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Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes for CouplesCostumes for couples are a fun way to invite a great time for Halloween! Couples' costumes are often outrageous, funny, and very creative. Just as the costumes you see below, costumes for couples' really have no limits and can be as far out there as you would like. Especially if you have a completely unique costume idea for you and your special someone, the idea you have in mind is often not available in Halloween superstores, so many resort to creating their own original costumes from scratch! Homemade costumes are even popular among couples dressing up as a duo.

Homemade Couples CostumesWhether you and your loved one are entering a couples' costume contest or just going out to celebrate Halloween night, costumes for couples are a great way to have an enjoyable time together. Couples' costumes are often a favorite among people every year, as it's super fun to coordinate and especially if you are hand making them! All of the costumes you see below are contest entries from our online Halloween costume contest. These are all homemade and totally creative!

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Most Interesting Man and Dos Equis Bottle Homemade CostumeMost Interesting Man and Dos Equis Bottle

Adam and Barbara Maitland Homemade CostumeAdam and Barbara Maitland

Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan Homemade CostumeForrest Gump and Lt. Dan

Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein Homemade CostumeMr. and Mrs. Frankenstein

Witch Doctor and Voodoo Doll Homemade CostumeWitch Doctor and Voodoo Doll

Captain Lego and Lego Bikini Homemade CostumeCaptain Lego and Lego Bikini

Jessica and Roger Rabbit Homemade CostumeJessica and Roger Rabbit

The Wind and The Rain Homemade CostumeThe Wind and The Rain

Maleficent and Hades Homemade CostumesMaleficent and Hades

Bowser and Shredder Homemade CostumesBowser and Shredder

Raph & Mikey Homemade CostumeRaph & Mikey

Fish and Fisherman Homemade CostumeFish and Fisherman

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Homemade CostumesMinnie and Mickey Mouse

Headless Couple Homemade CostumeHeadless Couple

Connie and Beldar Coneheads Homemade CostumeConnie and Beldar Coneheads

Beer & Pretzels Homemade CostumeBeer & Pretzels

Baby Groot and Rocket Homemade CostumeBaby Groot and Rocket

Psychedelic Alice & Mad Hatter Homemade CostumePsychedelic Alice & Mad Hatter

Donald and Daisy Duck Couples Homemade CostumeDonald and Daisy Duck

Jack and Sally Couples Homemade CostumeJack and Sally

The Labyrinth Couple Homemade CostumeThe Labyrinth

Thing 1 Thing 2 Homemade CostumeThing 1 Thing 2

Ace Ventura and Snowflake the Dolphin Homemade CostumeAce Ventura and Snowflake the Dolphin

Poison Ivy and Joker Homemade CostumePoison Ivy and Joker

Firefighter and her Flame Homemade CostumeFirefighter and her Flame

Mail Order Bride and Postal Worker Homemade CostumeMail Order Bride and Postal Worker

Mr. Clean and his Maid Homemade CostumeMr. Clean and his Maid

Bombshell Harley Quinn and Fighter Pilot Joker Homemade CostumeBombshell Harley Quinn and Fighter Pilot Joker

Mad Hatters Couple Homemade CostumeMad Hatters

Joker and Harley Quinn Couple Homemade CostumeJoker and Harley Quinn

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