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Historical Costumes

This is the photo gallery of homemade historical costumes, entered our Halloween costume contest over the years since 2006.

We'd love to see your creative home made costumes in our gallery! Submit your Halloween costume photo, and enter our 2015 Halloween costume contest!

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Knight in Shining Armor Homemade CostumeKnight in Shining Armor

DIY Viking CostumeViking

Roman Centurion Guard CostumeRoman Centurion Guard

Knights of the Round Table Homemade CostumeKnights of the Round Table

Vikings Homemade CostumeVikings

King Arthur and Merlin Homemade CostumeKing Arthur and Merlin

Medieval Knight Homemade CostumeMedieval Knight

Marie Antoinette Homemade CostumeMarie Antoinette

The Viking King Homemade CostumeThe Viking King

Mech Samurai Warrior CostumeMech Samurai Warrior

Toddler George Washington CostumeToddler George Washington

Marie Antoinette CostumeMarie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette, her Executioner, and Louis XVI CostumeMarie Antoinette, Executioner, and Louis XVI

The Knight Homemade CostumeThe Knight

Florentine Gown Homemade CostumeFlorentine Gown


Two Citizens of Ancient Rome Homemade CostumeTwo Citizens of Ancient Rome

The Egyptians Homemade CostumeEgyptians

Black Knight Homemade CostumeBlack Knight

Happily Ever After Homemade CostumeHappily Ever After

Cleopatra Homemade CostumeCleopatra

Knight of the Round Table Homemade CostumeKnight of the Round Table

Marie Antoinette & the Executioner Couple CostumeMarie Antoinette & the Executioner

William Wallace & Murron Halloween CostumesWilliam Wallace & Murron

Homemade Spartan CostumeSpartan

Eastern Warrior CostumeEastern Warrior

Cleopatra CostumeCleopatra

Cleopatra CostumeCleopatra

Viking CostumeViking

Cleopatra CostumeCleopatra

Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume for GirlsMarie Antoinette

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