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80 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween is the favorite holiday of anyone who loves costuming. It's unique because it gives the opportunity for so much more creativity than any other event. Halloween is an all-inclusive theme which means any topic fits, from TV characters to kid's toys like Mr Potato Head. You can be anything you dreamed of as a child for the night. The possibilities are infinite, and there is no wrong idea! The costuming is double the fun when you try a couple's costume. It's a great chance to bond and experience revive some childhood memories to share with your sweetheart. So, this year, why not experiment with DIY Halloween costumes for couples?
To provide some inspiration for this vein, here are some creative couples costumes from our costume contest.

DIY Halloween costumes for couples: Whip and Nae Nae Couple CostumeWhip and Nae Nae
Sent in by Jillian to our 2015 costume contest.

This couple went with a more humorous idea, taking the name of the dance and using its alternate meaning. It's a great idea to make a costume centered around a phrase with a double meaning, even something as simple as "peanut butter" or "deviled eggs". How "punny"!

DIY couples costumes: Gnomes Couple CostumeGnomes
Sent in by Natalie to our 2015 costume contest.

Garden Gnomes are a very simple, but still unique couple's costume. It's perfect because it;s so recognizable, yet leaves plenty of room for creativity. This couple certainly went all out with the mushroom and snail, but even a simpler outfit could be very effective. A universally recognized idea is great because it can be so easily suited to the resources and time available to you. They can be elaborate like these gnomes, or as simple as salt and pepper shakers!

DIY couple costumes: French Kiss CostumeFrench Kiss
Sent in by Kathleen to our 2015 costume contest.

This is another pun costume, and though it may take a second to catch on, this "French Kiss" costume ensures at least a chuckle. Of course they call on old stereotypes, simply to make sure everyone gets the joke. This costume is fairly simple to execute, and shows that a great idea doesn't always require as much time as you'd expect. This clever pun is a great, unique way to make a costume stand out from your friends'. Plus, they can have a snack whenever they like!

Halloween costume for couples: Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali CostumeFrida Kahlo and Salvador Dali
Sent in by Laura to our 2015 costume contest.

This costume is especially creative and even "surreal". (Get it? Surrealists?) This couple chose their favorite artists, Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali, as inspiration for their costumes; not only did they represent the artists themselves, they practically became their paintings. This is a great idea because it is so personalized and unique, and it could be applied to any genre of celebrities. You could pick a couple famous for anything from historic impact to today's pop stars, whatever interests you!

DIY couples costume: Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken CostumeMiddle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken
Sent in by Elisa to our 2015 costume contest.

Barbie dolls are absolutely iconic, and this couple took an interesting spin on the idea by adding a bit of humor. This costume set features beautifully constructed boxes, not to mention the commitment of sacrificing the use of your arms! This idea opens the door to a whole slew of toy-themed costumes, like Mr and Mrs Potato Head or Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. This would be a perfect way to connect to some memories of childhood fun!


These are some great examples of how much variety you can find in Halloween costumes. So, as you're planning this year's costume ideas, let your imagination run wild! Whether you're creating cool twists to old ideas or inventing totally new ones, there is absolutely no wrong idea. The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it! Happy costuming!


Creative DIY Couples Costumes

(Click on the images below for detail on each costume)

DIY couples costume - Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat CostumeCurious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat

DIY couples costume - Mad Max & Imperator Furiosa CostumeMad Max & Imperator Furiosa

DIY couples costume - Magician and Girl cut in half CostumeMagician and Girl cut in half

DIY couples costume - Mary Poppins & the Chimney Sweep CostumeMary Poppins & the Chimney Sweep

DIY couples costume - Gilligan & Ginger Couple CostumeGilligan & Ginger

DIY couples costume - Mummy and Archeologist CostumeMummy and Archeologist

DIY couples costume - Gumball Machine and Her Quarter CostumeGumball Machine and Her Quarter

DIY couples costume - Deer and Hunter CostumeDeer and Hunter

DIY couples costume - Monsters Inc. Sully and Mike Couple CostumeMonsters Inc. Sully and Mike

DIY couples costume - Lederhosen Man and Pretzel CostumeLederhosen Man and Pretzel

DIY couples costume - Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter CostumeCheshire Cat and Mad Hatter

DIY couples costume - Blue and Steve Couple CostumeBlue and Steve

DIY couples costume - Housewife and the Milkman CostumeHousewife and the Milkman

DIY couples costume - Arnold and Helga G. Pataki CostumeArnold and Helga G. Pataki

DIY couples costume - Corona & Lime Couple CostumeCorona & Lime

DIY couples costume - Van Gogh & Starry Night CostumeVan Gogh & Starry Night

DIY couples costume - NYC Tourist and Statue of Liberty CostumeNYC Tourist and Statue of Liberty

DIY couples costume - Cat and Scratching Post CostumeCat and Scratching Post

DIY couples costume - Rick and Morty CostumeRick and Morty

DIY couples costume - Jack and Wendy Torrance CostumeJack and Wendy Torrance

DIY couples costume - Chiquita Banana & the Jolly Green Giant CostumeChiquita Banana & the Jolly Green Giant

DIY couples costume - Dinosaur Couples CostumeCouple of Dinosaurs

DIY couples costume - Poop and Toilet Paper CostumePoop and Toilet Paper

DIY couples costume - Jessica and Roger Rabbit CostumeJessica and Roger Rabbit

DIY couples costume - Victor Van Dort and Corpse Bride CostumeVictor Van Dort and Corpse Bride

DIY couples costume - Colonel Sanders and his Bucket of ChickenColonel Sanders and his Bucket of Chicken

DIY couples costume - Space Jam Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny CostumeSpace Jam Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny

DIY couples costume - Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote CostumeRoad Runner & Wile E. Coyote

DIY couples costume - Mail Order Bride and FedEx Delivery Guy CostumeMail Order Bride and FedEx Delivery Guy

DIY couples costume - American Horror Story - Freakshow CostumeAmerican Horror Story - Freakshow

DIY couples costume - Castaway Couple CostumeCastaway Couple

DIY couples costume - Jesse Pinkman and Walter WhiteJesse Pinkman and Walter White

DIY couples costume - Ladybug and Aphid CostumeLadybug and Aphid

DIY couples costume - Connie and Beldar Coneheads CostumeConnie and Beldar Coneheads

DIY couples costume - Where's Waldo?Where's Waldo?

DIY couples costume - Motocross CoupleMotocross Couple

DIY couples costume - 80's Yearbook Photos80's Yearbook Photos

DIY couples costume - GreaseGrease

DIY couples costume - The Birthday Girl and her Piņata CostumeThe Birthday Girl and her Piņata

DIY couples costume - Ghost Bride and Groom CostumeGhost Bride and Groom

DIY couples costume - Lion and Lion Tamer Couples CostumeLion and Lion Tamer

DIY couples costume - The Stanley Cup and Pittsburgh Penguins Player CostumeThe Stanley Cup and Pittsburgh Penguins Player

DIY couples costume - Fido Dido & Cool Spot CostumeFido Dido & Cool Spot

DIY couples costume - Wizard of Oz in a Hot Air Baloon & Dorothy CostumeWizard of Oz in a Hot Air Baloon & Dorothy

DIY couples costume - Edward Scissorhands and Kim Boggs CostumeEdward Scissorhands and Kim Boggs

DIY couples costume - Grapes & Grape Press CostumeGrapes & Grape Press

DIY couples costume - Couples Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf CostumeLittle Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf

DIY couples costume - Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter CostumeQueen of Hearts and Mad Hatter

DIY couples costume - Puppet Master and his Puppet CostumePuppet Master and his Puppet

DIY couples costume - Mancho Man and Hulk Hogan CostumeMancho Man and Hulk Hogan

DIY couples costume - Cactus and Ice Couple's CostumeCactus and Ice

DIY couples costume - Medusa & her Victim Couples CostumeMedusa & her Victim

DIY couples costume - Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Couple's CostumeMermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

DIY couples costume - Cinderella & Prince Charming Couple's CostumeCinderella & Prince Charming

DIY couples costume - Dot Matrix and Barf from SpaceBalls CostumeDot Matrix and Barf from SpaceBalls

DIY couples costume - Prince and Purple Rain Couple's CostumePrince and Purple Rain

DIY couples costume - Mad Hatter & White Rabbit Couple's CostumeMad Hatter & White Rabbit

DIY couples costume - Stu and Didi Pickles CostumeStu and Didi Pickles

DIY couples costume - Oblina and Krumm from Ahh Real Monsters CostumeOblina and Krumm from Ahh Real Monsters

DIY couples costume - Brave Little Toaster & Toast CostumeBrave Little Toaster & Toast

DIY couples costume - Cotton Candy CostumeCotton Candy

DIY couples costume - Milk and Cookies Couple CostumeMilk and Cookies

DIY couples costume - Inside Out Anger and Joy Couple CostumeInside Out Anger and Joy

DIY couples costume - Where the Wild Things Are Max and Carol CostumeWhere the Wild Things Are Max and Carol

DIY couples costume - The Smurfs Couple CostumeThe Smurfs

DIY couples costume - Beaker & Dr. Bunsen Honeydew CostumeBeaker & Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

DIY couples costume - Chester the Cheetah and his Hot Cheeto CostumeChester the Cheetah and his Hot Cheeto

DIY couples costume - Robo-Lovers Couple CostumeRobo-Lovers

DIY couples costume - The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who CostumeThe Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

DIY couples costume - Popcorn and Mr. Met Mascot CostumePopcorn and Mr. Met Mascot

DIY couples costume - Lil Sweet & Diet Dr. Pepper CostumeLil Sweet & Diet Dr. Pepper

DIY couples costume - The Twins Adult CostumeThe Twins

DIY couples costume - Marge & Homer CostumeMarge & Homer

DIY couples costume - Jack and Sally Couple CostumeJack and Sally

DIY couples costume - United We Purge CostumeUnited We Purge

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