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Hei Hei Rooster Costume

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Hei Hei Rooster Costume

Hei Hei Rooster Costume

Costume type:  Costumes for Kids
Categories:Halloween Costumes, Movie and TV Show Costumes

This homemade costume for kids entered our 2017 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Darcy, the 'Hei Hei Rooster from Moana' costume creator:

Our little girl is wearing a roosricostume inspired by Hei Hei the Rooster from Disney's Moana. I made the costume by sewing a romper from a blue sheet. The head and collar are from yellow flannel. The eyes are made from cutting a foam ball in half and then paining the halves to look like eyeballs.
There are tights that I dyed yellow . The shoes were white shoes painted yellow. The tail is also made from the blue sheet.
Once the costume was done , I used permanent markers to add the feather details.
Our little girl loves her costume and regularly plays in it . Everyone thinks she is adorable and funny.

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22 votes
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#1 comment by Ka October 28, 2017


#2 comment by Alicia Frasure August 16, 2018

Wondering if there is some way of ordering this costume

#3 comment by Crystal Theriault August 17, 2018


Any interest in making this for a baby???

#4 comment by Melissa M. Thomas August 19, 2018

How do we purchase this costume?

#5 comment by Kirsten Falteisek September 5, 2018

Yes, I want one too! Please?!

#6 comment by Reyna September 12, 2018

I'm willing to pay anything for this costume

#7 comment by Darcy Reaver September 14, 2018

I am working on making a couple of Hei Hei costumes in different sizes: If I get them completed in the next couple of weeks, I will post the sizes and prices here.
What sizes are you all interested in?

#8 comment by Reyna Pleitez September 14, 2018

Darcy! Please please please I need a size 12-18 months for my daughter. you don't understand how much she loves Hei Hei and this would be perfect!

#9 comment by Darcy Reaver September 15, 2018

Let me see if I can find time to work on it: I will supply the head cover,collar and romper. It will run around $50.
Unfortunately,it is a little complex.

#10 comment by Jacque September 16, 2018

I will pay 50$ for a 2t costume it is all my daughter wants to beb

#11 comment by Patricia September 16, 2018

I would also love to purchase a 2t costume!

#12 comment by Reyna September 16, 2018

Hi Darcy, $50 is a reasonable price. I'm so excited for Halloween now.

#13 comment by Hillary September 16, 2018

I would also love a 2T for my son if possible. Please let me know!

#14 comment by Reyna Pleitez September 16, 2018

$50 is a great price for such a unique costume! Can't wait to see my daughter in this for Halloween. Thank you so much Darcy

#15 comment by Shelly m September 17, 2018

Of you are going to be selling them I would love a 2 t as well!

#16 comment by Tracie Talamantes September 18, 2018

I would love a 2t as well!

#17 comment by Brooke Stille September 18, 2018

I would LOVE to order this in 18 months if you decide to sell!!!!

#18 comment by Anet Mira September 19, 2018

Is this for sale ?

#19 comment by Toni September 19, 2018

I'd love an 18 months!

#20 comment by Darcy Reaver September 21, 2018

I am working on several HeiHei costumes. They are all in the 18-24 month sizes:
I will update here when they are ready:

#21 comment by Tina September 22, 2018

Are making/selling this costume? I need a 3T, if you are :)

#22 comment by Trinada September 22, 2018

Omg take my money!!!! I need this.

#23 comment by Haylee September 23, 2018

I would LOVE an 18 months!

#24 comment by Darcy Reaver September 23, 2018

My email is darcyreaver[at]aol.com
Reyna : you have first dibs.
The heads and collars are done. I will start the body and tails today.

#25 comment by Brooke Stille September 23, 2018

Darcy I tried to email but it didn't deliver. I would love an 18 mons if you have one available. I'm willing to prepay if I need to. My email is kw00460[at]gmail.com. Thanks!

#26 comment by Reyna Pleitez September 23, 2018

Hey Darcy!
Thank you again! I just tried emailing you at darcyreaver[at]aol.com and it was undeliverable.

#27 comment by Darcy Reaver September 24, 2018

There is a period between darcy and reaver

#28 comment by Reyna Pleitez September 24, 2018

My email is rep264[at]gmail.com. Please reach out to me in order for us to arrange the payment and delivery. Thanks!

#29 comment by Darcy September 26, 2018

I have a size 2 t and 3 t available for purchase. These will be the last I will have time to make this season. Email me at darcy.reaver[at]aol.com
The costume is $50 with $20 shipping

#30 comment by Alexis Contreras September 29, 2018

Darcy- do you have anymore 3T's available?

#31 comment by Darcy Reaver September 29, 2018

I am making a second batch. I will include a couple of 3t sizes.

#32 comment by Melissa Simpson October 1, 2018

I was wanting one of these made for a 3t. Are you taking orders

#33 comment by Darcy October 2, 2018

I hope to have 4 size 3t by
the end of the week.

#34 comment by Reyna Pleitez October 2, 2018

Thank you Darcy! I am obsessed with the costume and just hope my daughter will be by the time Halloween comes hahaha!

#35 comment by casey October 3, 2018

Is this for sale?

#36 comment by justin October 4, 2018

Can you make the red/yellow/eyes part only for an adult?

#37 comment by Darcy October 4, 2018

I just finished an adult headpiece.

#38 comment by justin October 4, 2018

If you are interested in creating another and/or parting with the one you already made, please email me direct. Thank you

#39 comment by Darcy October 6, 2018

Justin , I don't have your email.
Contact me at darcy.reaver[at]aol.com

#40 comment by Chelsey October 6, 2018

I would love to buy a 3T if you hAve any extras. My email is Chelsey.Edwards[at]YouthVillages.org

#41 comment by Erin October 6, 2018

Hi Darcy!

I am interested in a 3T!!! Any such luck?

#42 comment by Darcy October 7, 2018

I will be out of town next week, but I will try to finish up some costumes as soon as I get back.
I have several headpieces almost complete.
I will keep you all posted .

#43 comment by Bonnie October 13, 2018

I need a 2T. Any available??

#44 comment by Tom October 21, 2018

I would like an adult headpiece if you have any available.

#45 comment by Stephanie October 21, 2018

Omg I wish I'd read the comments! Working on making one for my daughter but it doesn't look even close to this!
Can you tell me how you made the tail not sag? That's my current problem.

#46 comment by Darcy October 22, 2018

The tail is lightly stuffed like a pillow. There is snap at the top to keep it from dropping down.

#47 comment by Alia October 28, 2018

How did you make the hat my daughter loves hei hei and I'm trying to recreate it for her

#48 comment by Astrid July 17, 2019

Darcy, I know this post is older but is there any chance you are still making these costumes? My 3 year old is dying to be heihei for Halloween but he has been blessed with a mother who cannot sew �� he would need a 3t/4t!!!

#49 comment by Courtney July 19, 2019

Hi Darcy,
I, too, am looking for a Hei Hei costume for my daughter. She will most likely be in 9-12month clothes in October. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! :)

#50 comment by cassandra July 21, 2019

I know this post is from last year, but if you are willing to sell a pattern for this, that would be awesome!

#51 comment by Darcy July 22, 2019

I am busy making costumes for my family for Not So Scary at Disney. If I have time, I will let you know.

#52 comment by Astrid July 22, 2019

Thank you Darcy!!! I hope it works out but if not I understand!

#53 comment by Tracy Graham September 5, 2019

Hey Darcy! I am interested in the Hei Hei costume in a 18-24 month size if you have anytime I would greatly appreciate! My daughter is going as Moana and would love for her brother to go as Hei Hei.

#54 comment by Amy September 7, 2019

Hi Darcy! Are you still making this costume? My 2 year old daughter would love this.

#55 comment by Darcy September 10, 2019

Almost done with family costumes! I may bave time to make Hei Hei also!!

#56 comment by Tiffany Girton September 11, 2019

Hi Darcy!! My name isTiffany and my 3 almost 4 year old loves this hei hei costume!! Are you still making it? If so, how much and can I get one?

#57 comment by Jenn September 11, 2019

Hi Darcy, this costume is amazing! What a talent you have! My 2 yr old loves Hei Hei. Are you still making these costumes?

#58 comment by Leah September 11, 2019

Okay I've looked all over the internet and this is THE BEST
Darcy- my son is 2, he is OBSESSED with chickens (real ones) but also Hei Hei. His second birthday party was chicken themed! and he has a stuffed Hei Hei that he takes to bed every night. Getting him this costume for Halloween would be perfection
Is there any way you're able to make a 2T sized one?!?
Please let me know how I can contact you more directly to discuss :)

#59 comment by Naomi Taylor September 12, 2019

I'm interested in ordering one of these if you're still making :) so precious

#60 comment by Courtney Sands September 13, 2019

Hi again Darcy!
My daughter will be 1 tomorrow (September 14th) but is still in 9 month clothes. Are you able to make a Hei Hei costume in that size?


#61 comment by Jade Jacob September 15, 2019

I would do anything to have This costume for my son! He is absolutely obsessed. He typically fits in 2t or 3t if that makes it easier. They don't have this costume anywhere and unfortunately I have the crafting skills of a chicken itself. Please let me know thank you. You are so talented.

#62 comment by Darcy September 16, 2019

Email me if you are interested in a HeiHei costume.

#63 comment by Bernice September 23, 2019

Are you still making this costume? I need it in a size 6/7.

#64 comment by Darcy September 25, 2019

I am willing to make a few costumes.
I charge $50 for the costume and $20 for shipping.
At this cost I make about $10 an hour.
I try to keep the cost down by using inexpensive fabrics and less than perfect stitching. Otherwise, I would have to charge over$100.
If you are still interested, email me at darcy.reaver[at]aol.com.
I will send photos for approval before charging and shipping.

#65 comment by Ngalba October 3, 2019

Are you making any hei hei costumes this year? I need one desperately for a 24 month grandson. He's nuts about hei hei. Thanks

#66 comment by Darcy October 3, 2019

Email me at darcy.reaver[at]aol.com

#67 comment by Erin July 5, 2020

Hi Darcy!
Am I able to purchase this awesome costume!!? I would need it for a 2 year old boy. Size 2T. Please let me know if this is possible! Thank you so much!!!

#68 comment by Darcy July 9, 2020

I should be able to make a couple.
I could use a break from sewing masks. LOL
Fortunately, I have material for 2 or 3 costumes. The fabric store is depleted. Therefore, I may not be able to acquire more fabric in the colors I need .

#69 comment by Erin July 9, 2020

Okay awesome, should I email you directly regarding this?

#70 comment by Lindsay July 28, 2020

Email sent. Please let me know.

#71 comment by Monique Bernal September 3, 2020

Hi Darcy,

This costume is fantastic!! Are you still making Hei Hei costumes? If so, I would love one!! We have twin girls and I wanted to have one be baby Moana and the other Hei Hei for Halloween. I would need size 18-24months. Please please let me know!! Thank you!

#72 comment by Lindsay N Fort September 10, 2020

Are you still taking orders?

#73 comment by Darcy September 11, 2020

If I can find materials, I will try to make a couple of Hei Hei costumes.

#74 comment by Vanessa paganelli September 16, 2020

Are you taking orders? I need a 3t for this Halloween! Please let me know!

#75 comment by Darcy September 19, 2020

Email me for requests.

#76 comment by Katy October 10, 2020

Can you make this in a 4t in time for Halloween this year?

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