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Homemade Costumes for Families

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Homemade Costumes for Families

Halloween is a festive holiday meant for the whole family to enjoy, so it's no surprise costumes for families are equally enjoyable! Costumes for families can include whoever you like and a combination of funny and entertaining characters, celebrities, or more. Perhaps your family is hosting a Halloween party; coordinating and creative costumes for the whole family can be a great way to bond together as well as entertain your guests.

Whether your family dresses up as a famous family, character family from a movie or TV show, or depicts frightful appearances, there's a variety of fun options when it comes to costumes for more than 1! As you can see below, these families have displayed vibrant and unique costumes providing each member with a fun and exciting way to celebrate Halloween. All of the costumes for families below are homemade, completely original, and contest entries from our annual Halloween costume contest.

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Bubble Bath Family Homemade CostumeBubble Bath Family

Broken Dolls Homemade CostumesBroken Dolls

Smore's Family Homemade CostumeSmore's Family

Story of Little Red Riding Hood Family CostumeStory of Little Red Riding Hood

Back-to-School Family CostumeBack-to-School

Shark Attack Family CostumeShark Attack

Ninja Turtles Homemade CostumeNinja Turtles

Crash Test Dummies Family CostumeCrash Test Dummies

Violet and Oompa Loompa CostumeCharlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Wizard of Oz Family CostumeThe Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz Family CostumeThe Wizard of Oz

Scary Zombie Family CostumeScary Zombie Family

The Simpsons Family CostumeThe Simpsons

Alice in Zombieland Family CostumeAlice in Zombieland

Pac-Man Family Homemade CostumePac-Man Family

Wizard of Oz Family Homemade CostumeWizard of Oz Family

Alice in Wonderland Family CostumeAlice in Wonderland

Zombie Family Homemade CostumeZombie Family

Minecraft Family CostumeMinecraft

The Fairly Oddparents Family CostumeThe Fairly Oddparents

Cheech and Chong Homemade CostumesCheech and Chong

Masterpiece Family CostumeMasterpiece

Gone Fishing Family CostumeGone Fishing

Despicable Me Family Homemade CostumeDespicable Me Family

Minecraft Family Homemade CostumeMinecraft Family

Two Pirates and a Parrot Family CostumeTwo Pirates and a Parrot

Cat in the Hat and Thing 1  and Thing 2 CostumeCat in the Hat and Thing 1&2

Sensei Wu and the Golden Ninja Homemade CostumesSensei Wu and the Golden Ninja

Super Mario Family CostumeSuper Mario Family

The Addams Family Homemade CostumeThe Addams Family

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