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Sweet Cotton Candy Costume
by Brandy
Cotton Candy Costume
by Tesha
Cotton Candy Costume
by Kimberly

Cotton Candy Costume

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Cotton Candy Costume

Cotton Candy

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Costume type:  Costumes for Girls
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for girls entered our 2011 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Monica, the 'Cotton Candy' costume creator:


Rating: 4.3 of 5. Votes: 286

286 votes
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#1 comment by michelle November 10, 2011

OMG...this little girl is too adorable...I love the costume...

#2 comment by Tracey November 12, 2011

Creative and CUTE! Love love love it!

#3 comment by Ashley June 16, 2012

i love the costume! im using it for a costume contest but im gonna change it a little bit! you inspired me! thanks! XOX

#4 comment by Amber June 28, 2012

What do you attach the pillow fluff to? The shirt?

#5 comment by Lindsay July 13, 2012

I love this. I was thinking it would be perfect for my 3 year old daughter. She wants to be a kool-aid jammer but this is so much cuter.

#6 comment by Jen August 27, 2012

Yes - what is the pillow fluff attached to??? I dont get it. Doesnt look like the pink tshirt - theres something else over that

#7 comment by Faith Meza August 28, 2012

It looks like it's attached to a pink the shirts that is then worn over a long sleeve pink ballet type leotard and tights... From what I can see she glued the fiber fill onto the tee with the spray adhesive and then the child could just slip that on over her clothes.. Like I said it appears to be a leotard... Also, instead of using a clown wig, why not try a shower cap and attach the fiber fill to it? I'm sure they're cheaper than wigs... I showed this to my 3 yr old and she loved it, so it looks like I'll be making this for her.... But she wants rainbow - purple, pink, and blue cotton candy

#8 comment by Sofia September 3, 2012

SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!! im thinking of being that for holoween how long do you think it will take to make it?

#9 comment by Joy Roadruck September 27, 2012

Does anyone have step by step instructions for this costume?? I would love to make this for my daughter but I have zero skills!

#10 comment by Ashley September 28, 2012

What did they use to get the fluff pink? Spray paint???

#11 comment by Monica Griffin September 28, 2012

This is Monica. I had no idea this page had so many comments. The fill was stuck to a pink $1 store shirt with spray adhesive.

First you spray the fill pink. Then use the adhesive and lay the pieces together, chunk by chunk. Let it dry (only a couple hours). After I had the costume on my daughter, I fluffed it out.

I happened to have a wig for another costume so I used that. I'm not sure the adhesive will stick to a shower cap however a glue gun may do the trick.

This costume took me only three hours.

You can look up how to make a cone for the directions. That's what I did for the head piece.

Also she was about to outgrow her pink Converse so we added fill to those as well.

For her face I bought a glittery pink blush and blushed it all over her face. That actually was a great touch to the costume.

She also handed out real cotton candy to some of the kids just for fun.

Spray vanilla body spray or another sweet scent for added effect.

HAVE FUN!!! I'd love to see what you guys come up with. Post pics on this site so we can search for them.

#12 comment by Jacqueline :) September 30, 2012

this is going to be my halloween costume

#13 comment by Sharon October 6, 2012

Thank you Monica for the detailed instructions, much appriciated. By the way, awesome idea.

#14 comment by Monica Griffin October 6, 2012

Thank you Sharon and everybody else!
I came up with this costume at the L.A. County fair watching some kid eat cotton candy, ahaha!

#15 comment by michelle October 8, 2012

just finished making my daughters! but idk what to do for her feet?? thanks for such an amazingly easy and super cute idea!!

#16 comment by Monica Griffin October 8, 2012

For feet I just covered her shoes with the fill or simply have her wear pink shoes or ballet flats.

#17 comment by Vanessa Ware October 9, 2012

Hi! I agree great costume!! Im having a hard time with the adhesive spray. The pillow fill dont seem to stick on the tshirt. Is there a certain one to use??

#18 comment by Monica Griffin October 9, 2012

I used 3M. Worked like a charm. Sticks to your hands but comes off with any body scrub!

#19 comment by alice October 10, 2012

when you say pillow fill, can i use polyfill for stuffed pillows or stuffed toys. thank you

#20 comment by Monica Griffin October 10, 2012

Sorry, yes it is polyfill.

#21 comment by Natalie October 10, 2012

Monica, you are awesome! Your sweet girl is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully my 4 year-old girl will love this!

#22 comment by Mia's mom October 11, 2012

Monica thanks for the Awesome idea! I have zero craft skills but I just finished making it for my 1yr old daughter, turned out great & she looks super adorable!

#23 comment by michelle's mom October 11, 2012

Can't wait to start doin this... off to the store I go.
Thanks for the idea... My daughter has really curly hair. Thinking about using her hair n spraying it with temp. Hair color. :-)

#24 comment by Monica Griffin October 11, 2012

[at]michelle's mom, that is a great idea!!!
(the curly hair)

#25 comment by Michelle October 13, 2012

How many bags of poly fill did you use? Im doing it for my 11 year old!! Loves Cotton Candy!! Thank you!

#26 comment by Maureen October 16, 2012

What is she wearing on her legs? Does the tee shirt go down to her knees?

My 3 year old daughter is so excited about this costume...I hope I can make it as cute as yours.

Thanks for the great idea.

#27 comment by Guia October 17, 2012

Hi Monica! This is really a cute idea! I'm planning to make this too for my 5 year old daughter. :)

Just want to ask, about the length of the shirt, how long should it be? :)

Thank you sharing your idea! :)

#28 comment by Monica Griffin October 17, 2012

The shirt went down to about her knees. I bought the ladies small v-neck from Michael's.
I bought some thick tights from target that had pink polka dots on them for about $3 for her legs.

Have fun ladies. I wish there was some way of seeing your costumes :)
Maybe "pin" them and post your pinterest ID here!

#29 comment by Suzanne October 17, 2012

Well, Monica I am making your adorable costume for me (50 yrs old). It seems easy enough since all these great ladies are making it for their kids. I just hope I can find the t-shirt or skirt to attach the polyfil. Thanks for all of the advice and how-to's. Any advise for an adult cotton candy costume?

#30 comment by Monica Griffin October 17, 2012


Pink nightgown!!! But something that fits you small.
Try K-mart or walmart or a local thrift store!

#31 comment by Tip Rob October 19, 2012

Hey Monica How did you make the fill look so pink and pretty..Did you spray paint it?

#32 comment by Stephanie Parker October 19, 2012

I'm making this for me. So excited! I wrote down all your tips.I think I might swirl the fill and attach it to a headband instead. I would never look as cute as the little one wearing the costume.

#33 comment by Monica Griffin October 19, 2012

[at]Tip Rob. I spray painted it with the pink paint that is used for silk flowers.

[at]Stephanie, that is a great idea (the headband)

My daughter actually carried around a little bag of pink cotton candy to hand out also.

#34 comment by yvette October 20, 2012

I'm doing this for MY costume. I bought the big bag of polyfil and it was way too much, so buy the smaller bag (Walmart) The adhesive spray is super sticky and had tons of Poly stuck to my hands. I bought a tshirt, pink tights and white shorty shorts. I also bought a can of tshirt spray paint from JoAnn's, you will need 2 cans. I will pin my finish costume! thank you for the unique idea!

#35 comment by stephanie desfosses October 23, 2012

what kind of adhesive spray is 3m? is it a certain brand?

#36 comment by Monica Griffin October 23, 2012

3M is the brand. Ask for it at your local craft store or maybe even Home Depot.
Oh also Staples.

#37 comment by Suzanne October 24, 2012

Monica, This was a great costume. I think I put the batting on a little too thick because I was "shedding" during the night. I found Cotton Candy spray at CVS, and that added to the costume. Thank you again for sharing all your creative thoughts and showing your adorable daughter.

#38 comment by kathy allen October 27, 2012

I made alot of homemade costumes over the years and all you have to do for the feet is cover her shoes with a pair of pink socks that are big enough to fit over her shoes.

#39 comment by Georgia October 30, 2012

I am being this for halloween this year and I am 14

#40 comment by Kim October 31, 2012

I used polyfil, 2 different pink spray paints and the 3M adhesive. Had to use LOTS&LOTS of the adhesive though. We went to the Goodwill and got a dress the next size up for my daughter for $1.24 and used that to glue the polyfil to. Didn't take long but had a bit of a pain getting it to stick where it was layered so she was fluffy around the middle.

#41 comment by Guia October 31, 2012

Hi Monica! I was able to do the costume for my 5 year old little girl! :) thanks again for the idea! If you have time, i pinned her photo in pinterest.. Its Guia Carrillo-Flores. Thanks again! :)

#42 comment by Michelle November 1, 2012

Love your idea. I did this for my 12 year old daughter this year who is 5 foot tall. You can imagine the amount of polyfil!

#43 comment by sian November 6, 2012

I'm 18 and doing this for a college charity day, an ideas how much polyfill I will need? (I'm about 5 foot 6")

#44 comment by Suzanne November 6, 2012

Sian, you will only need 1 bag! I bought 3 bags and returned 2 of them and had plenty left for my hat.

#45 comment by Monica Griffin November 19, 2012

I LOVE all of your ideas and alternative ways of working the costume. I wish I could see all the photos ;)

#46 comment by Colleen September 24, 2013

I just saw this on Pinterest. My daughter told me she was going to be a witch for Halloween this year. I told her Pinterest had another idea... I am making this costume for her!!

#47 comment by Mary E September 28, 2013

WOW! What a awesome idea! I'm going to make this for me and my granddaughter. She'll love it! And, I love the suggestion about using Vanilla perfume for the scent. Super CUTE!

#48 comment by Jan L-ski October 15, 2013

great tips - thank, I'll be wearing this for a 5k run, looking forward to giving this a try, not sure how the cone will do for running in but it worth a try!

#49 comment by Susan October 20, 2013

We made this for my daughter. She just went camping and did trick or treat. There were soooo many comments on it. Although I must have stretched the fill out too much, it started to fall off as she walked. She was very warm. We will glue it on better before Halloween. Thanks for an easy idea.

#50 comment by Kristi October 23, 2013

Thank you so much for responding to all these comments/questions.
I have a question, what did you use to attach the elastic to the papercone? Staple, sew, tape???

#51 comment by Kim Tardif August 12, 2014

Hi Monica , mi name is Kim and I am an assistant at the production for Les Éditions Pratico-Pratiques. We will love yo include your DIY in a special chronic in the Gabrielle issue. Can you give me an answer by mail

#52 comment by Monica August 12, 2014

@Kim. Absolutely. May I receive a copy?
My email is miajourney[at]yahoo.com

#53 comment by Tania October 2, 2014

Hi Monica what did u use for the headband & how did u attach it to the cone? Thanks

#54 comment by Monica October 5, 2014

Tania, it is a piece of pink elastic tied to two punched-out holes and reinforced with a hot glue gun

#55 comment by Kristi October 5, 2014

I made this last year. I bought a pink tshirt from walmart a size or two bigger than my daugter, shes 4. 1 bag polyfil, one poster board, 3m spray adhesive, design master spray paint(it goes on lighter and works perfect for polyfil).
I first pulled apart and fluffed the polyfil from the bag, and spray painted it. a couple different coats, it took two cans. then after it dried, I sprayed the polyfil with the adhesive spray and attached it to the shirt, spraying small spots as I found it not adhered. Rolled the cone and used a glue gun to close shut. Added pink polyfil to the bottom of the cone. Done.

#56 comment by Jenna October 16, 2014

How do you get the shirt on and off without ruining it? Would it work better to cut it and even just use Velcro for attaching it. I'm going to make this form my 5 year old daughter but she'll have to be able to take it off at school. I don't want it to be a one-time use :) Thanks!

#57 comment by Monica October 16, 2014

Jenna the Velcro is a good idea.
I was able to pull it on and off while her hands were up with no problems.

#58 comment by Donna October 20, 2014

Cute costume

#59 comment by amy October 26, 2014

Hi Monica,

Is there a way to keep the poly fill from separating and getting all over the place? Should I spray adhesive glue over it once it is attached to shirt? Or does the spay paint keep it intact?

Thanks for the cute idea!

#60 comment by Claudia Ojeda November 1, 2014

Hi Monica,
I met you last night and took a picture with your daughter in her cotton candy costume in La Verne. I was the one who told you I pinned it from you on Pinterest! Still love the costume and hope to make it for an upcoming Halloween.

#61 comment by Melissa October 6, 2015

How much stuffing did you use ?

#62 comment by Monica Griffin October 6, 2015

About 3 bags

#63 comment by Deanna prevenslik October 15, 2015

Awsome my daughter wants me to make her multi colored pink and bs by blue cotton candy. Cute.....great work

#64 comment by Perly January 25, 2016

Hi. I love this costume and I have 4 adorable girls. Can I pls have a contact number so I can speak to u in person?

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