2017 Halloween Costume Contest
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Random Entries:
Rey from Star Wars Costume
by Stacy
Predator Costume
by Eric
Purple Minion Costume
by Roberta
Cosmo Kramer Costume
by Rives
Holy Ark Costume
by Ami

Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest

Welcome to our online Halloween Costume Contest!

Submit your Halloween costume photo (one or more!) along with a brief description, to share your creative ideas with thousands of people visiting our website everyday and for a chance to WIN Money Prize$25, $50, $100 or $300!


2017 Costume Contest Winners

2017 Halloween costume contest winners


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2017 Halloween Contest Nominations and Prizes


Most Creative Costume:
Only homemade costumes in this nomination! Please include a brief description on how you created your costume, what materials did you use, and where the idea of this costume came from.

  • 1st place = $300
  • 2nd place = $100
  • 3rd place = $50

Coolest Adult Costume:
In this nomination you can post photos of your store-bought costumes, as well as homemade costumes. Anything goes, as long as it's G-rated!

  • 1st place = $100
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $25

Best Couple Costume:
This year we have category for couples' costumes! Send us your best Halloween photos of you and your special one.

  • 1st place = $100
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $25

Best Family Costume:
This category if for family costumes. Submit your favorite family photos from past years Halloween.

  • 1st place = $100
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $25

Best Group Costume:
This category is for groups of 3 and more of any age, in matching Halloween costumes - costumes that go together.

  • 1st place = $100
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $25

Cutest Baby Costume (age 0-2):
Costumes for babies goes in this category, whether its baby's first Halloween or second.

  • 1st place = $100
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $25

Best Children's Costume (age 3+):
Send photos of your beautiful children in Halloween costumes... all ready for trick-and-treat!

  • 1st place = $100
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $25

Best Pet Costume:
And of course we have a category for your cute pets in costumes... Dogs, cats, and other creatures goes here.

  • 1st place = $100
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $25

You can send up to 10 photos with each your contest entry. Please include the name of the costume wearer and/or the name of the person sending in the entry along with the relationship to the costume wearer (Mom, Grandma, Friend, etc.) If your costumes are homemade, please describe how you created your costume, what materials did you use and its cost... please also include some instructions and tips that you would like to share with us.

2017 Contest is Over!

Entries will be accepted through November 20th (to give everyone plenty of time to get their pictures developed and/or "ready to be viewed") ..after which time... JUDGING will be done. Once your costume is posted here (you will be notified by email), feel free to send a link to your friends. As soon as decision is made we will post winners right here. None of the judges, nor their children, will be allowed to enter the contest... for obvious reasons.

Prize Monies will be delivered out by PayPal, by the end of November.

Year 2017 Contestants are:

The Dragon from Harry Potter CostumeThe Dragon from Harry Potter

The Game of Thrones CostumeThe Game of Thrones

The Looney Tunes CostumeThe Looney Tunes

Mini Jon Snow CostumeMini Jon Snow

Boo from Monsters Inc. CostumeBoo from Monsters Inc.

Gene Simmons CostumeGene Simmons

Teen Wolf 1985 CostumeTeen Wolf 1985

Chef and Lobster CostumeChef and Lobster

Yemaya - Goddess of the Sea CostumeYemaya - Goddess of the Sea

Paris Snow Globe CostumeParis Snow Globe

Middle Earth Family CostumeMiddle Earth Family

Storm Cloud CostumeStorm Cloud

Mermaid in Aquarium CostumeMermaid in Aquarium

Jellyfish CostumeJellyfish

Sushi CostumeSushi

A Fortune Teller and her Crystal Ball CostumeA Fortune Teller and her Crystal Ball

Baby Spartan CostumeBaby Spartan

Edie the Owl CostumeEdie the Owl

Optimus Prime Transforming Truck CostumeOptimus Prime Transforming Truck

Bendy CostumeBendy

Baby Ursula CostumeBaby Ursula

Luminous Jellyfish CostumeLuminous Jellyfish

Pennywise Baby CostumePennywise

Road Kill CostumeRoad Kill

Baby Moana CostumeBaby Moana

Baby Maui CostumeBaby Maui

Boy with a Jet Pack CostumeBoy with a Jet Pack

The Vending Machine and the Claw Machine CostumeThe Vending Machine and the Claw Machine

Freddy Krueger CostumeFreddy Krueger

Maverick Top Gun Pilot CostumeMaverick Top Gun Pilot