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Costume Contest

The 2013 Halloween Costume Contest has started!

It has been a GREAT turnout this year
and I'd like to thank ALL Contestants AND their helpers.
The judges had a very difficult time again this year
but they DID manage to come up with our Contest WINNERS!

First let's introduce the Judges

 Randy and Jasmine
  aka Dad and Mom
  to the Judges below: ‹

Sierah                                Tristen

That done, Before I post the Contest Winners let me just say ;  If you did NOT win in the Costume Contest this year I can only hope that your Halloween was a fun and safe one and that entering the Contest added, at least a little bit, to that fun.  The people who enter the Contest sure do add to MY fun and to me you are ALL winners. ‹

And the winners are:

First Place
Contestant 7
Lobster in a Clam Shell

Congratulations Marshall
and Ryan!
Second Place

Contestant 44
Easy Mac & Cheese

Congrats Blake,
Jeff and Andrea!
Third Place

Contestant 21
Dr. Seuss Characters
(next 7 photos)

In order of appearance...Top to Bottom
Jenna, Kamryn, Kaylee,
Paige, and Lilyan...
also Dad & Mom
Spencer and Candice

to the whole beautiful Family!


Fourth Place

Contestants 18

Brett, Aaron, Troy,
and Paula!

Fifth Place

(we have 2 ‹)
Contestant 53
Palm Tree
w/Treasure Chest

Alex and Bob!

Fifth Place

Contestant 64
Walking Graveyard

Margaret and Parker

Prize Monies will be delivered out by US Postal Mail, in Postal Money Order form, the first week of December ( or sooner). (just in time for Christmas shopping! ‹)

Thank you ALL again, for joining in the
2009 Halloween Costume Contest.
PLEASE join me again NEXT Halloween!
check out the full contest below:

2009 Halloween
Costume Contest


Head on a Silver PlatterHead on a Silver Platter

Zoltar in his Fortune Telling Machine CostumeZoltar in the Fortune Telling Machine


Boss Hogg CostumeBoss Hogg


Lobster Halloween Costume for BabiesLobster in a Clam Shell

DIY Pipe Organ costumePipe Organ

Girl in Pirate CostumePirate Girl

Homemade Robot CostumeRobot

Kings Poseidon and Triton Costume for DogsGods of the Sea: Poseidon and Triton

SpongeBob Costume for BoysSpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick Star CostumePatrick Star

Muppet Show Swedish Chef CostumeThe Swedish Chef

Army Men in a TankSoldier Driving a Tank

Rag DollRag Doll

Austin Powers Yeah Baby CostumeYeah Baby!

Kiss Band Costumes for KidsKiss

Where the Wild Things Are Max CostumeMax

Cute dog dressed as Wonder WomanWonder Woman

Dr. Seuss CharactersDr. Seuss Characters

Astronaut costume for dogAstromutt

Evil OptometristThe Evil Optometrist

Dog Witch CostumeWitch's Mattie & Tobi

Contestant 1

Our first contestant in this years Contest is Tanner.
 He is Costumed as a Centaur
 which is a Half-Horse/ Half-Man Mythical being.

Above is the Back-side view
This great costume was made by Tanner's Mom, Nichole.

Great Job Nichole and Tanner
and THANKS for the Entry!

Contestant 2
Head on a Silver Platter

Above and below we have Julien as a Head on a Silver Platter
Mom, Diana, says this costume was cheap and easy to make...
and that the Candles REALLY DO WORK! ‹

Contestant 3

This is Rodney as Zoltar,
who dwells in the Fortune Telling Machine
from the Movie "Big".
 Mom, Diana, Created this Costume
 and the one above (contestant 2)
Diana says she found most of the materials
 to make BOTH Costumes
either at Home, the local Dollar Store
 and/or theThrift Store.

Thank you for the Entries Diana,
Julien, and Rodney.
  Best of  Luck!

Contestant 4

This is Wall-E
the cute little Robot from the movie of the same name.
His Creator, in this case, is Roxanne.
Roxanne says it took about 3 weeks to build WALL-E
She used materials she found here and there,
only purchasing a few small items totalling under $20.

Above is WALL-E's back-side

Roxanne is not only WALL-E's builder,
she is also the person inside the Robot.
Roxanne is 5'6".
This photo of WALL-E dancing with a Human
gives us a good idea of how large this Robot actually is.

Fantastic Costume Roxanne ‹
Thanks for your entry!!

Contestant 5
Boss Hogg

This is Isaac who is Boss Hogg
from the TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard".
His Dad, James, built the car.
Mom, Brenda, says she did the painting and all of the fixin's

Mom, Brenda, says that this costume was easy and FUN to make ‹

REALLY cool!
My thanks to Brenda, James, and Isaac.
Well done!

Contestant 6


This is 1 yr.old Carter as Octopussy
His Grandmother, Melanie, created this great Costume
completely by hand.
Yes folks, Needle and Thread and her own 2 Hands. ‹

Here (above) is the costume without the
"Suction Cups" and Face Panel and other fine details.
(which you will only know the "How-to's" of
when I post the Costume instructions after the contest ‹)

Wonderful Costume Melanie!
And thank YOU  Carter...
...for standing still for your Grandmother! ‹

Contestant 7
Lobster in a Clam Shell

This Costume is called.."Lobster in a Clam Shell".
The costume was made by Marshall,
who is the proud Papa of the lil lobster, Ryan.
The base of this creative costume is a Baby Stroller.

Here,(above) is Ryan who is only 3 weeks old here.
It is becoming very obvious that
Men do quite well in Creative Costume Making ‹

Thanks for the Entry Marshall!
The Costume is just wonderful! ‹

Contestant 8
Pipe Organ

Above is Phoenix, who happens to love music,
as a FUNCTIONING Pipe Organ. ‹
(anyone can walk right up and play her ‹)
Mom, Jeserae, says the Organ was made 100% from scratch
 and that it was a family effort..
with a great deal of the effort coming from Phoenix's Dad.
There are wheels attached on the bottom for easy mobility.

Thank you for the Entry Jeserae, Phoenix and Dad
and any other family members who lent a hand
in this great project.
Good Luck!

  Contestant 9

This is Rachel as a swashbuckling Pirate.
Mom, Shannon says that, aside from the white shirt and jacket,
 the rest of the costume is home made and decorated.

Great Job!
Thank you Shannon and Rachel!
Contestant 10

This is 5 yr. old Arlen as a Robot
The costume was built by Dad, Mike,
who says that the coolest thing is that when
Arlen is dressed as the Robot..
He Walks and Talks like a Robot. ‹

Thanks for the entry Mike and Arlen
GREAT Costume!

Contestants 11
Gods of the Sea

No, these aren't people dressed as Golden Retrievers.
They are pooches, Aladdin and Phoenix dressed as Mermen.
In fact they are Kings Poseidon and Triton, Greek Gods of the Sea.
Costumes and Underwater Scene created by sisters Bonnie and Beth.

Thank you Ladies!

The last few contests I've gotten very few "Pet" Costume entries.
Thus, I have no "Pet" Costume Contest .
I WILL, however, post Pet Costumes here as entries
IF I get 5 or more Pet entries ..I will open up a "Pet" category.

 Contestant 12
Sponge Bob~Square Pants

This is Brian, age 2 1/2.  He is SpongeBob SquarePants.
Brians Mom, Eileen, made this Costume.

Here is Brian/SpongeBob,with his brother
 who is the next Contestant


Contestant 13
Patrick Star

This is 5 month old Lucian (Contestant 12's(above) lil brother).
Lucian is SpongeBobs buddy... Patrick Star.
Mom, Eileen, made this costume also.

GREAT Costume Making Eileen!
and VERY cute children ‹
Best of luck to You, Brian and Lucian.

Contestant 14
the Chef

This is Wayne as "the Chef" of Muppet fame.
The Chef being Swedish, may be most famous
for his exclamation:
"Bork Bork Bork!"

Wayne is the wearer as well as the creator
 of this Great Costume.

Well done Wayne! 
Thank you for the Entry
AND the education.
(I had to look up what "Bork" is..
interesting answer ‹)

Contestant 15
Soldier Driving a Tank

This is Eddie as a Soldier Driving a Tank.
Eddie and Mom, Maria, created the tank with
Cardboard, Paper Towel Rolls, Black Paper, etc.
and LOTS of TAPE! ‹

I am asked to let you know that:
 This Costume was Created as a Tribute to
the Men and Women who sacrafice everything
 to Serve their Country.

Thanks for the Entry Maria and Eddie.
and MANY thanks for thinking of our Troops also!

Contestant 16
Rag Doll

Here we have 2 yr. old Trinaty
as a lovely little Rag Doll.
Mom, Katrina, sent in this entry.

..all ready for Trick -r-Treat here. ‹

Thank you Katrina and Trinaty...
and Good Luck!

Contestant 17
Yeah Baby! !
That's right Folks...
It's Austin Powers.
And this is 6 yr old Mike....
 who is breathing life back into those
Retro Clothes.

Mom, Kim, says that she bought this Vintage Costume
about 3 years ago and had to wait for Mike to grow into it.
Now that he has he looks GROOVY!...
 and he's dressed to make us smile.

Thank you for the Entry Kim and Mike!
GREAT Idea and Creativity! 
Contestants 18

I think just about EVERYBODY knows who this
 Big Hair/Big Make-up Band is.
It's KISS of course.
Mom Paula had a blast helping her boys put these
great Costumes together.

Time to meet the Band:
7 yr. old Brett IS:
Paul Stanley

4 yr.old Aaron IS:
Peter Criss

and ALSO 4 yrs. old, Troy, IS:
Gene Simmons

Great homemade costumes.
 The attention to detail is fantastic!

Thanks very much for the entry
Paula and crew ‹
Contestant 19
Where the Wild Things Are

This IS 3 yr old Max
by the same name as the Character
 in the Children's Book/Movie

Max's Mom, Stacy, made the costume
with the help of a pattern.

Max's proud Nana, Barbara,
 thought the costume turned out so terrific
that she wants the world to see it ‹

It's a pleasure....‹
Thanks for the entry Barbara.
Thank you for the workmanship Stacy.
and Max...thanks for being so adorable ‹

Contestant 20
Wonder Woman
(more or less ‹)

This is a 7 yr. old Pomeranian named Phoebe...
and is very cutely outfitted as Wonder Woman.

Despite the fact that I have no PET Category
I feel like everyone has a right to compete.
So thank you Pat, for your entry.
Your beastie is cute as can be. ‹

Contestants 21
 Dr. Seuss Characters
below is a "group/family" entry.
Extra care has been taken to
put a picture of the Dr. Seuss Book
that the Character came from
AND a picture of the Character
(if not on the book cover)
with each photo.

This (above) is Jenna

This is Kamryn

This is Kaylee

This is Paige

....and last of the children...but certainly not least:
2 year old Lilyan.
This project was a family affair
 and as much enjoyed by the children,
as by Mom and Dad,

The TOP Cat (in the Hat), Dad, Spencer.

The Fish, being the one always giving direction,
of course would have to be Mom, Candice. ‹

Many thanks to all of you for the entry
This is an AWESOME Idea
Very original! ‹

 Contestant 22

This is Echo a Boston Terrier who is also an Astromutt.
The helmet you see here is only for Photos.
She also has one with the front cut out
 for longer wear time.
Echos humans are very Costume Saftey conscious.
They assure me that their Astromutt
 is not suffering any discomfort here .

Thanks for the entry David.
Echo is a brave and tolerant dog ‹

Contestant 23
The Evil Optometrist

Here we have Dr. Corey, an EVIL Optometrist.
Costume created by Corey's Mom, Lisa
The above pic is titled "Who's Next?"
(..I would NOT wanna be the next patient in line!)
In this photo one can see the instrument that
 Dr. Corey uses to gouge out his patient's eyeballs.

In this photo (above), called "Clawed by Victim"
can definately SEE that it is true.
( excellent Make-up job by Mom, Lisa)

And then we have "He got me!"
Dr. Corey demonstrates his technique in eye-gouging.
Mom/Designer/Prop/Make-up Artist: Lisa Gibson
Costume Wearer/ Model: Corey Gibson

Thanks Lisa and Corey.
Very Original Costume Idea!
Contestant 24
 Mattie & Tobi

This Lovely Great Dane WITCH is Mattie.
Mattie is a regular in my Costume Contests
and it is a pleasure to see her Human, Tobi,
 joining her this year. (below)

 Mattie & Tobi do much of their
Halloweening together each year.
(But me thinx the human is a lil camera shy ‹)
The wind was blowing during this photo shoot
and Tobi could not keep her Witch Hat on.

Above Mattie is surrounded by witchly props..
(....for DOGS of course)
Making for a GREAT Photo Op!

Thanks Tobi and Mattie!
You are both WONDERFUL!

Contestant 25

This is Ashlyn as Sally
from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Ashlyn's Mom made the Costume from scratch...
....using no pattern..but only a photo they found on Google.

That's REALLY a cool background too Sally/Ashlyn!

Way to GO MOM!
Thanks Mom and Ashlyn for the great entry!

Contestant 26
Who Ya Gonna Call?

This is Dave as a Ghostbuster.
 Dave and his brother put this awesome
costume together and it is totally Homemade.
...including the Proton Pack (below)

Here is a video of the lights
that they created on the Proton Pack.

Dave made Ecto Goggles and modified a toy RGB Trap.
He also made a PKE Meter out of a lint brush.
(NOT to say that I know what all of that MEANS...
....but I'm sure it is very creative! ‹)

Thanks very much for the cool entry
Ghostbuster Dave

Contestant 27
Mike and Sully

Created by Hubby, Bob, this is Christine as Sully(big blue guy)
The lil green guy hanging around is Mike.
They are Characters from Monsters Inc.
The lil girl is there also..as the doll. ‹

Bob made the costumes with Paper Mache, Faux Fur,
Foam and Baked Clay.
The door that Mike is hanging on is Plywood
 and has Wheels on it ...so as to be pulled along by Sully.

What a great way of including characters
in one costume. ‹

Fantastic Job as usual Bob
Thanks to you also Christine
You look Great!

Contestant 28

Zoltar, from the movie "Big"
is a popular costume this year it seems.‹
This is 9 yr. old Matthew as Zoltar.
Matthews Mom and Dad built this costume
out of a Cardboard Box ..embellished with
items from the local discount store,
online auction sites, and things
found around the house.

Dad, Christopher, says that the materials mostly used were
a ton of foam and glue...LOTS of GLUE! ‹
After 40 or so hours of family time
everyone was happy with the results.
It had been the plan for Matthew to TOTE
his booth..But was saved from the ordeal
 when Grandpa offered his scooter as "wheels".

Zoltar..getting into character ‹

Walker family!
Thanks for the wonderful entry!

Contestant 29
Our Little Scarecrow

This is 2 yr. old Tyler as,"Our Little Scarecrow"
as titled by Mom, Tonya.
 Mom's secret weapon  (and FANTASTIC idea!)
was to use straw from an old "Hula Skirt" as
Tylers stuffing around wrists, pant cuffs, and under hat.

Tonya utilized the second-hand store for clothing
 items that she didn't have on hand.
A bail of hay on a wagon and they had the perfect
  hayride backdrop to decorate with gourds, corn, etc.
and even added a little store-bought stand-up
 girl scarecrow.

Whew!  Even us hangin-around Scarecrows get a
breaktime in this heat! Time ta take our shoes off,
 our hats off, n' kick back a spell.

VERY creative Tonya and Cute as can be!
Thanks for your entry and Best of  Luck!

Contestant 30

This David in Arizona
 as an 8 ft. tall Megabot made mostly of Styrofoam.
It has Smoke Effects, Working Pull-String Hands,
 & Robot Voice Changer.

Short stilts are involved
 to give height to the Megabot.

 As well-made and intricate as this costume appears to be,
 no machinery is absolutely required to build it.

REALLY great Job David!
Thanks for the Entry! ‹

Contestant 31

This is Drakan who is dressed as a Nerd.
 This is a simple but definately well
thought-out Costume.
 Note that, it's not the clothes that make the man,
It's how the man wears the clothes
that makes him a NERD!  ‹
And Drakan KNOWS how to wear them
to get the Nerdiest effect!
Not even forgetting a Nerdy smile!

Thank you Drakan and Mom
for joining me again this year!
Good Luck! ‹


Contestant 32

This is "Hindu God Ganesh"
created out of  %100 recycled materials.
The entry was sent in by Micheal.

Thanks for the entry Micheal !
It is certainly an original here! ‹

Contestant 33
 Minnie Mouse

This is Alicia as Miss Minnie Mouse.
In the picture above you can see her Mouse Ears.

She looks to be dressed up for her Man Mouse.

Thank you for your entry Alicia.
Very Pretty Polka-Dots! ‹

Contestant 34
Michael Jackson

This is 7 yr.old Jacob as Michael Jackson
in Thriller!
The Jacket was homemade using a
Vinyl Tablecloth as material. Genius! ‹

Entry sent in by
Jacob's Grandmother, Lyn.
Thanks Lyn!
Jacob looks GREAT!
Contestant 35

This is AJ...He is a Sleestack from

and he is COMING to GET YA!

 ...and ALL he wanted to do
 was to stick out his tongue! ‹

This entry was sent in by AJ's Mom, Rose.
Thanks Rose and AJ
Great Costume! ‹

Contestant 36
Brest Cancer Awareness

Here is 8 yr. old Naomi who is spending her Halloween
IN COSTUME...Passing out Breast Cancer info
and collecting donations for Cancer Research..
as she makes her Trick-r-Treat rounds.

Naomi's proud Mother, Rachel, says that
what Naomi is doing is called "Candles 4 a Cure."
All of her fundraising proceeds will be given to
the American Cancer Society.

Thank you Rachel and Naomi
for all that you do.
And thanks for the ENTRY also! ‹

Contestant 37  
Charlie Brown
The Great Pumpkin

The whole family as:
Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin
We have Papa Tim...as Linus
Mama Kristy ...as Sally
Papa Linus is holding
Sam...who is Charlie Brown.
Up-Front Luke is none-other-than
The Great Pumpkin!

Thanks Tim, Kristy, and Crew.
Great "family" costume idea!    

Contestant 38
The Deadliest Catch

Here are Dan and Sue,
dressed and ready to do a lil Crab Catching(fishing?)
IF the Crabs don't catch them first!
From the TV Series "Deadliest Catch"
which  shows why Crabbing is indeed one of the
Deadliest Jobs that people perform.

Thanks Dan and Sue!
Awesome, Original Costumes.

Contestant 39
General Grievious

This is Logan as General Grievious,
a Warrior of Star Wars fame.

I hear that he is an enemy to Jedi Knights...

..and upon killing a Jedi,
the General claims the knights Light Saber

Thanks for the entry Logan...
and costume creating helpers. ‹
It is obvious that LOTS of time,
and patience went into this Costume.

Contestant 40

This is Keilani..
Out for her Halloween Treats...
Or will there be TRICKS?
Only this lil witch knows ‹

Many Thanks
to Keilani and her Mom
for the bewitching entry. ‹

Contestant 41

This is Keith, age 6, from Virginia,
 as sent in by mom(?),Katrina.
Thanks for the entry
Katrina and Keith! ‹

Contestant 42

This is 6 yr. old Logan as R2D2.The lovable Star Wars Robot .
LOTS of work went into this Costume by Logan's Dad, Rick.
Rick says that one of the best features...
(which cannot be "seen" in the Photo...)
Is the continuous R2D2 sounds eminating from the
 lil guy ..by way of IPod and speakers installed by Rick.

Thanks so much Rick and  Logan!
GREAT Costume! ‹

Contestant 43
Lego Man

Robert says that a lotta Love went into
the building of this
8 ft. tall LegoMan Costume.
It is built to scale using Cardboard,
Chicken Wire, and Paper Mache.
He's a BIG Bego Man. ‹

REALLY cool Robert!
Thanks for the Entry!

Contestant 44
Easy Mac & Cheese

This young man is Blake and he is
Easy-to-make Mac and Cheese.
The Costume was made by Blakes parents,
Jeff  and Andrea..
...and probably was not very "easy-to-make". ‹

Thank you Jeff, Andrea, and Blake
for the wonderfully creative entry. ‹

Contestant 45

Mayor McCheese

This is a Handmade Costume by Michael.
He is also the person wearing the Costume...
as Mayor McCheese.

Great looking Burger Michael!
Thanks for your entry. ‹

Contestant 46

This lil Princess is Stella
as sent in by her Auntie Rose

Thank you for the cute entry
Rose and Stella
What a SMILE! ‹

Contestant 47
H.R. Pufnstuff

Young Emil as H.R. Pufnstuff,
Mayor of Living Island.

Mom, Cheryl, says everything,
 (aside from the pants and yellow shirt), is hand sewn.
From the chicken wire right out to the felt skin,
Cheryl says that making this Costume
was a labor of love.

I hear ya Cheryl! ‹
Thanks for the beautiful entry.

Contestant 48

Much technical know-how went into creating
this, scaled-to-fit, original and adorable
Pocketbook...or Purse...
being modeled by one of Dan's 2 daughters.
Dan says that the purse is fully functional.
The little window shows typical items
a woman might carry in her purse.
Change, Gum, a hairbrush.

GREAT Costume Dan and daughter!
I can honestly say.....
I've not seen this costume before. ‹

Contestant 49

This is Shaye as a Vampire. With the phone close at hand...
are there plans to call and invite someone over for a BITE?

Thank you again Katrina!
Thanks Shaye
Great looking Costume and make-up.

Contestant 50
"Where the Wild Things Are"

This is Bryan as Carol from the Book and Movie
"Where the Wild Things Are"

This Costumes creator, Bryan,
(with a lil help from his wife ‹)
made Carols head of Paper Mache..
and the fur from a couple of Blankets
spray painted for the stripe effect.
Then Feathers were added to legs.

Thank you for the fantastic Costume.
Carol obviously required
talent and lots of work to build.
GREAT Job Bryan!
Kudos to your wife for all her help ‹

Contestants 51
X Men

Sent in by Greg here is a very cool Group Entry of
Wolverine(Vince), Sabretooth(Greg),
 and Mystique (Jennifer).

Not THAT's how to use Make-up and Hair-dos
to create some fantastic look-a-LOT-likes.
There is really no doubt who they are. ‹

Thanks for the entries Greg!
REALLY Awesome Xmen!
(and woman?)

Contestant 52

This is Goosamar..a friend of good ole Bugs Bunny.
 Entry sent in by  "Badlands of Borrie Ave." Bob,
who made the costume out of Faux Fur for
one of his Badland neighbors.

Thanks for the entry Bob!!!
Nice to see your work as usual.
Best of Luck!

Contestant 53
Palm Tree
w/Treasure Chest

This young man is Alex, and he makes a very nice
Palm Tree..with a Treasure Chest resting in it's shade.

A closer look at the Treasure Chest..
...with jewels and coins overflowing onto the sand.
Yes, REAL sand under the Palm Tree to give
the ground a "realistic" feel.

The Palm Tree without Alex.
Costume was made by Badlands Bob and Alex
and was entered by Alex.

Thanks to Bob and Alex
for the Excellent  work!
Again... ‹

Contestant 54

Here is Badlands Bob in a Wolfman Costume that he
created for himself this year. He used Faux Fur and some
 rather raggedy clothing..
(the wolf musta torn them during the "change")

"What big friggin' TEETH you have Gramma!"
Made out of Baked Clay says Bob.

This lil guy is the only "Full-Body"
photo that the Wolfman has of himself.
It's OK Bob..we get the picture..‹

All I can do is say
THANK YOU again Bob
I enjoy your costumes every year!

Contestant 55

This is Luke as GEICO Money.
 Entry sent in by Lukes Stepmom Brandy.
Brandy says the Costume was entirely Hand Made
and Music accompanied Lukes Trick 'r Treating

Thanks LOADS ($$$)
Brandy and Luke. ‹
Very Creative Costume.

Contestant 56
Mad Hatter

Here we have Curtis as,
 "Alice in Wonderlands", Mad Hatter!
Curtis, a Johnny Depp fan, said that
when he heard that the "Alice" movie was
being made..starring YOU KNOW WHO as
The Mad Hatter...He became INSPIRED!

I'LL say he DID! Curtis did the Jacket by Pattern
..But the rest was done by looking at pictures and
using his genuis imagination and  a few
....ummm...unusual objects
 (such as..BBQ Skewers for HatPins.?)
to mix and MATCH and come up with
a Costume that..even Johnny Depp...
 might die for!

YEOW! Great Job Curtis!
Thank you for the ENTRY!!! ‹

Contestants 57
Michael Jackson(s)

This is a pair of 2 yr. old boys, Casius and Braylon.
Their Costumes were designed in Memory of Michael Jackson.
I am told that the boys mimic some of the artists
Music Videos that they are familiar with and that  the
performance is awesome to see. ‹

The Costumes/Outfits were totally hand made
 with lots of fabric glue and glitter.

Thank you for the entries!
The boys are just adorable.‹

Contestant 58

Here Saloni as Mys
tique, from X Men

Saloni says it took "forever" to make this Costume. ‹
She personally dyed, glued, cut, and painted
 the Costume.
Then... she drew and painted all of the
detail on her face. Undoubtably a LOT of work.
BUT! what great results! ‹

Welcome to the world of
Sometimes it's more work than we would think! ‹

Thanks for the entry Saloni!
You DO look lovely!
 I DO, personally,
think it was worth your time.

Contestant 59
Where the Wild Things Are

These are, as Max, Vi...
and as Wild Thing, Carol, is Hoang.
For these costumes..the makers(also the above)
 wanted to keep a "timeless" look  so stuck as closely
as possible to the BOOKS Illistrations.

Amazingly enough, the materials for Carols Costume
consist of mostly, 1 laundry basket(Carols head frame),
foam(for her facial features) Colored Bath Towels,
Faux Fur and Vinyl from the local fabric store.

Once Costumed ..the party was ON! ‹

Thanks for the great Entry
Vi and Hoang.
Glad you got Photos!
Next time don't forget your Camera! ‹

Contestant 60
Emerald Ash
Borer Bug

The Emerald Ash Borer Bug
is an insect that has been infesting Ash Trees
in, and around the Twin Cities.
 To gauge the level of infestation..
..the city hung PURPLE  TRAPS in the Ash Trees.
Traps are similar to Fly Paper.

7 months old Brooks..
...is a Borer Bug caught on the side of the Trap..
....hanging in a very nice Ash Tree. ‹

Many Thanks to Brooks and Family
for the very interesting, educational
AND creative Costume. ‹

Contestant 61
Where the Wild Things Are

The creativity of everyone this year is just AWESOME! ‹
Here is a group fashioned after the Book, rather than the movie.
Helena/ Mom is Carol....Daughter Nyssa, 5 yrs. old, is Max..
..and The Bull is Hubby/Dad , Johnny.
Helena made these Costumes herself.
She used Acrylic Paint to get the great face coloring.

Aloha Helena!
Thanks for your entry.
Fantastic Costumes!

Contestant 62
Jon & Kate plus 8

Now here's an ORIGINAL idea sent in by Michelle.
For those of you who don't watch this reality TV  series.
It's about a couple (Jon & Kate ‹) and the wild times
that they have raising their 8  small children.

Oh my goodness..look at that POUT! ‹  
 A Perfect "Kate"!.

<>Thanks Michelle
Very Cool
 "Reality TV Celebrity" Costume Idea.

Contestant 63
Classic Lego Man

Here is a 7 ft tall( and as close to scale as possible)
Classic Lego Man as created by Mac.
 Mac says that he made the man mostly from
 cardboard, cut, bent, and taped in a variety of ways.
The arms and hands were made of cement forms
(hmmm..Good use for Cement forms. ‹) 

The head was quite a struggle. With some determination...
...Mac was able to sculpt layered styrofoam to achieve
 a rounded shape. Then he sanded and painted it.
The entire job took 6 cans of spray paint
and 2 bottles of Acrylic paint.
Mac sees through a small hole...
 covered with painted mesh....at the neck

Mac requires another person
to help him get into the Costume.

He is a BIG Lego Guy!

Thanks for your entry Mac!
He's pretty cool! ‹

Contestant 64
Walking Graveyard

I have seen similar, to this idea, as a "prop" for
 Halloween Decorations..But I'm sure that I've never seen it
as a COSTUME before!  ‹
This great and unusual Costume was sent in by Margaret,
who's 11 yr. old son, Parker, had an idea to  be a Skeleton for
 Halloween. Mom decided to go the extra mile and make
 Parker's  "Skeleton" something a bit more special ‹.
 One thing you cannot know by viewing the
 photo is the fact that the Costume wearer has levers
( of a sort) beneath the Graveyard that allows him to
move the feet up and down. ‹
(Another one for my "Homemade Costumes"
 section after the contest is over. ‹)

Many thanks Margaret & Parker
Wonderfully creative idea! 

Contestants 65
Penguin & Puffle

Here we have Hayley, age 7,(left) and Brooke, age 4(right)
They are a Penguin, and his pet, a Puffle..
..from Club Penguin, an on line interactive game by Disney.
These costumes are Homemade by Mom, Margaret.
(Also Mom to Parker..the contestant just above)
Margarets daughters wanted to be these characters
although they aren't known well enough to be for sale
in Costume Stores yet.
..So...Margaret being the wonderful Mom that she is..
put her mind to it and created some very cute
Costumes that her daughters were thrilled to wear!

Thank you Margaret..
and Thank you Hayley and Brooke.
You look Fantastic! 

Contestant 66
Frosty the Snowman

This is 3 yr. old Wyatt who wanted to be
 Frosty the Snowman for Halloween.
(not at all a bad idea since I'd think
 he could wear it for Christmas too! ‹)
Mom, Alicia, put this costume together using
various items from around the house and added
some spray on sparkles for the "snow" effect.
(which I think worked VERY well!) With the added
accessories, like the Hat, Broom, etc.
 Alicia says the whole affair cost less than $10.00.

Wow Alicia..REALLY cute!
Love the "Snow" sparkle!
Thank you Alicia and Wyatt..
for the "Cool" (pun intended‹) entry.

Contestants 67

This beautiful little Jack-o-Lantern is Jenna Jade.
 Miss Jenna has been coming to my contest since
 she was just a babe.

Jenna Jade is wearing a Jack-o-Lantern Costume
that her Mom, Stephanie, wore when SHE went
Trick-r-Treating as a child. The Costume was
Hand-Made by Jenna's Great Grandmother.
(Mom Stephanie's Grandmother)
(which I think is REALLY cool! ‹)

Thank you Stephanie
and Thank you Jenna Jade
You are just as beautiful as ever!

Contestant 68
Lil Jack-o-Lantern

This is Lexie, as a Lil Jack-o-Lantern.
This is her 1st year in my Costume Contest.
She is following in her sister's
(Jenna Jade, contestant above)
 footsteps as a cutie pie.

Thanks again Stephanie
and Thank you Lexie
The girls are lovely!

Contestant 69

This is a Mascot known as Bevo
of Texas Longhorn fame.
"Hook'em Horns #1" 
Brian is the name of the human inside of the Bull.

Brian's Uncle Freddy made the bull head
 out of Cardboard / Foam and is, indeed a great craftsman.
Brian says that his Uncle can make just about anything
anyone can think of.
We don't know who the little green monster is
but Bevo obviously drew her fond attention ‹

Thanks for the entry Brian
And Uncle Freddy you are a PRO
This Bevo Is GREAT !!!‹

Contestant 70
Barbie in her Box

This is Lisa, as Barbie,
 in her very impressive Box.
Barbies Box contains Accessories...
"Tiara for you" and Signature Hairbrush.

Lisa started with a Wardrobe Box she purchased.
This was bare Cardboard.
 All Artwork was done by Lisa.

(my humble opinion ‹)

Lisa made the Barbie Dress she is wearing.
 Then she donned a Blonde Wig and
 Blue Contact Lenses. She wore Toy Jewelry to
wrap up her look. Lisa says it took about a month
to complete thisproject..But we can agree..
...It WAS well worth the time.

Really REALLY nice job Lisa
Thanks for the entry!

Contestant 71

This is Ethan as Rocky.
Ethan's Mom, Amanda, says that Ethan's
 Grandmother made Rocky's Robe and Shorts
in a silk fabric.

"Rocky" Letters are ironed onto the back of the robe.
While Trick-r-Treating Rocky's theme song
"Flying High Now" could be heard.

Mom says, Ethan's Costume was much appreciated
 as he and family are from just outside of Philly..
..The same place that "Rocky" was from.
(in the story that is ‹)

Thank you Amanda and Ethan
Many thanks to Grandmother also,
for her supreme sewing skills ‹
You look Awesome Ethan!

Contestants 72
Michael Jackson

Taylor sent in this brilliant multi-staging of  Michael Jackson.
from left to right :
Taylor's wife, Natasha, in THRILLER
In the middle we have their 2 boys,
 Furthest left is Little Michael from the Jackson 5.
Then next to him, a cool Smooth Criminal
 in the very classy white suit.
Taylor, on the right, is doing the iconic Billy Jean.
Taylor lost 41 lbs to better portray, and stay true
 to Michael's memory.
 THAT was a" WOW!" from me!
Those who are able SHOULD watch this
 youtube Video of Taylor dancing
 Michael Jackson style to "Billy Jean".

Thank you Natasha and Taylor
Really really COOL!
Taylor you CAN dance! ‹

Contestant 73
50's Girl

This is Victoria as a 50's girl in her Bobby Socks
and her Pink Poodle Skirt. I am told by Mom, Sheri,
 that Victoria even chewed the Pink Bubble Gum
 which was ALL the RAGE during the 50's.

Thanks for the entry Sheri!
Victoria you are the COOLEST! ‹

Contestant 74
Hockey Referee

This is Nolan, with some comic relief, as a
Blind Hockey Referee. Nolan, a Hockey player
himself, may have some experience with referees
making bad calls, (as we all know they tend to DO
when the call is against OUR team! ‹) leaving fans
to believe that the ref  "Must be blind!".
 I figure THAT must be the key to
Nolan's Costume. ‹

Sent in by Nolan's Mom, Sheri.
Thank you Sheri and Nolan!
Great idea!

Contestant 75

Here we have Landon as a little Leprechaun.
Landon's Mom, Sheri, created this costume
completely from items found at her local thrift
 store. The clothes were actually a wool jacket and
dress set. Sheri put needle and thread to the skirt
to create knicker pants to fit Landon.

A darling lil Leprechaun he is!
Thanks for, yet another great entry.‹

Contestant 76
Free Puppies

"I want THAT one!
The one in the back with the SWEETEST of faces!"
This is Mei Lin as a FREE PUPPY!
The costume was obviously not the hardest one to make...
BUT!!! how do people come up with the IDEA
for something like this! It's an AWESOME idea!
 Mei Lin is just adorable in her lil Doggie Costume.
But I happen to know a Mommy who wouldn't give
 her away for FREE or even for a million BUCKS. ‹
Her name is Sheri and she is Mom
to the last 4 contestants above. ‹

Thank you again Sheri
My thanks to you and the rest
of your family for joining me again this year. ‹

Remember, You can send me your
 Halloween Costumes until
 Nov. 20th, 2009.
It may not look like it to you
 but I have LOTS of room for more!

If you have sent me an entry
and it's not been posted as yet..
..Please resend it.
  I must not have
recieved it.