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35 Funny & Cute Baby Costume Ideas

One of the top reasons for having a baby has got to be to dress them up. Okay, so, maybe you have better reasons, but nonetheless if you have one of these adorable tiny humans, you should really be taking advantage of the fact that they will wear whatever you tell them to. Because they are half the size, baby costumes really are twice the fun of any other kind of costume. Even better, it doesnít have to take a lot of time or money to put together your own fantastic baby costume.

Cute baby costume ideas - Baby Gumball Machine CostumeBaby Gumball Machine
Sent in by Robin to our 2014 costume contest.

Not only is this Baby Gumball Machine costume probably the cutest thing youíll see all day, its also really easy to put together. A 25⍧ sign made out felt was simply glued on to a red onesie and a baby hat was covered in pom-poms from a craft store. Easy, inexpensive, and sure to have you coming back for more, just like the real thing.

Funny baby costume ideas - Baby Hulk Hogan CostumeBaby Hulk Hogan
Sent in by Erica to our 2014 costume contest.

If your baby is already a baddie, this Baby Hulk Hogan costume might be the perfect Halloween choice. Impossibly easy, pair a hulk onesie with red pants, add a bandanna and a yellow boa and your halfway there. The pacifier has a felt mustache glued on to it, undoubtedly bringing the whole costume together and making this costume as tough to beat as Hulk Hogan himself.

Cute baby costume ideas - Mad Hatter Baby CostumeThe Mad Hatter
Sent in by Jessica to our 2014 costume contest.

While this baby Mad Hatter costume may look maddeningly difficult, its actually something anyone could construct. The hat is a fabric-covered bucket, accented with feather-boa hair while the coat is simply covered in glitter to give it that Wonderland feel. The right blend of accessories and easy to find baby suiting gives this costume its wacky feel and begs the question, why is a raven like a writing desk?

Funny baby costume ideas - Harry Potter Mandrake Baby CostumeHarry Potter Mandrake
Sent in by Sara to our 2014 costume contest.

Perfect for potter fans, this baby Mandrake costume is a breeze to make. A label glued on a baby sized pot makes the perfect habitat for your little mandrake to grow, while a brown hat with fabric leaves glues on completes the look. Magically simple, amazingly cute, this costume is a sure win.

Cute baby costume ideas - Up Scout Russell Baby CostumeScout Russell from Up
Sent in by Adanel to our 2014 costume contest.

Sure to delight the explorer in all of us, this Scout Russel from Up! will be an instant hit. While there are a number of ways to go about making this costume, brown shorts and a yellow onesie are a good place to start. The flag and banner are both made from felt with iron-on logos to make Russelís scout badges. Donít forget the red scout scarf or yellow hat and your baby will be sure to enjoy its first Halloween adventure!

When it comes to Halloween, tiny humans mean big fun! There is no limit to the fun you can have coming up with your own Halloween baby costumes, as the many pictures in the gallery are sure to demonstrate. With a little creativity and even less money, you can create a baby costume that will still be a hit at their graduation party in eighteen years. So go ahead, live vicariously and make the wackiest baby costume you can dream up!


Funny and Cute Baby Costume Ideas

(Click on the images below for detail on each costume)

Cute baby costume ideas: Maleficent Baby CostumeBaby Maleficent

Cute baby costume ideas: Raggedy Ann CostumeRaggedy Ann

Cute baby costume ideas: Baby Cabbage Patch Doll CostumeCabbage Patch Doll

Cute baby costume ideas: Baby Peacock CostumeBaby Peacock

Cute baby costume ideas: Sweet Scarecrow Baby CostumeSweet Scarecrow

Cute baby costume ideas: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Baby CostumeReese's Peanut Butter Cups

Cute baby costume ideas: Chiquita Banana Lady CostumeChiquita Banana Lady

Cute baby costume ideas: Captain Jax Sparrow Baby CostumeCaptain Jax Sparrow

Cute baby costume ideas: Baby Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby CostumeBaby Stay Puft Marshmallow

Cute baby costume ideas: Alfalfa Baby CostumeAlfalfa

Cute baby costume ideas: Salt and Pepper Twin Babies CostumeSalt and Pepper

Cute baby costume ideas: Baby Scarecrow Costume DIYBaby Scarecrow

Cute baby costume ideas: Future Air Force Pilot Baby CostumeFuture Air Force Pilot

Cute baby costume ideas: Cute DIY Cabbage Patch Doll CostumeCabbage Patch Doll

Cute baby costume ideas: Baby Frida Kahlo CostumeBaby Frida Kahlo

Cute baby costume ideas: Pee-Wee Herman Baby CostumePee Wee Herman

Cute baby costume ideas: Carl from Up Baby CostumeCarl from Up

Cute baby costume ideas: Dippin' Dots Baby CostumeDippin' Dots

Cute baby costume ideas: UPS Delivery Man Baby CostumeBig Brown

Cute baby costume ideas: Rockford Peach Baseball Player CostumeRockford Peach Baseball Player

Cute baby costume ideas: Wayne's World Wayne & Garth CostumeWayne & Garth from Wayne's World

Cute baby costume ideas: Dog the Bounty Hunter Baby CostumeDog the Bounty Hunter

Cute baby costume ideas: Homemade Mouse Trap CostumeMouse Trap

Cute baby costume ideas: Baby Spartan CostumeBaby Spartan

Cute baby costume ideas: Audrey Hepburn Baby CostumeAudrey Hepburn

Cute baby costume ideas: Daniel Boone Baby CostumeDaniel Boone

Cute baby costume ideas: Baby Jax Teller CostumeBaby Jax Teller

Cute baby costume ideas: Superman Baby CostumeSuperman

Cute baby costume ideas: Bruce Lee Baby CostumeBruce Lee

Cute baby costume ideas: Clark Kent Baby CostumeClark Kent

Cute baby costume ideas: Twin Crayons CostumeTwin Crayons

Cute baby costume ideas: Treasure Troll Baby CostumeTreasure Troll

Cute baby costume ideas: Pillsbury Doughboy Baby CostumePillsbury Doughboy

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