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Dog Costumes

Man AND Womans Best, and most cooperative (if treated right), Friend. This Category is VERY entertaining to me..and I hope it is to YOU also. There are the old style Dog Costumes, the ones where we recognise that these beasts have 4, not 2, legs that they walk on. Now you'll see costumes that, I SWEAR, makes a Dog look like a very short human is walking right toward you. Well... Instead of trying to make sense out of what I just typed here... let's just take a look. You'll soon understand what I mean.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume Idea for DogsSpaghetti and Meatballs Costumes

Pumpkin Costume for DogsLucky Pumpkin Costume

Go Cowboys!Ella Bella, Go Cowboys! Costume

A Star Spangled HalloweenA Star Spangled Halloween Costume

Beetlejuice and LydiaBeetlejuice and Lydia Costumes

Super Doggy CostumeSuper Goggie Costume

Lily as a ButterflyLily as a Butterfly Costume

Little Devil homemade costumeLittle Devil Costume

Creative Costumes for DogsAhoy, Matey! Costume

Princess Miso and Sir Opa homemade costumes for dogsPrincess Miso and Sir Opa Costumes

Darth Vader Dog CostumeDarth Vader Costume

Homemade Minnie Mouse Costume for DogsMinnie Mouse Costume

Above are homemade costumes for dogs entered our Halloween costume contest. Send us photos of your beautiful dogs wearing costumes and you will be automatically entered to our contest next year!

Whether you go with the older style Dog Costume or the newer one... the point is to HAVE FUN! I got VERY lucky just a few days ago and I MUST say THANX to Jackie for making my day! (or week? or month?). Jackie sent me PICTURES she took at the Easter Parade in her area. ...and... You GUESSED it: DOGS were dressed for the Occasion! Now I will share the photos of pet costumes with you here. I thought to put them on the "Easter Costumes" Page but considering that Easter is OVER now ...I just don't think many people will be visiting that page until next year and these are just TOO CUTE to hide away like that so HERE WE GO!
I have done some research, and have found that EASTER is, in fact, one (mayhap the ONLY one) of the "occasions" for dressing-up dogs in costumes... Like parades or contests at a local park. Be sure to check it out in your area.

Puppy with guitar! Cool two legged dog costume

one of those 2 legged puppy costume?

Easter puppies. Colored dogs in a basket

colored poodles in the Easter basket

Bunny costume for dog

"Bunny" dog costume

nice dog costumes to make


chicken costume for dog

"Chick" dog costume

deer dog costume

"Deer" costume

rockstar dog costume


easter dog costumes

Easter Dog costumes

easter dog costumes

Above is a really cool Fairy Dog, Julia...
Sent to me in Sept. of '07 by Julia's owner Traci.

Kids LOVE this stuff too so get THEM involved! In Fact, Your Dog may even be able to wear some of your sons shirts from when he was 5! Saying this, it's a lot of fun creating a Dog Costumes at home out of old clothing and such. As a matter of fact, some time ago I was asked WHERE a person might find a "Confederate Soldier" costume for a middle sized dog. Searching all of the stores and wherehouses that I have access to I could NOT find this particular costume for a pet. The best idea I could come up with was to purchase a inexpensive Confederate Soldier" Costume for either an adult or child (depending upon the size of the dog) and then do whatever adjustments would be necessary to fit the Jacket, and possibly the cap, to the dog. It would, of course, be helpful if somebody in your family were helpful as a seamstress, However, using ones imagination and some scissors, velcro or glue... you may just surprise yourself at just what a great Confederate Dog Soldier you come up with. (The obvious thing when making costumes for dogs, aside from "comfort" of fit of course, is to leave the rear-end and underside free of obstruction to consider unscheduled potty breaks.) Check out the OnLine stores for Sewing Materials or Crafting Materials to assist you in a homemade dog costume project. If you simply don't have the time nor inclination to Hand-make a costume for Hilde or Bailey (your Dog)... do it the easy and trouble free way and shop Online through one of the links in the Costume Shops section of this website.

Captain Buckee Dog CostumeCaptain Buckee Costume

The Dog Claw Machine CostumeThe Dog Claw Machine Costume

Sunflower Harvest CostumeSunflower Harvest Costume

Bob's dog, Ross CostumeBob's dog, Ross Costumes

POTUS and the First Lady CostumePOTUS and the First Lady Costumes

Please don't forget that I'd dearly LOVE to have pictures of your pet in Costume. Send-in info is on Pet Costumes page ...and Thank you in advance!! Ü

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