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Coolest Movie Costume Ideas

Movie Halloween costume ideas are fun to write about, but even better to create and wear out in public. The world of cosplay has changed the whole concept of the appropriateness of when and where to dress up. When you leave the house in costumes based off of something in a movie you have instant cultural recognition and something to talk about with new people. The person who recognizes that you're dressed as Danny and Sandy from Grease, now shares something with you, and there is that spark of connection as you either nod in passing or even stop to talk.

Movie costume ideas: Danny and Sandy from GreaseGrease
Sent in by Caitlin to our 2013 costume contest.


Movies and television inspire people to have fun and be silly. Whether you are leaving your house solo as Godzilla or going in a group as the team from Guardians of the Galaxy you want that pop!

Movie Halloween costume ideas: Gaurdians of the Galaxy Family CostumeGuardians of the Galaxy
Sent in by Julie-Anne to our 2014 costume contest.


Your costume is meant to excite something in other people, as well as, yourself. So whether you are attending a comic or cosplay convention or just preparing early for Halloween, this page is meant to help inspire you to have fun and get creative!

Movie character costume idea: Ace VenturaAce Ventura
Sent in by Rob to our 2012 costume contest.


Movie character costumes are some of the most easily recognized costumes and usually the ones you are able to purchase versus make at home. Unless the character is extremely obscure there is a very good chance that there is a professional costume company that makes it. If the character is wildly popular, such as Elsa or Anna from Disney's Frozen, there will be multiple costumes in various price ranges. Some prefer to make their own costumes even if there is a model available to purchase and stick to buying only wigs, accessories, and face paints.

Movie character costumes: Elsa, Anna and Olaf from FrozenFrozen Elsa, Anna & Olaf
Sent in by Annie to our 2014 costume contest.


Some of the more popular movies this year, such as Cinderella or the Maleficent will be well-represented on city and suburban streets come Halloween. Still, many find it fun to go for the more obscure movie character so that their look appeals to a particular social group, such as those who love the Evil Dead series.

Movie character costume ideas - Maleficent CostumeMaleficent

Movie character costume ideas - Beetlejuice Miss Argentina CostumeMiss Argentina

Movie character costume ideas - The Mask Jim Carrey CostumeThe Mask Jim Carrey

Movie character costume ideas - Game of Thrones Khaleesi CostumeGame of Thrones Khaleesi

Movie character costume ideas - King Kong CostumeKing Kong

Movie character costume ideas - Star Wars Family CostumeStar Wars Family

Movie character costume ideas - Pretty Woman CostumePretty Woman

Movie character costume ideas - Harry Potter Character CostumesHarry Potter Characters


Classic movie costumes can be some of the most fun costumes to make and look at. These types of costumes tap into iconic memories for a lot of people which is why they're also, most often, worn by adults. When someone walks out wearing a Gremlin or ET costume he or she will receive a lot of attention from those who remember these figures from their own childhood. Indiana Jones is another example of a costume that when done well produces endless watercooler and curb stomp conversations. Some of these costumes like Forrest Gump are timeless and appeal to multiple age groups.

Classic movie costumes: Forrest Gump and Lt. DanForrest Gump & Lt. Dan
Sent in by Lori to our 2012 costume contest.


More great examples of a classic movie costumes that appeal to multi-generational costume buffs would be Darth Vader or Yoda.

Classic movie costumes - Back to the Future CostumeBack to the Future

Classic movie costumes - E.T. and Elliot CostumeE.T. and Elliot

Classic movie costumes - Gremlins Gizmo and Stripe Couple CostumeGremlins Gizmo and Stripe

Classic movie costumes - Beetlejuice Family CostumeBeetlejuice Family

Classic movie costumes - A Christmas Story Family CostumeA Christmas Story Family

Classic movie costumes - Mary Poppins Family CostumeMary Poppins' Jolly Holiday

Classic movie costumes - Where the Wild Things Are Family CostumeWhere the Wild Things Are

Classic movie costumes - Ghostbusters CostumeGhostbusters

Horror movie costume ideas are always great to spin up especially at Halloween. Who doesn't want to be the one to come up with a new take on an iconic horror look? Whether that is making a headdress that simulates blood being poured on Carrie's head or a shark costume that you can wear around you waist to simulate being eaten by a shark, the creative process is involved in nailing a look can be exhilarating. Even if someone doesn't want to go to that level of shock value, it's still always fun wearing an iconic horror costume such as Michael Myers or Jason.

Horror is a fun genre to work with, given that it can be anything from slasher movies to classic horror villains such as Dracula, Frankenstein or the Mummy. A lot of people have a fun time taking these concepts such as horror movies or classic movies into a couples costume. What's better than Chucky at Halloween? Chucky and the Bride of Chucky!

Horror movie costumes: Chucky and Bride of ChuckyChucky and Bride of Chucky
Sent in by Brianna to our 2013 costume contest.


The important thing to remember, regardless of whether you go solo or as a couple, don't skimp on the fake blood!

Horror movie costume ideas - Silent Hill Pyramid Head and the Faceless Nurse CostumeSilent Hill Pyramid Head and the Faceless Nurse

Horror movie costume ideas - The Shining Movie Family CostumeFriends from The Overlook

Horror movie costume ideas - The Grady Twins Halloween CostumeGrady Twins

Horror movie costume ideas - Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds costumeAlfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"

Horror movie costume ideas - Akasha-Queen of the Damned CostumeAkasha - Queen of the Damned

Horror movie costume ideas - Homemade Freddy Krueger CostumeFreddy Krueger

Horror movie costume ideas - The Saw FamilySaw Family

Horror movie costume ideas - The Exorcist Reagan CostumeThe Exorcist! Reagan

Sometimes an irreverent costume can be a lot of fun at Halloween. Halloween is probably the least serious holiday on the calendar, and the ability to leave your house and laugh at yourself is always a good thing. Funny movie costume ideas are always a lot of fun to brainstorm and come up with, not to mention a lot of fun to wear. Whether it's the skinny guy going as Fat Bastard or the group dressed in medieval clothing holding coconuts representing Monty Python's Holy Grail's crew, you can take these funny movie costumes and run wild with them.

Funny movie costumes: Napoleon Dynamite and KipNapoleon Dynamite Family
Sent in by Josiah to our 2012 costume contest.


Some of the coolest funny movie character costumes bring unintentional laughs, such as the Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus pairing. These are always the ones that people talk about after the party was over. Get creative and have fun!

Funny movie costume ideas - Ace Ventura Pet Detective CostumeAce Ventura Pet Detective

Funny movie costume ideas - Dilophosaurus and Dennis Nedry CostumeDilophosaurus and Dennis Nedry

Funny movie costume ideas - The Wet BanditsThe Wet Bandits

Funny movie costume ideas - Fat Bastard CostumeFat Bastard

Funny movie costume ideas - Dumb and Dumber CostumeDumb and Dumber

Funny movie costume ideas - Dr. Evil & Mini-Me CostumeDr. Evil & Mini-Me

Funny movie costume ideas - Wayne's World CostumeWayne's World

Funny movie costume ideas - Cousin Eddie CostumeCousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation

Couples attend a lot of parties, therefore movie couples costumes are something people put a lot of thought in. Movie costume ideas for couples can be anything from romantic couples to buddies to even sworn enemies. Couples costumes are a lot of fun to think up and create. The Fin Shepherd and Sharknado has to be one of the more creative and well-executed costumes for couples submitted to our annual costume contest.

Movie costume ideas for couples: Fin Shepherd and SharknadoFin Shepard Battles Sharknado
Sent in by Laura to our 2013 costume contest.


Last fall saw the standard Jon Snow and Ygritte couples costume from Game of Thrones. This year will surely see new GoT couples and pairings, as well as, other more comedic options from our creative thinking pool. One of the best aspects of going out as a couple is that it increases the options you may have for humor in your costume and instant recognition. Besides, some things are just better together. Peanut butter and jelly. Fred and Ginger. Batman and the Joker. Going out as couples not only creates for great costume ideas, but also increases the fun.

Movie couples costumes - Game of Thrones: Khaleesi & Drogo CostumeGame of Thrones: Khaleesi & Drogo

Movie couples costumes - Castaway Couple CostumeCastaway Couple

Movie couples costumes - SOA Jax and TaraSOA Jax and Tara

Movie couples costumes - Darla and Alfalfa Couple CostumeDarla and Alfalfa

Movie couples costumes - The Bounty Hunters CostumeThe Bounty Hunters

Movie couples costumes - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Couple CostumeWho Framed Roger Rabbit

Movie couples costumes - Juno and Bleeker Halloween CostumesJuno and Bleeker

Movie couples costumes - Jesse Pinkman and Walter WhiteJesse Pinkman and Walter White

Group movie costume ideas are also a blast to sit around and brainstorm. If couples are a fun way of grabbing attention and increasing the enjoyment factor of the holiday, group movie costumes can set any party talking when executed well. Duck Dynasty, the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, the Addams Family group costumes are a great way of spending time with your friends and creating fun wherever you go.

Group movie costumes: AvengersAvengers Family
Sent in by Brian to our 2013 costume contest.


Who doesn't love seeing a large group walk in and figuring out which movie or show they came from? Why stick with going out as Captain America when you can hang out as the Avengers? The more, the merrier as they say.

Group movie costumes - Duck Dynasty CostumeThe REAL Duck Dynasty

Group movie costumes - Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Halloween CostumesHocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters

Group movie costumes - The LEGO Movie CostumeThe LEGO Movie

Group movie costumes - Death Becomes Her CostumeDeath Becomes Her

Group movie costumes - Napoleon Dynamite Family CostumeNapoleon Dynamite Family

Group movie costumes - Coming to America Group CostumeComing to America

Group movie costumes - Hunger Games Cast Halloween CostumeHunger Games Cast

Group movie costumes - The Addams Family CostumeAddams Family


Halloween is naturally the time when someone is most often thinking about movie costume ideas. But as more and more people venture into cosplay and attending conventions the industry for costuming has expanded and people are buying, selling, and making movie costumes year round. San Diego's now famous Comic-Con is one of the best examples of cosplay becoming mainstream. People come from all over the country to dress up as their favorite movie, game, or comic characters. Dressing up in costume is a fun and enjoyable way to spend life's moments, and if you can put a smile on someone's face with your version of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" costume then all the better!

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