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18 Creative Halloween Costumes for Parents and Baby

Love Halloween but don't really feel comfortable bringing the new addition to a party? Just because they don't know what's going on doesn't mean it isn't the perfect time to start bringing them in on one of your favorite holidays! We have a variety of parent/child costumes as ideas to inspire you. Just because your little one isn't old enough to go trick or treating doesn't mean you can't!

Harry Potter and DobbyHarry Potter and Dobby
Sent in by Lindsey to our 2013 costume contest.

Loving 'Harry Potter' and the magical world, a lot of parents long to bring their child up in the magical glow that they so love. Then this costume is magically perfect for the job! With this amazing costume, it's clear mommy had some magical inspiration.

E.T. and ElliotE.T. and Elliot
Sent in by Sylvia to our 2013 costume contest.

Someone felt like throwing back to the movies of old with this useful E.T. Costume. If your child is easily distracted, hide a few toys under the blanket to keep him/her occupied during the festivities. This costume makes it clear daddy thinks JR is out of this world.

Lion Tamer Family CostumeLion Tamer Family
Sent in by Corey to our 2013 costume contest.

The family that trains together, stays together in this circus themed family costume with lion tamers and the cutest little lion cub you ever did see! Clearly this family made center stage with this creative costume. Perfect for children you get cold easily, this costume even includes mittens for that chilly October air.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective CostumeAce Ventura Pet Detective
Sent in by Jenny to our 2012 costume contest.

What better way to show off that your toddler is a wacky, zany little firecracker than this Ace Ventura costume? Introducing their child to the wonderfully zany antics of everyone's favorite pet detective, this great costume was surely a bright and colorful addition to the party. The tutu is a wonderful touch for this hilarious costume.

Mama Beehive and Baby Bee CostumesMama Beehive and Baby Bee
Sent in by Jordan to our 2013 costume contest.

This Mama Beehive and Baby Bee costume turns mommy's Princess into a Queen, a Queen Bee that is. This is a great costume for babies that need to be held personally and like to be bounced. The beautiful bows will make it clear for all to see that they're in the presence of royalty.


From infants to toddlers, these imaginative costumes suit all kinds of needs. These costumes keep in mind their needs to keep JR close while costumes for older children allow for more movement. These parents know better than to just get a babysitter, they brought baby along! They surely turned heads and were the center of attention at the parties. We're sure hope everyone has a wonderfully safe and happy Halloween with costumes as inspired as these!


18 Creative Costumes for Parents and Baby

(Click on the images below for detail on each costume)

Beetlejuice and Miss Argentina Homemade CostumeBeetlejuice and Miss Argentina

Car Insurance Family CostumeCar Insurance Family

Root Beer Float Homemade CostumeRoot Beer Float

DIY Despicable Me 2 Family CostumeDespicable Me 2 Family

Beauty and the Beast with Lumiere Homemade CostumeBeauty and the Beast with Lumiere

Harry Potter and Dobby Homemade CostumeHarry Potter and Dobby

Dr. Evil and Mini Me Halloween CostumeDr. Evil and Mini Me

DIY Bilbo Baggins CostumeBilbo Baggins

E.T. and Elliot Homemade CostumeE.T. and Elliot

Sushi Roll and Soy Sauce Homemade CostumeSushi Roll and Soy Sauce

Pillsbury Doughboy & the Baker Homemade CostumePillsbury Doughboy & the Baker

DIY Popcorn Baby Halloween CostumePopcorn Baby

Lion Tamer Family Halloween CostumeLion Tamer Family

Little Popeye CostumeLittle Popeye

Spaghetti & Meatballs CostumeSpaghetti & Meatballs

Alan and Carlos CostumeAlan and Carlos

Mama Beehive and Baby Bee Homemade CostumesMama Beehive and Baby Bee

Ace Ventura Pet Detective CostumeAce Ventura Pet Detective

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