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Homemade Costumes for Groups

Homemade Costumes for Groups

It's always more fun to go for the fun and outrageous costumes when you aren't alone in it! Costumes for groups are an exciting way to attend any Halloween festivity, and often includes up to 10 people. The more people involved the more fun!

It is usually difficult to find costumes your group wants to dress up as at Halloween stores, as there's many involved, so groups might prefer to create the unique costumes themselves and put them all together for a unique and interesting Halloween approach.

Group costume ideas are really great for a close bunch of friends who want to enjoy Halloween night together. Whether you're displaying a famous group of people or have come up with a unique clash of costumes, many prefer preparing a costume to wear to join in with a group of people. If you're looking for costume inspiration for your group, check out the costumes for groups below, as these are all homemade and are contest entries from our annual Halloween costume contest.

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Sexy Ninjas Homemade CostumeNinjas

Sanderson Sisters Homemade CostumeSanderson Sisters

We Dare You Kids Homemade CostumeWe Dare You

Pokemon Safari Zone Park Rangers Homemade CostumePokemon Safari Zone Park Rangers

American Horror Story Homemade CostumeAmerican Horror Story

Big Bang Theory Homemade CostumeBig Bang Theory

Batman and his Villains Homemade CostumeBatman and his Villains

Green Army Men Homemade CostumeGreen Army Men

SpongeBob Characters Homemade CostumeSpongeBob Characters

Jake, Flo and Mayhem Homemade CostumeJake, Flo and Mayhem

Snapchat Filters Group Homemade CostumeSnapchat Filters

S'mores Kids Homemade CostumeS'mores

Wheel of Fortune Kids Homemade CostumeWheel of Fortune

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Girls Homemade CostumeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

LEGO Group CostumeLEGO Minifigures

Duct Tape Transformers Homemade CostumeDuct Tape Transformers

The Voice Homemade CostumeThe Voice

Sour Patch Kids Homemade CostumeSour Patch Kids

Trolls Group Homemade CostumeTrolls

Zombie Wizard of Oz Homemade CostumeZombie Wizard of Oz

Harlem Globetrotters Group CostumeHarlem Globetrotter Wanna B's

Justice League Group CostumeJustice League

Cowgirls Group Homemade CostumeCowgirls

Alice in Wonderland Group Homemade CostumeAlice in Wonderland

Star Wars Star Fighters Homemade CostumeStar Wars Star Fighters

Minions: Stuart, Kevin & Bob Homemade CostumeMinions: Stuart, Kevin & Bob

Pokemon Characters Homemade CostumePokemon Characters

Disney Characters Homemade CostumeDisney Characters

Wizard of Oz Homemade CostumeWizard of Oz

Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Homemade CostumeDr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem

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