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Fun Size Mitch Costume

Fun Size Mitch Costume

Fun Size Mitch

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Photo #1 - Fun Size Mitch Photo #2 - Fun Size Mitch back Photo #3 - Mitch the Fun Size Snickers Bar Costume
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This homemade costume for men entered our 2020 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Mitch, the 'Fun Size Mitch' costume creator:

Here is Fun Size Mitch. It is a Fun Size Snickers Bar that was handmade from different colors of felt. The letters were cut out using Snickers font downloaded from the internet. Some sewing was used in the tunic, but mostly hot glue.

"Fun Size" was an unflattering nickname in college that ended up being a small gift! So people in the know think this costume is hilarious because of the inside joke, those that don't still think it is great.

It is finished off with red tights, a white leotard and black dance shoes.


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#1 comment by Mike L November 2, 2020

OMG I can't believe that Mitch wore this! Talk about telling the world about your little issue! When Kristin shared this with me, ROFLMAO! I heard from some other of our friends that it really did look good.

Though I think Mitch is giving himself a wee bit too much credit in the third picture! But I guess there was not a way to communicate your other nickname, 'tiny tim', so good job. I will definitely be sharing Fun Size Mitch with our other mutual friends, I can't believe you had the guts to wear this.

I can't wait to see if there are other comments here about the story/idea about Fun Size Mitch.

#2 comment by Karen November 2, 2020

This is hilarious! I always love costumes that have multiple or hidden meanings. I would not have thought anything about this costume, but with the discription and the previous comment I understand, LOL. I would say it takes balls to admit to show the world this, but from the pic and discription not sure 𠇏un Size" Mitch is packing much.

Very well done, though. Would have loved to seen this one in person, I can think of some very funny and maybe embarrassing pictures I would have taken! Congrats on a great costume, hope you win! And my apologies on your ‘small' gift/curse!! LOL

#3 comment by Fred November 2, 2020

Allen you need a bigger wrapper! Your candy is showing. Oops just something on my screen. Guess the costume is perfect! Stay safe.

#4 comment by John November 3, 2020

Fun Size Mitch (or tiny tim) I do not know any guy that would be so proud of those nicknames, much less make a Halloween costume out of it. This has to be one of the most embarrassing costumes I have seen in 2020. What a humiliating and emasculating costume for a man.

Definitely have to share this with my friends and I already have some great titles for some memes! I am thinking: 'I know it's not long, but it's thin'

Anyone else have some good meme ideas?

#5 comment by Qiana November 3, 2020

OMG!!! Fred it sounds like an actual fun size wrapper would be MORE than enough for Mitch's small candy!

John you are right about this being embarrassing, he must be very confident to be exposed online for being fun sized. From my own experience with an inadequately endowed guy like Mitch, I know fun size Mitch has heard 'are you in yet?'. Size does matter!!

Meme: Why do women keep asking me if I'm rich?

Any one know who this is and have any first hand experience?

#6 comment by Scott November 4, 2020

This is hilarious! "Fun Size" should be "Funny Size". Only a freak would advertise how small they are. I'm sure the ladies were running to get a pic to show all their friends.

#7 comment by J/anon November 4, 2020

Haha, fun size?! Bet this "guy" wears panties under there!

#8 comment by Damon November 4, 2020

The red tights tell me that the fun size isn't just about his height.

#9 comment by Whathehellwhynot. November 5, 2020

So you costume says Fun Size!!!! What exactly does the mean? Are you fun size or is your little clitty fun size? Inquiring minds want to know. I have a good feeling I know already.

#10 comment by Whathehellwhynot November 5, 2020

You costume says Fun Size I have a good feeling as to what it's referring to. Any insight on that? Also those Mary Jane shoes are super sexy for a girl to wear not so much for a gurl like you to be wearing. And those tights are definitely a dead giveaway as to what Fun Size refers to.

#11 comment by Courtney November 5, 2020

Fun Size Mitch is right! Qiana I have first hand experience with our little boy here. I can definitely attest to all of the things you said LOL! Fun Size may have been his nickname I know it is more like 'Snack Size', not remotely close to a mouthful.

He is really funny, and I have to admit he did try, but all the effort in the world doesn't make up for lack of size, both length and girth LOL!

Ask our tiny friend Fun Size Mitch about failing the toilet roll test in front of the dorm.

#12 comment by Ex Girlfriend November 5, 2020

Snickers is an apt title for this costume. Good things come in small packages, but there are a couple of nuts missing in this fun size wrapper.

#13 comment by Size Queen November 5, 2020

I love all the comments on the costume! I hope it wins! For telling the entire world and being exposed that he his hung like a horse fly he should win!! It's extra funny that there are a couple of ex girl friends that are able to confirm the backstory and Fun Size Mitch's lack of manliness!

We all have a story about being with a guy that has a small penis, most of them are sad, it's a real disappointment to discover that the guy you like is hung like a toddler, and is inadequate. Sounds like fun size Mitch is barely a man at all, LMAO

#14 comment by Costume lover November 6, 2020

Most humiliating costume ever! Look at Fun Size Mitch's grin in the last picture, no shame at all. Everyone that knows him must already know about his shortcomings. Even though his is purporting below average length, we all know guys lie about it. I would bet serious money that he is MUCH smaller!!

Feel sorry for those that have had to experience fun size Mitch. He is probably one of those guys that does not undress in unless the lights are off. He surely has learned that women can tell and feel the difference between a Vienna sausage and anything that would be considered normal.

Can someone please post and expose this on a meme or roast site? I would love to see what the rest of the world would has to say about fun size mitch and his insignificant candy bar!!

#15 comment by North Dallas Costumer November 6, 2020

Love the gender bend of the tights and ballet shoes combined with the beard. Creative costume - perfect for a smaller guy that's secure.

#16 comment by LMAO November 7, 2020

Gender bend is right! Not because of the tights and ballet shoes, but due to his obviously insignificant penis.

Does anyone know how the voting goes on this site? We have to help fun size mitch win.

He needs to be exposed to the everyone and shamed for having a small penis. Women need to be warned about his tiny candy bar so they do not waste their time.

Can someone post a link to his Facebook or other social media? I would love to post there too, and learn more about how someone goes through life unable to satisfy women due to having a micro-penis.

My vote is for fun size mitch!

#17 comment by asdfasdfdasfd sadfdasfdafds November 7, 2020

Ha, lots of nuts, but no butter

#18 comment by CowboysFan9669 November 8, 2020

Packed with Peanuts, Snickers really satisfies. Or
Maybe not so much...

Hopefully his significant other is able to laugh at the goofball costume too. Cute guy. Must have lost a bet.

#19 comment by Scott November 9, 2020

Fun size? I doubt it!

Who would advertise that they have a small penis? Add on top of that that he is wearing tights and women's shoes and you have a sissy!

I bet when he is unwrapped people do say mmmmmmm. You probably hear people saying “that didn't satisfy me, I need more". So sad.

#20 comment by mitch has a tiny penis November 9, 2020

the title of the costume should have been mitch has a tiny penis. i just posted this on a redit page for small penis humiliation, he will fit right in and obviously enjoys everyone knowing that has a micro-penis. let's see how many people post here.

how do you vote for a costume to win?

#21 comment by Jackies November 9, 2020

Snickers satisfy but fun size Mitch falls way short..mini? Maybe new micro sized for those who don't wanna feel anything. I think the hand pose is also a clear sign we coming up very short of the mark..lol

#22 comment by Allen November 9, 2020

Mitch your costume is all wrong. It should say bite size your way too small to be a fun size.

#23 comment by Ilaughatlosers November 10, 2020

Five bucks says that sissy is wearing a chastity cage and a buttplug under that costume!

#24 comment by Scott November 10, 2020

There is no way anyone, man or woman, would think he is 𠇏un size". People want the real full size, not some small knock off that isn't filling.

Since he is so small I am sure you won't even find nuts in this 𠇏un size" package. Without the nuts it is just laughable. We would call this a reject.

#25 comment by Seemore November 13, 2020

Wow fun size. I bet he dresses like this or worse every day. He seems like the type that would dress like a maid in public. Even clean and prance around while people laughed at him. To each their own I guess. Keep that thing locked up.

#26 comment by Fetfriend. November 18, 2020

Wow this one is a popular pic I see. Wonder why he must have a fan base and directed people here. Wonder what site he's on and wonder what his handle is? Anyone have any info on this tiny boy I can't say a man I have a feeling I know why he's a fun size Snicker vs. a full size but I'm not going to speculate at this time I just hope he has it locked up.

#27 comment by HungOne November 21, 2020

What a loser! We need a different gender designation for him! Obviously not a man. looks like he has a lot of personality to make make up for being fun size.

I bet he didn't realize this site gets so much traffic! What a humiliating Halloween costume for a man is that a category?

#28 comment by Sammy November 23, 2020

Loved it!

#29 comment by Pig. November 24, 2020

Not even fun size I know I seen.

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