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Invisible Man Costume

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Invisible Man Costume

Invisible Man

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This homemade costume for adults entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Bill, the 'Invisible Man' costume creator:

Always wanted to be invisible and came up with this Illusion of the Invisible Man.
I had the Idea in my head but I had to convince my wife to help me do a lot of the sewing.

The head turns and it lights up and when your look closer all you find is a empty pair of pants.
The hardest part was creating the head so you could see through it and all of the movement with the head. Fiberglass was used to hold the shape of the head piece.

My wife became the Invisible Man. It's funny when she comes out of Costume, people are expecting a man. Women love it when they see it's a girl.

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94 votes
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#1 comment by jason bodine October 3, 2012

Is this being sold anywhere??!!!

#2 comment by Shane October 3, 2012

Awesome! Bill, you make some great costumes!

#3 comment by Lorraine October 5, 2012

Great costume! Should be a big seller

#4 comment by Trudy October 5, 2012

Very good, made me look three times to try to figure it out. Great

#5 comment by Bill Freitag October 5, 2012

If you would like to see Invisible GaGA,
The Ghost of Michael Jackson,The Ghostrider or even President Obama.See

#6 comment by Rachelle October 5, 2012

I really want to wear this but I cant for the life of me figure out how it works...

#7 comment by Les Foglesong October 8, 2012

Greatest costume ever!!!Sure winner, Way to go

#8 comment by lill October 8, 2012

please how did you make this tell me!

#9 comment by Bill Freitag October 9, 2012

I wrote down how I created the Invisible Man.When I got done I realized it was Invisible ink. See if you can Spot other
Invisible Family members in the balance of photos ???

#10 comment by Mary October 15, 2012

Please Please tell me how to make this.Would love to wear this I am a women people would love this especially when they think its a man!

#11 comment by Joe Mama October 18, 2012

Wow, this costume is amazing. Well done sir. I can sort of see how it works after staring at it for 5 minutes, but how do you see?!

#12 comment by Michelle Troutman October 19, 2012

Very well done, my daughter found you image on google and wants me to recreate your costume for her. Please, is there any chance you will share your How Tos, she is driving me crazy. My daughter is 12 yrs old and very much into well done homemade costumes, no store bought for her.

#13 comment by Bill Freitag October 19, 2012

In regards to comment #12 it takes me two months to build this Illusion. and it would take me 4 months to explain it to you. And than it would be a couple of years before you got it working.
A fast way and very effective with your short time frame. You need a large suit jacket, so you can build false shoulders.This is to hide here head.This box you build to hide her head is what your going to attach a light aluminum bar that goes up to where the invisible mans head is and attach a hat and a pair of sunglasses.Tape the bar black so no one see it.All you need is the front and collar of a shirt to so in the Jacket. Happy Halloween !

#14 comment by Josephine October 21, 2012

I also want to re-create it, but I got a different idea. I am going to glue fake suspenders to a black shirt to create the optical illusion of the invisibility, and I'll wear the trench coat, gloves, and hat. So, there will be no trick where I'm not actually there, because I'm just wearing a shirt that makes it look like I'm not there.
For the face, I have no idea what to do. Can I have some suggestions?

#15 comment by Bill Freitag October 21, 2012

In regards to #14 Pull your shirt and coat over your head. Have a black hat on that you can attach coat hangers so you can attach sunglasses and a hat above your head. Now your closer to being invisible.

#16 comment by Mason October 25, 2012

I love this! First costume in a while that made me do a double take.

#17 comment by ANN October 15, 2013


#18 comment by Bill Freitag October 15, 2013

Ann it took us three years to make the work. and several years on top of that to perfect.
E-mail me from my web site. I had a similar E-mail and lost it before I could reply.

#19 comment by M. Monique .M October 17, 2013

This box to hide her head, what supports it shoulders, head & how do the shoulders form & support? I'm an engineer (and a women w/sewing skills) and im a bit baffeld. Really super job, I can't wait to create my own please send brief basics on how 2.

#20 comment by Bill Freitag October 17, 2015

There are many variations that can be created to fit you needs.

#21 comment by Jamie October 17, 2015

I have been trying to build this for 3 weeks.. I need help..:( my 12 year old looks like he's 8ft tall.. amazing costume

#22 comment by Bill October 18, 2015

Send photos to billfreitag[at]mac.com and I'll see if I can tell where you need help.
Took me 3 years to be invisible.

#23 comment by Bill Freitag October 19, 2015

Send photos to billfreitag[at]mac.com and I'll see if I can tell where you need help.
Took me 3 years to be invisible.

#24 comment by Jamie October 20, 2015

OK I will thank you!!!

#25 comment by Bll freitag October 20, 2015

The E-Mail is not allowing me to put the at sign that's above the number 2 on keyboard. So you can also reach me at
invisiblecostumes.com and go to the contact.

#26 comment by Joe November 1, 2015

Did you do a video how you made this costume?

#27 comment by p wammack November 21, 2015

the pants have cut outs in the back so u can step in them only near the bottom so when u walk no one can tell.coat hides it, the liner is see through fabric so u can walk and see fine from the back it does have a big hump on it that is his head

#28 comment by Melissa June 8, 2016

Was it you that won the comic con contest at Phoenix CC? I've been on a mad hunt to find a picture of you but it seems not many managed to catch one.. U sly invisible man you lol. Unless the winner was a recreate... I found you! Hey, join blue ribbon army on FB if it was you! It's a big friendly group for PCC lovers!

#29 comment by Invisible Man August 16, 2016

Melissa, yes this is the Invisible man you saw at Phx.CC I was surprised to how well everyone enjoyed the Illusion.

#30 comment by Pete November 11, 2018

How does the head turn? How do you control that? Thx.

#31 comment by bill freitag November 13, 2018

Tell me what you have tried ??? Invisible Man

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