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30 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

More and more parents are looking for new and different ideas for Halloween costumes. They want a costume for their child or children that it outside of the norm, something different and creative that will have people saying "Wow! Why didn't I think of that?". Our costume contributors for this category have done just that! They come up with some very creative and inexpensive costume ideas, each one having that "Wow!" factor!

Rock Paper Scissors costumesRock, Paper, Scissors
Sent in by Miriam to our 2011 costume contest.

Remember playing "Rock Paper Scissors" as a kid? The creator of this unique costume set sure did! Doing a group set of costumes is really a great idea, and gives a broader span of choices. Just remember the rules... Rock smashes scissors, scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock...

Washing Machine and Laundry Basket Homemade Costumes for KidsDirty Laundry
Sent in by Samantha to our 2012 costume contest.

Never mind the old saying of "don't air your dirty laundry in public." This contributor's submission of "Dirty Laundry" costume sure didn't stick to the status quo! How much fun would it be for a kid to wear underwear on their head in public AND get away with it?

Hot Air Balloon CostumeHot Air Balloon
Sent in by Lyndsey to our 2011 costume contest.

The sky is the limit when it comes to costume ideas! This contributor's submission of Hot Air Balloon costume was simply created with a few bags of balloons, and old wicker basket, and some imagination!


30 Creative DIY Costume Ideas for Kids

(Click on the images below for detail on each costume)

Homemade Lego Skeleton CostumeLego Skeleton Boy

Plants vs. Zombies CostumesPlants vs. Zombies

Homemade PB&J CostumesPeanut Butter & Jelly

Saguaro Cactus CostumeSaguaro Cactus

Artist and his Masterpiece CostumeArtist and his Masterpiece

Angry Birds CostumesAngry Birds Iowa Style

DIY Alice in Wonderland Character CostumesMad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat

Hot Air Balloon CostumeHot Air Balloon

Homemade Grocery Bag CostumePiggly Wiggly Grocery Bag

Dragonfly CostumeDragonfly

Hunter Captured by Gorilla CostumeHunter Captured by Gorilla

Rock Paper Scissors costumesRock, Paper, Scissors

Wheel of Fortune! CostumeWheel of Fortune!

DIY Haunted House CostumeHaunted House

Homemade Medusa Gorgon CostumeMedusa

Homemade Grinch CostumeThe Grinch

Homemade Mickey & Minnie CostumesMickey & Minnie Train Set

Bad Dog and Police Officers CostumesPolice Officers and Bad Dog

Sushi CostumeSushi

Homemade Three Blind Mice CostumeThree Blind Mice

Haunted Homework Homemade CostumeHaunted Homework

Washing Machine and Laundry Basket Homemade Costumes for KidsDirty Laundry

Bubble Gum on the Bottom of a Shoe CostumeBubble Gum on the Bottom of a Shoe

Homemade Kidnapped CostumeKidnapped Girl

DIY Lego Men CostumesLego Men

Chameleon CostumeChameleon

Whac-a-Me CostumeWhac-a-Me

Pizza and Spaghetti Costumes for BoysPizza and Spaghetti Boys

Homemade Crayolas CostumeCrayolas

Homemade Pinocchio costumePinocchio and Gepetto

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