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Halloween Costumes For Couples Ideas

Article by: Coletta Daniel

Whether Married for 30 years, or in a new-found relationship... daily routines and even the simplest stresses of life can make surviving as a couple a very difficult thing at times. HOWEVER! Help is on the way! Halloween is rapidly approaching and it is time to throw your cares and worries OUT the window and slip into the skins (or clothing) of your favorite Duo! "FUN", as a couple, can go a long way in keeping the romance kindled in your hearts.

Daisy and Bee Costume for couples

Daisy & Bee Costume
awesome couple costume from our
2011 Halloween Costumes Contest

Before I start telling you of the best Couples Costumes let me just say that we can likely, VERY likely, find ready-made Couples Costumes at most any of the on line Costume Stores. BUT! Some of the most creative costumes are the ones made by us at home..with our own personal touches. We often may need to purchase a few Costume Accessories to go WITH a Homemade Costume, such as, Cleopatra's Headdress which might be REALLY hard to make although her clothing may be very easily draped and sewn. Whether you decide to CREATE your Costume, or Purchase it..the point to it ALL is..."FUN".

These great couples costumes are from our annual online Halloween costume contest:

Girls Gone Wild CostumeGirls Gone Wild Costume

Pink Nightmare from A Christmas Story Costumes for CouplesLeg Lamp & Pink Nightmare Costumes

Mr Fox and Mrs Fox CostumeMr Fox and Mrs Fox Costumes

Homemade Simpsons CostumesHomer and Marge Simpson Costumes

Homemade Halloween costume for couple - FlamingosFlamingos Costumes

Castaway Couple CostumeCastaway Couple Costume

Mr. Cupcake & Cook Chef CostumeMr. Cupcake & Cook Chief Costumes

Dancing with the Stars Winners CostumeDancing with the Stars Winners! Costume

Galaxy Girl and Galaxy Guy CostumeGalaxy Girl and Galaxy Guy Costumes

Two Nerds CostumeTwo Nerds Costumes

Love at First Insurance DealLove at First Insurance Deal Costume

Frankenstein and his Bride homemade Halloween costumeFrankenstein & Bride of Frakenstein Costumes

"Pretend" isn't only for children. You and your other-half may want to step into costumes of your Favorite Romantic couple.... then let the "romance" flow Ü. How could THAT not be good for your love-life?

There are many famous, what could be called "Romantic" Couples Costumes to choose from: How about...

  • I suppose we should start with a Cleopatra Costume and her Marc Anthony Costume. If that wasn't LOVE I don't know what was.
  • Popeye Costume and Olive Oyl Costume... Popeye, with his signature muscular forearms and his corncob pipe, and Olive Oyl with her signature red blouse, straight black skirt, LARGE shoes, and hair in a tidy neck bun.
  • King Kong Costume and Fay Wray Costume . I've seen this Costume set as the man, of course as a Gorilla...and the Woman is a blonde with a large gorilla hand wrapped around her waist, (Costume called "Unhand me you Beast"). Store-bought or Homemade, I think this is a cool and romantic duo.
  • Shrek Costume and Princess Fiona Costume.
  • Cinderella Costume and Prince Costume OR Frog Prince Costume.
  • Aladdin Costume and Jasmine Costume.
  • Tarzan and Jane Costumes.
  • Quasimodo and Esmeralda Costumes...The Hunchback and the Lovely Gypsy.
  • Minnie Mouse Costume and Micky Mouse Costume (well....I think they are in love don't you?? Ü)
  • Then of course there's Donald and Daisy Duck Ü.
  • Sonny and Cher Costumes were known as "in love", flower-power, singers. Sonny had his page-boy, longish sandy colored, hair-do and a hippie style vest. Cher was a beauty in her long black hair and big hoop earings.
  • Frankenstein Costume and The Bride of Frankenstein Costume.
  • Marge and Homer Simpson Costumes~ Think...yellow skin.
  • Roger Rabbit and Jessica Costumes.
  • Lucy Costume and Ricky Costume.
  • Ken and Barbie Costumes.
  • Matrix, Neo Costume and Trinity Costume.
  • Bonny and Clyde Costumes.
  • Marie Antoinette Costume and Louis XV Costume.
  • Batman Costume and Catwoman Costume. Didn't they have a THING at some point? Ü

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Costumes

Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein
costume from our 2011 Halloween Costumes Contest

Oh my goodness..I can't forget the MOST romantic couple EVER! Adam and Eve Costume. Ü I have seen this costume in the online stores or it could be homemade if you found the right materials. Basically you need a skin colored (light tan) body suit each..some leaves..and some glue. There are MANY MANY costumes for couples that I want to mention so I suppose I won't be able to describe each one. I'm sure though, that once you get the idea..You will know JUST what to do as far as Purchase vs. Make. An idea that works for couples also is to go as the male and female version of the same thing/persona. Some ideas here are:

  • Vampire Costume and Vampiress Costume (or ONE could be a Vampire and one could be the person "bitten"..with a little help from "Vampire Bite" Make-up found in Online Costume stores..(or ..your OWN make-up job could likely accomplish the same result, or close to it Ü).
  • Pirate Costumes, male and female... Or a Pirate Costume and a Wench Costume
  • Ghostly Gentleman Costume and Ghostly Lady Costume. Both with white make-up, white, tattered clothing.
  • Your basic..Caveman Costume and Cave Woman Costume.
  • Men and Women's Power Ranger Costumes.
  • Tattooed Couples Costumes.
  • Mr. and Mrs.Tater Costumes.
  • Biker Dude Costume and his Biker Mama Costume.
  • Confederate Soldier Costume and Southern Belle Costume.
  • Pilgrim Costumes..his and hers.
  • Renaissance Costumes..his and hers.
  • Gunslinger Costumes..his and hers.
  • Corpse Bride Costume and Corpse Groom Costume.
  • Mummy King Costume and Mummy Queen Costume.
  • Toga Costumes... his and hers.
  • Disco Costumes... his and hers.

Cave man and Cave woman Costume

Caveman & Cavewoman Costume
this beautiful cave couple entered our
2011 Halloween Costumes Contest

Then we have Couples Costumes that go together but that don't have and particular category. I wouldn't want to put them under "romantic" costumes for example..because... like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia..they are brother and sister. Ü So let's begin there:

There are also FOOD Costumes that do well for Couples. Foods that GO together...Just like you and your significant other. There are also "Things" that go together. I have seen some in the on line stores and some I've seen in person or in my travels on line. It's up to YOU to figure it out if you see something you like Ü. I'll put down some Couple Costumes of Foods and Objects that go together, that I can think of, below:

  • Salt Costume and Pepper Costumes.
  • Mustard Costume and Ketchup Costumes or Mustard and Hot Dog Costumes.
  • Bacon and Eggs Costumes.
  • Purple Grape Costume and Green Grape Costume.
  • Peas Costume and Carrot Costume.
  • Chocolate bar Costume and Peanut Butter Costume.
  • Strawberry Costume and Whipped Cream Costume.
  • Taco Costume and Hot Sauce Costume.
  • Green Eggs and Ham Costume.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Costume idea for couples

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Costume
great costume idea for couple from our
2011 Halloween Costumes Contest

And for a few "thing" Couple Costumes.

  • Tooth Brush Costume and Tooth Paste Costume
  • Broken Heart Costume (two halves of a heart~ wear one half each)
  • Bowling Ball Costume and Bowling Pin Costume.
  • Roach Costume and a Can of Raid Costume (ewwwww!)
  • Ball and Chain Costume.
  • Plug and Socket Costume.
  • Bolt and Screw Costume
  • ...find more Adult Halloween costumes here

I was going to say "That about does it" HOWEVER!..I MUST mention one funny/cute Maternity Costume for a Couple: I believe it's called "A Bun in the Oven" and, obviously the woman is an oven (It looks light weight material and plastic) and the man has a Chef's hat on and an Apron that states something like "Bun Maker". TOO CUTE!

A Bun in the Oven Homemade costume for couples

Cook Chef and Bun in the Oven
this creative costume is from our
2010 Homemade Halloween Costumes Contest

So there we have it. I've about drained my brain trying to think of all of the Great Couples Costumes out there. Before I close let me say one thing to the ladies.

See also: 75 Creative Couples Costume Ideas.

Ladies, I learned something from one of my X-Husbands (VERY "X" Ü if you know what I mean.) I let HIM decide a couples costume for us one year. It was his idea to be a HORSE! (Poor man... he thought that because the costume needed 2 people it could be considered a "Couples" costume. Well.. to make a long story as painless a memory as possible. I ended up being the horses behind (literally AND probably mentally also.).. and it was THE most UNROMANTIC experience of that marriage. So, fair warning Ladies. IF your man wishes to be an animal that's one thing. You just make sure that you don't end up on the wrong end of the deal. Happy Halloween Couples! I wish you fun and friendship with the person who is your partner. Most of all... I wish you Love.