5 - Dancing on the beach
Costume type:  Costumes for Women
Categories:Halloween Costumes, Animal Costumes

This homemade costume for women entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest, and won 1st place in the Coolest Adult Costume nomination!

A word from D, the 'Ethereal Seahorse' costume creator:

I was inspired to create this costume way back in March, when for my most recent birthday I decided I wanted nothing more than to go to an aquarium with my sister. When I came upon the seahorse tank I was overcome by a long since forgotten childhood fascination with these ethereal creatures. I decided right in front of the tank that I would create a sculptural ode to their arabesque architecture, their biological beauty, these creative creatures. What better way to do it than transform myself for Halloween!

I used 100% raw imagination to make this costume. This original and anatomically accurate design is constructed from things from hardware stores and embellished with fabric and sequins. I used solid copper-core insulated wire, electrical tape, a glue gun, fabric, sequins, battery powered LED lights, and buttons. I used a Christmas ornament in the shape of a seahorse for an “earring” to serve as a baby seahorse. The dress, shoes, and belt were purchased from a local thrift store.

People’s reactions to this costume were incredible. I believe I am in more photos wearing that costume taken by people I didn’t know than I have posed for in my entire life. Everywhere I looked people were smiling and pointing at me and saying things like, “That is the coolest costume I have EVER seen”, “WHAT is that made out of?”, “Where did you get that!?”, “If there was a contest tonight you would win first place hands down!”. When people heard that I created it by hand they all told me I should sell it, market it, approach the aquarium, and show up at kids’ parties. I did win third place at a local contest I attended, and would have entered more had they not been all on the same night all over town!

Some people kissed the costume, others asked to touch, and one woman just stood in front of me and stared in awe, speechless, and then bowed! The fun I had making it more than tripled in the wearing it and seeing people’s reactions. I was glad to spread the awe that seahorses inspired in me.

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#1 comment by Ann Green November 14, 2013

Absolutely phenomenal- your out did yourself this time!!!

#2 comment by Kori Tolbert November 15, 2013

You freaking rock!!

#3 comment by Wendy November 16, 2013

Best costume. And best story:)

#4 comment by Karen Caicco January 21, 2014

Can I commission you to make 2 of these for a youth production of little mermaid? I just LOVE it, and this is just what we need.

#5 comment by D, the artist January 22, 2014

Wonderful. I am always happy to do commissions. Why don't you send me an email so we can discuss details. Dginspace[at]yahoo.com

#6 comment by Karen Caicco January 22, 2014

My direct e-mail is:

I need one on yellow & one in orange. Is this possible?
I am working with $100 budget per costume- can we make this work?


#7 comment by Michelle January 29, 2014

Hi D! I was wondering if I could talk to you about your costume and possibly doing commission for a ballet class? I tried to email (from the email you posted above) you but not sure if I got it right. Thanks! My email is mlschmidt1001[at]gmail.com

#8 comment by D, the artist January 30, 2014

Hello Michele, I would be happy to talk to you about the possibilities of a commission, pricing, etc. I have not received an email from you yet. The above email for me is correct, and I have emailed you at your direct email just to get the ball rolling. I look forward to taking to you!

#9 comment by Denise February 9, 2014

Hi! Can you tell about how long it took you to make this costume? I need to make 5 of them by March for our school play.
I love this idea!

#10 comment by D, the artist February 10, 2014

Hi Denise, I'm glad you like my creation. I can't say I tracked the time but I can tell you that one month would not be long enough for me to create five of them. I would suggest a simpler version. I would love to see photos of your finished product! My email address again, is dginspace[at]yahoo.com

#11 comment by Martha Dismuke March 14, 2014

Absolutely LOVELY, a True Whimsical Marvel of a costume! I truly love your seahorse costume! I would love to learn how to recreate this (if you have a pattern that I could follow with instructions)! Seahorses and dance are my passion!
and Keep Creating!

#12 comment by Martha Dismuke March 15, 2014

D, 'Ethereal Seahorse' costume creator, I would love to have you message me information on how to buy one from you. I absolutely love the creative whimsy of this costume. Please email me [at]
This would be awesome for my daughter's end of school play!
THANK YOU for creating this Ethereal Creature!

#13 comment by Beth July 27, 2014

So beautiful!

#14 comment by Denise July 28, 2014

Thank you for taking the time to add your comment, Beth! Best to you.

#15 comment by Pam Conway September 2, 2014

I would love to buy one for this Halloween. Please email me back and we'll talk details. pamconway(at)earthlink.net

#16 comment by Carol October 10, 2014

I would love to purchase one of these from you for my daughter for Halloween. Any way possible to get this done before the 31st?

#17 comment by Denise, the artist October 19, 2014

Hello Carol, Thanks for your interest! This costume is made to order and takes about 6 weeks, plus shipping. Sorry I can't help you this Halloween, but please email me at dginspace[at]yahoo.com if you are interested in one for next year!
Happy Halloween!

#18 comment by Blake November 18, 2014

This is the coolest costume I've ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing!

#19 comment by Denise, the artist November 30, 2014

Thank you for your enthusiasm. Comments like yours make my day!

#20 comment by Alina July 2, 2015

Hi there, I dig your style
Please email me to discuss if there's anything I can buy from you - I'm getting ready for one futuristic event.

#21 comment by jen July 9, 2015

ok I'm interested in this costume-please email me jhardimon[at]camraiders.com and let me know pricing It would be for a school version of The little Mermaid

#22 comment by D, the artist July 12, 2015

I can be found on Etsy! under "seahorse costume"...
Thanks for your comments.

#23 comment by Deanna August 1, 2015

I saw your costume last year while looking for ideas for Halloween. I fell in love with it and plan on trying to make something similar this year. Now while looking for your pictures again for inspiration I saw it being sold on Etsy for over $400, with your pictures as the demos. Not sure if you know about it, but figured I should say something.

#24 comment by Denise, the artist August 1, 2015

I appreciate your feedback. What you found on Etsy is actually my listing, since I have had so much interest in my costumes. The seahorse costume is comprised of an incredible amount of materials and time to create, and I still wanted to be able to share it with people who feel the way I do about these incredible sea creatures! I ask kindly that if you do copy my design that you give credit. I have even bumped into people wearing copies of this costume where I live! I'd love to see what you come up with. Thank you!

#25 comment by Yvette Edwsrds April 2, 2016

Would it possible to purchase this costume from you or instructions on how to make it.

#26 comment by Nicole E September 5, 2016

I am pregnant and would really love this costume for this Halloween 2017. How can I get one? Do you make them to sell?

#27 comment by Jiecel February 24, 2017

Hello D!

Your costume is well done! I want to make one like this as well for my school play. I emailed you and i hope are able to read it! Love to hear from you soon!

Good job and Keep on creating!

#28 comment by D, seahorse costume creator February 24, 2017

Thanks fire your comments. I trust you have received my email response. At this time I do not have instructions or kits as many have asked but I may create one in the future. (I do still sell these completed costumes, but need 6-8 weeks time.) Best of luck with your play!

#29 comment by Chanda Mashburn August 29, 2017

Do you sell just the headpiece? Can you give me the cost on 10

#30 comment by D, seahorse costume creator September 3, 2017

Thanks for your interest. Please contact me directly at the email above (dginspace[at]yahoo.com) for specific inquiries.

#31 comment by Mary November 14, 2017

Luv your pics. I tried sending you an e-mail that you list above but did not work. Do you have another e-mail?

#32 comment by D, the artist November 15, 2017

Hello Mary, The email above is indeed still functioning. Please try again and I'll be on the lookout! Thanks for your interest.

#33 comment by Naomi Cupples October 8, 2018

I was wondering if you had directions on how to make the headpiece and tail? wanting to make this for my nieces Halloween costume this year.

#34 comment by D, the artist October 9, 2018

Hello Naomi, At the moment I do not have instructions you share, as I designed it as I fabricated it. I have considered putting patterns and instructions on Etsy, but that wouldn't be in time for this Halloween. If that happens I'll post it here. Happy Costuming!

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