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35 Creative Halloween Costumes from Cardboard Boxes

Open your own Pandora's box this Halloween with a truly endless amount of box-inspired costume options! By thinking 'outside of the box', you can create a truly unique and impressive homemade costume. While some of you are likely moaning and groaning (no offense, zombies!) at the thought of sewing and elaborate crafting, there is no need – these creative costumes from cardboard boxes are devilishly deceptive in their hard-to-create appearances! That's right – each and every Halloween lover can create their own impressive costume with a cardboard box and common materials, and we're about to let the cat of the bag (or box!) on how to make your own!

Fishtank CostumeFishtank
Sent in by Kimberly to our 2013 costume contest.

Glub, glub! This frantically-fishy costume is truly entertaining and easy to make! A couple cardboard boxes covered with contact paper simulate wood beautifully. Saran wrap is the perfect makeshift glass, and most households have some old fish supplies lying around. A fun swim cap adds some personality to the 'fish' in the tank! This 'deep'-ly inspired costume is sure to be talked about in fish bowls across the nation!

Homemade Human Stapler CostumeHuman Stapler
Sent in by Tatum to our 2012 costume contest.

Putting a new spin on stapling TPS reports, this elaborate-looking costume is sure to be the staple that holds your Halloween night together! While it looks a lot more complex, this costume is simply two long cardboard boxes painted red and bolted together. This is a truly terror-rific use of boxes in a creative costume everyone is sure to love!

DIY Vending Machine CostumeVending Machine
Sent in by Lauren to our 2012 costume contest.

If you're craving some brains snacks this Halloween, try this vending machine costume on for size! A small box inside a large box is all that is involved in making this deviously-delicious costume! Plexiglass, saran wrap, or other clear material can be used as the front panel to give the world a glimpse at your Halloween treats! Best of all, you can break yourself open and eat the snacks when the night is over!

Homemade Crayolas CostumeCrayolas
Sent in by April to our 2012 costume contest.

Looking for a colorful experience this Halloween? This crayon costume is criminally colorful and unbelievably easy to craft! A cardboard box and some labels printed on a large printer create the outside in a few simple steps. Pool noodles are cheap and make the perfect crayons. We're sure running for our coloring books after seeing this ingenious ensemble!

Chocolate Milk CostumeChocolate Milk
Sent in by Tajanna to our 2012 costume contest.

Chocolate is a Halloween treat enjoyed by millions, but why just taste the chocolate when you can BE the chocolate!? That's what this young girl was thinking when she decided to dress as delicious chocolate milk! This costume is nothing more than a large box covered with fabric and painted on words. This one will definitely leave your fellow trick-or-treaters drooling and wishing for a sip!

No need to box yourself in this Halloween – these costumes let you express yourself with little effort and money! Just look at all the ways our wonderful Halloween-loving visitors have used boxes to deliver Halloween fun for all who see them! Box yourself up as a doll, carry delicious treats or spooky mail, or recreate a boxy version of your favorite character! Just like when you were little and boxes could be whatever your imagination made them into, you can capture that magic again and become anything you want!


Creative DIY Costumes from Cardboard Boxes

(Click on the images below for detail on each costume)

Vending Machine Homemade CostumeThe Vending Machine

Rubik's Cube DIY CostumeRubik's Cube

Adventure Time BMO DIY CostumeAdventure Time BMO

Homemade Haunted House CostumeHaunted House

WALL-E costume for boysWALL-E

DIY AWESOM-O & Professor Chaos CostumesAWESOM-O & Professor Chaos

Homemade iPad Costume for KidsiPad

Steve from Minecraft CostumeSteve from Minecraft

Party Rock Anthem Shuffle Bot CostumeParty Rock Anthem Shuffle Bot

Claw Machine DIY CostumeClaw Machine

Choo Choo Train CostumeChoo Choo Train

Jack in the Box CostumeJack in the Box

Refrigerator CostumeRefrigerator

Creeper CostumeCreeper

Whac-a-Me CostumeWhac-a-Me

Homemade Mail costumeMail

Hickory Dickory Dock Clock CostumeHickory Dickory Dock

Barbie in a Box Costume IdeasBarbie in a Box

Gingerbread House CostumeGingerbread House

Bubblegum Machine CostumeBubblegum Machine

Homemade Dice CostumesPair of Dice

Fire Engine Costume for BoysFire Engine

The Blue Lego CostumeThe Blue Lego

DIY Popcorn CostumePopcorn

Christmas Present Homemade Halloween CostumeHalloween Present

Doctor Who in the Tardis CostumeDoctor Who in the TARDIS

Homemade Grocery Bag CostumePiggly Wiggly Grocery Bag

Homemade Wishy Washers costumeWishy Washers

Two Nerds Homemade CostumeTwo Nerds

Homemade Red Box CostumeRed Box

* * *

This Halloween, add some of these gallery photos to your idea box and see what you can come up with. If nothing else, it's a great way to recycle some of those old boxes we all have cluttering our garages!

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