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Homemade Costumes for Groups

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Homemade Costumes for Groups

It's always more fun to go for the fun and outrageous costumes when you aren't alone in it! Costumes for groups are an exciting way to attend any Halloween festivity, and often includes up to 10 people. The more people involved the more fun!

It is usually difficult to find costumes your group wants to dress up as at Halloween stores, as there's many involved, so groups might prefer to create the unique costumes themselves and put them all together for a unique and interesting Halloween approach.

Costumes for groups are really great ideas for a close bunch of friends who want to enjoy Halloween night together. Whether you're displaying a famous group of people or have come up with a unique clash of costumes, many prefer preparing a costume to wear to join in with a group of people. If you're looking for costume inspiration for your group, check out the costumes for groups below, as these are all homemade and are contest entries from our annual Halloween costume contest.

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The Golden Girls Group CostumeThe Golden Girls

The Breakfast Club Group CostumeThe Breakfast Club

Gru and his Minions Group CostumeGru and his Minions

Haunted House Homemade CostumeHaunted House

Natives Group CostumeNatives

Orange Is the New Black Group CostumeOrange Is the New Black

Green Army Men Group CostumeGreen Army Men

Superheros and Villians Group CostumeSuperheros and Villians

Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters & Billy CostumesHocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters & Billy

Leroy the Angel Pig CostumeLeroy the Angel Pig

Homemade Minion CostumesMinion Invasion

Hocus Pocus Witches CostumeWitches from Hocus Pocus

Group Rollercoaster Homemade CostumeGroup Rollercoaster

Kiss Group CostumeKiss

Great Presidents Group CostumeGreat Presidents

Four Seasons Group CostumeFour Seasons

Group Wizard of Oz Homemade CostumeGroup Wizard of Oz

Egyptians Group CostumeEgyptians

Fruit Salad Group CostumeFruit Salad

Power Ragers Group CostumePower Rangers

Village Mermaids Group CostumeVillage Mermaids

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Group CostumeThe Rocky Horror Picture Show

Buffalo Wild Wings Group CostumeBuffalo Wild Wings

Monopoly Group CostumeMonopoly Group

Sailor Moon and Sailor Scouts Group CostumeSailor Moon and Sailor Scouts

Disney Zombie Group CostumeDisney Zombie

The Cast of Annie Group CostumeThe Cast of Annie

Cute Candyland CostumeCute Candyland

The Sanderson Sisters Group CostumeThe Sanderson Sisters

Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy and Harlequin CostumeWonder Woman, Poison Ivy and Harlequin

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