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Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

Scary Costume Ideas - Change of Face

While Halloween brings out the princesses, friendly animals, and noble knights in some of us, others crave a more chilling persona. Costumes can range from an old dirty shirt and ripped shorts to something that looks like it was done by a professional Hollywood artist. Every year, many participants enter our Halloween costume contest and share their creepy costume creations. Each seems somehow more impressive than the last as popularity of the holiday and creative ideas run rampant. Thus, sometimes costumes cross our path that give a new meaning to the phrase 'dress to impress'! Wonder how they make these great costumes a bloodcurdling reality? That's okay, because we do too...

Scary costume ideas - Pinhead CostumePinhead

Scary costume ideas - Zombie Costume and MakeupZombie

Scary costume ideas - Zipper Face CostumeZipper Face

While there are numerous terrifying testaments to talented make-up artists everywhere on Halloween night, nothing strikes up fear and that 'whoa!' feeling quite as much as zipper illusion costumes. These scary costumes are frightening enough to even make monsters turn in their graves! Amazingly bone-chilling in their strangeness, yet becoming more popular by the year, these creative costumes use make-up to simulate 'unzipping' the skin to reveal the blood and body tissues underneath. The end result is an incredibly-eerie effect that leaves fellow Halloween lovers unable to turn their peepers away!

Scary zipper illusion costume ideas - Zipper Head Halloween CostumeZipper Head

Scary zipper illusion costume ideas - Zipper Eyes Halloween CostumeZipper Eyes

Scary zipper illusion costume ideas - Zipper Mouth Demon Halloween CostumeZipper Mouth Demon

These sinister submissions are bound to have you scared-stiff, but the level of detail and make-up expertise apparent in some of these examples is sure to leave you struck with awe (and dread!). The best part is this technique is a petrifyingly-perfect addition to many types of costumes. Notice the detail in this "zipper-head" zombie. In this case, the zipper make-up makes all the difference when it comes to being as terrifying as possible. Similarly, the addition of zippered eyes takes this costume from simple to scream-worthy! If that's not enough, the zippered mouth on this demon is virtually guaranteed to make anyone want to head for the hills! These examples truly define talent and show how monstrous make-up can kick Halloween up a notch!

Zipper face costume ideas - Zipperface Lab Tech Halloween CostumeZipperface Lab Tech

Zipper face costume ideas - Unzipped Halloween CostumeUnzipped

Zipper face costume ideas - Dead Corpse Zipper Face Halloween CostumeDead Corpse Zipper Face

Zipper face costume ideas - Unzipped Zipperface Halloween CostumeUnzipped Zipperface

Zipper face costume ideas - Zipperface CostumeZipperface

Zipper face costume ideas - Homemade Zipper Face CostumeZipperFace

Zipper face costume ideas - The Unzipped Prom Queens Halloween CostumeThe Unzipped Prom Queens

Zipper face costume ideas - Unzipped Face Halloween CostumeUnzipped Face

Zipper face costume ideas - Zipper face CostumeZipper face

Zipper face costume ideas - Zipper Face Couples CostumeZipper Face

Zipper face costume ideas - Zipper Face CostumeZipper Face

Zipper face costume ideas - Zipper Zombie Nurse CostumeZipper Zombie Nurse

Of course, no monster, creature, member of the undead, or human needs a giant zipper through their face to be truly scary and impressive. If you're still on a witch-hunt for that last terrifying tidbit of inspiration, perhaps this spine-tingling selection of creative costumes can help you along. Ingenuity has lead to this "change of face" costume which showcases mind-blowing creativity and masterful make-up application. This "ripped-throat zombie" is sure to send shivers down even the sturdiest of spines (no offense to the skeletons among us, of course!). Seamless blending and realistic textures make the look especially impressive. Those looking for some frightening family fun can take a page from the book of the dead as this zombie family did. Their eerie ensemble exhumes the true spirit of Halloween! Notice how the macabre make-up gives this gruesome group an especially impressive appearance.


Gruesomely Creative Costumes

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Scary Halloween costume ideas - Ripped Throat Zombie Halloween CostumeRipped Throat Zombie

Scary Halloween costume ideas - A Change of Face CostumeA Change of Face

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Zombie Family CostumeZombie Family

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Devil & Burning SoulDevil & Burning Soul

Scary Halloween costume ideas - DIY Medusa CostumeMedusa

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Angel of Death Grim ReaperAngel of Death Grim Reaper

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Zombie Doll CostumeZombie Doll

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Zombie Captain AmericaZombie Captain America

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Zombie Zipper CostumeZombie Zipper

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Secrets From the Grave CostumeSecrets From the Grave

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Zombie CostumeZombie

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Zombie Surgeon & Nurse CostumesZombie Surgeon & Nurse

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Evil Clown CostumeEvil Clown

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Alice in Zombieland CostumeAlice in Zombieland

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Dead Walker CostumeDead Walker

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Creepy Clown Halloween CostumeClown

Scary Halloween costume ideas - New 52 Joker CostumeNew 52 Joker

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Burnt Halloween CostumeBurnt

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Streched Face Halloween CostumeStreched Face

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Two-Face CostumeTwo-Face

Scary Halloween costume ideas - The Joker New 52 CostumeJoker New 52

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Zombie Dorothy CostumeZombie Dorothy

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Homemade Train Wreck costumeTrain Wreck

Scary Halloween costume ideas - Unknown ZombieOne-Eyed Zombie

No matter what your taste, we'd love to see your wicked creations! Enter our annual Halloween Costume Contest for your chance to win fabulous cash prizes. Who knows – maybe your costume can appear here among the best-of-the-best!