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Rescue Bot Heatwave Costume

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Rescue Bot Heatwave Costume

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Costume type:  Costumes for Boys
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for boys entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Jamie, the 'Rescue Bot Heatwave' costume creator:

My 3 year old son is wearing the costume. His favorite Transformer is Heatwave the Rescue Bot, but aside from a cheesy store bought version that looked nothing like the actual robot, there were no templates or instructions for this particular character. I found a picture of a mascot version that was used at Comic con (attached photo #5) and used that as the model for our costume. This was a no-sew costume. Everything was hot-glued. Items that were bought and used, as is: Hat, sunglasses, silver sparring gloves.
The body: Constructed from a cut box, covered with foam. The lights are foam drink koozies with stick and click lights in the tops. In picture #3, the lights are turned on. The blue for the windshield is a laminated piece of paper. All other accents on the body are cut pieces of foam. Ladder on the back of the body (picture #2): Constructed from paper towel rolls, covered with foam and topped with soda stream caps. Arm bands: 2 pieces Cut from foam swimming noodle. Wheels: taken from plastic toy dump truck. Knee "hinges": store bought knee pads, spray painted silver. Boots: spray painted snow boots with foam accents attached. Essentially everything was spray painted to the needed color except the first items that were bought and used as is.

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61 votes
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#1 comment by Linda Sigler November 4, 2013

Looks exactly like the real thing!

#2 comment by Jacqueline August 6, 2014

My son wants me to copy your costume. Your costume is fantastic! the store bought one is nice but my boy liked what you did. I hope I am able to do the great job that you did!

#3 comment by Pam J September 8, 2014

Just got a request for this costume from my five year old and yours definitely is the best version I've found. Let's hope his turns out as well as the original!

#4 comment by Jamie September 9, 2014

Good luck ladies! If you have any questions about what we did, I would be happy to help!

#5 comment by Teresa Speigl September 16, 2014

Any option to buy this costume?!

#6 comment by Jamie September 16, 2014

Sorry Teresa...It's taken some abuse from the little guy wearing it so much. Not really in great shape any more.

#7 comment by Ana September 20, 2014

Hi! Amazing work! Where did you buy the sparring gloves? Also what kind of foam did you use, was it already red? Thanks so much for the idea and help, I will try to do my best but not sure it will turn out as beautifull as yours :)

#8 comment by Jamie September 20, 2014

Hi Anna- Here is the link to the sparring gloves. https://www.awma.com/productdetail/2044-proforce-lightning-sparring-gloves-punches-silver.html

We bought red foam, but then ended up spray painting everything, since the reds were not really matching. So we bought a few cans of red paint (that closely matched the hat) and then spray painted the shoes, foam, and arm bands.

#9 comment by Colin October 5, 2014

Hi Jamie, 2 questions:
1-what do you mean by "foam"? We want to make fo our 2.5 y/o and the foam seems to be a pivotal part.
2-what would you charge to make another?

#10 comment by Jamie October 6, 2014

Hi Colin,

I don't recall exactly where I bought the foam, but here is an example of what I used (it's craft foam and I believe I actually bought a roll of it. I know I bought it online somewhere)

Unfortunately, I just wouldn't have the time to make one right now.

#11 comment by Janet October 9, 2014

OMGosh! I NEED TO MAKE THIS... ASAP! So much better than the cheesy store ones! It looks so REAL!!! I have a TALL 3 year old (he's wearing 5/6 clothing) so anything I buy is junk! Can't wait to try!

#12 comment by Carol October 10, 2014

This is such an amazing costume! My son wants to be heatwave this year and I am going to attempt to make him one (using yours to help me). I am not a DIY person, so any tips you gave would be appreciated.
What type of foam did you use to cover the box and make all the accent pieces?

#13 comment by Jamie October 10, 2014

Hi Carol- Check out my comment to Colin, (two posts above yours for a link to the kind of foam I used). It spray paints really well, so I wouldn't worry about getting the right color foam.

#14 comment by Carol October 16, 2014

Ok, so I just started making this and so far all I have done is the cut cardboard box to look like yours. :). I am off to get foam, paint, and such, but was wondering what you used to create the ladder. You mentioned paper towel tubes covered in foam. That's for the 2 vertical ones, right? What about the horizontal ones? What are soda stream caps and where can I find them? Thanks in advance!

#15 comment by Leslie October 18, 2014

Jaime, I was wondering if you recalled how much foam you purchased to make this costume?

#16 comment by Jamie October 18, 2014

Carol- For the ladder we use paper towel tubes for both the vertical and horizontal (we just cut them for the horizontal) and then stuffed them with paper towels to keep them from losing their shape if crushed. My mom happened to have soda stream caps at her house and they fit, but you could probably use another kind of cap too. Here's the link to what they are: https://www.sodastreamusa.com/Caps-Accessories-C60.aspx

#17 comment by julie October 19, 2014

What kind of box are you guys using? I am having a hard time finding a box that will work for my 3 year old

#18 comment by Jamie October 19, 2014

Hi Leslie- I don't recall exactly, but I know I bought extra to account for screw ups! My guess would be that it was 3-4 yards. We actually made a template ahead of time, out of cardboard, for the body pieces (sized to fit my son), then measured that cardboard to figure out approx how much we would would need.

#19 comment by Charlie October 23, 2014

This is one of the best! You did an awesome job! My grandson wants to be Boulder. Any ideas?!?

#20 comment by Desiree November 18, 2014

So awesome! Great job!

#21 comment by April August 13, 2015

This is amazing! Am I missing a link to a pattern, or pictures of the costume in progress?

#22 comment by Chelsea Sherman August 14, 2015

Would you make another one for a child around the same age? My son wants to be this guy for Halloween.

#23 comment by Stacey August 4, 2016

Thanks so much for sharing. This is so much better than the store bought version. I am going to attempt it, but have some questions. The vertical tube for ladder are thicker than the horizontal ones. How did you accomplish this? Also how did you get the emblems on the costume so perfect? Thanks again!!

#24 comment by Jamie August 7, 2016

Hi Stacey-
For the ladder, the vertical tubes were Paper towel rolls, covered with the foam sheeting that we used for essentially the whole costume. What we did was bought a huge roll (off of amazon, I think) of that craft foam in white. then we spray painted whatever we needed to (it holds spray paint really well). We stuffed the tubes with newspaper or something for stability, so they wouldn't collapse. We cut 3 holes on the inside edge of both of them to fit in the "slats" of the ladder. The slats were wooden dowels that we covered with the same foam.

The emblems were all just google searches for images. We then printed and laminated them.

Good luck! It was definitely a labor intensive project, but a lot of the time was in figuring out what we were even going to do, so hopefully this helps you to cut out some of that!

#25 comment by Stacey August 14, 2016

Thanks for getting back to me. My costume is in progress. What did you use for the silver around the windshield and the grill? Your tips are so helpful! Thanks again for sharing.

#26 comment by Jamie August 14, 2016

The silver accents are all just spray painted foam

For the windshield, we just laminated blue paper then cut a thin strip of foam to outline it.

For the grill, we used two layers of foam glued together to give it depth. Cutting out the grill shape only on the top sheet.

Good luck!

#27 comment by Jenny October 4, 2016

This is fantastic and we will be attempting this year as Halloween is the only time i become a crafty mom. Thanks SOOO much for sharing!!!

#28 comment by Ruthanne October 22, 2016

This is such an awesome costume and am in the middle of making it. I have a couple of questions: 1. What kind of glue did you use to attach the red foam to the cardboard? 2. How did you attach the yellow koozie to the shoulders? 3. How did you get the stick and click light to stay in the koozie? Thank you so much for sharing all of this!

#29 comment by Jamie October 22, 2016

I used hot glue for everything. In our case, the lights fit snugly into the koozies.

#30 comment by Rosemary September 23, 2017

So glad I found your version! I have been asked to make Heatwave for the FATHER of an almost-4-year-old for his birthday party! many different pix out there but yours by far is the optimus prime!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

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