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Wheelchair Costumes

Homemade Wheelchair CostumesAnyone who uses a wheelchair, or anyone who knows someone that uses a wheelchair, knows just how difficult and challenging it can be to put together a unique and functional Halloween costume. A Halloween costume that is tailor fitted for a wheelchair needs to be able to function and also impress. With that said, a wheelchair Halloween costume also presents a perfect way to create a "one of kind" costume that leaves a lasting impression with both the person wearing it and also everyone who sees it!

Whether you are putting together a Halloween costume for a child or an adult you have an amazing opportunity to create an award winning, original Halloween costume treasure that will have everyone talking and the person wearing the costume blushing with pride! A wheelchair Halloween costume can instantly stand out in a crowd and the sky's the limit on the ideas. The fun thing with these costumes is that you can go far beyond typical fairies, monsters, zombies and super heroes. Everyone trick or treating will be jealous when they see Batman gliding through the streets and sidewalks while riding the Batmobile or Cinderella arriving to the Halloween party on her Enchanted Carriage!

DIY Wheelchair Halloween CostumesThe most difficult part of a costume being used for a wheelchair is that you simply can't order a "cookie cutter" princess or movie character costume on-line or from your local store. With a resource like Costume Works, you'll see that not only have there been some amazing costumes created by some very imaginative people but wheelchair Halloween costumes can be fun, unique and functional. There really are no limitations on what can be created for a wheelchair – a "spy plane" being flown by a secret agent, a forest princess riding her horse or a farmer driving his tractor. Simply put, a costume being designed and developed for a wheelchair has no limits! Add in accessories, wigs, masks and anything else you can think of to design and construct your Halloween costume for one of most exciting times of the year.

The wheelchair Halloween costume examples below show just how special these types of costumes can be. Each of these custom and original costumes made a memorable Halloween for everyone who helped make them, the people that wore them and everyone who was lucky enough to see them in person. Get started today on your unique and distinctive costume and share the pictures and stories with us!

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Lucas the Spider Homemade CostumeLucas the Spider

Ice Cream Man Homemade CostumeIce Cream Man

Groot rolls by Homemade CostumeGroot rolls by

BeetleJuice Homemade CostumeBeetleJuice

Batman and The Batmobile Homemade CostumeBatman and The Batmobile

Maverick Top Gun Pilot Homemade CostumeMaverick Top Gun Pilot

Optimus Dre Homemade CostumeOptimus Dre

Witch from Room on the Broom Homemade CostumeWitch from Room on the Broom

Jam Master Jax Homemade CostumeJam Master Jax

Future President 2047 Homemade CostumeFuture President 2047

Rylee The Astronaut Homemade CostumeRylee The Astronaut

The Electric Chair Homemade CostumeThe Electric Chair

Fish Burial at Sea Homemade CostumeFish Burial at Sea

Ghostbusters Homemade CostumeGhostbusters

Superman Homemade CostumeSuperman

Mario Kart Homemade CostumeMario Kart

Dillon's F-35 Homemade CostumeDillon's F-35

Mario Kart Homemade CostumeMario Kart

Blackhawks Zamboni Homemade CostumeBlackhawks Zamboni

Humpty Dumpty and The Kong's Horses Homemade CostumeHumpty Dumpty and The Kong's Horses

Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari F1 Car Homemade CostumeSebastian Vettel in his Ferrari F1 Car

UFO for over wheelchair Homemade CostumeUFO for over wheelchair

Hot Air Balloon Homemade CostumeHot Air Balloon

The Eleventh Doctor Homemade CostumeThe Eleventh Doctor

Tony the Tiger Homemade CostumeTony the Tiger

Cinderella Homemade CostumeCinderella

Maci & her Great Balloon Homemade CostumeMaci & her Great Balloon

Wheel of Fortune Homemade CostumeWheel of Fortune

Glamorous Mermaid Homemade CostumeGlamorous Mermaid

Snoopy Flyer Homemade CostumeSnoopy Flyer

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