2014 Halloween Costume Contest!
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Mama Bird sitting on Egg Costume
by Jessica
2013 Halloween Costume Contest
Despicable Me Family Costume
by Annie
2013 Halloween Costume Contest
Minions Costume
by Amy
2013 Halloween Costume Contest
Baby Freddy Krueger Costume
by Tracy
2013 Halloween Costume Contest
Adventure Time BMO Costume
by Matt
2013 Halloween Costume Contest
Mr T Doggie Dog Costume
by Peggy
2013 Halloween Costume Contest

Submit Your Costume Photo

You can submit up to 10 photos with each your contest entry. If your costume is homemade, please describe how you created your costume, what materials did you use and its cost. Please also include some instructions and tips that you would like to share!
Click here to view details on 2014 Contest nominations and prizes.
(Since the 2014 contest is over as of 11/20/2014 6:00 PM EST, your costume will be entered our 2015 Halloween Costume Contest!)

Submission Guidelines

  • Make sure the photos you submit to us are of a good quality and are large enough. (at least 640px in width)
  • Please send your original photos! We will not publish photos with copyright sign, website address and other wording. (if you like to include your website/blog/facebook address - please use the corresponding field in the form below)
  • Please provide as much information about your costume as you can! (the source of your costume idea, how did you make your costume, what materials did you use, overall cost...)
  • If you're sending photos of more than one costume (you're welcome to do so!), please submit them as separate entries, not all in one.
    Exceptions to the rule are: matching couples costumes, themed family costumes and group costumes.

Your Email address and Last Name will NOT be displayed on our website. We will use your email only to contact you if your costume is among our contest winners. You may also subscribe to receive email notifications whenever a new comment is posted to your costume.

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