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Gene Simmons of KISS Costume

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Gene Simmons of KISS Costume

The Delaware Demon Johnny Smoke as Gene Simmons

Costume type:  Costumes for Men
Categories:Halloween Costumes, Celebrity Costumes

This homemade costume for men entered our 2014 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Johnny, the 'Gene Simmons of KISS' costume creator:

I am wearing the Gene Simmons costume and it is 100% homemade....Being a Kiss fan I thought it would be a lark to make this costume for Halloween parties and costume contests in nightclubs and also a tribute band I was putting together at the time...The costume has long outlasted the tribute band and was basically made fr about a little over a $100.00 from an old vampire cape, platform boots that have been altered, spandex softball pants and accessories found everywhere from hardware to fabric, arts & crafts and hobby stores...and of course a good supply of black and white greasepaint!

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5 votes
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#1 comment by Kevin Duffy October 9, 2014

Not only does this look EXACTLY like Gene Simmons, I can only imagine the time and effort that went into creating this costume...and the time it must take to apply the face make-up perfectly. It's EASY just to 'buy' a costume and put it on...but THIS one is a TRUE winner in my book! A for effort and originality!

#2 comment by Jennifer Lee October 9, 2014

WOW!!! This costume is amazing!! The detail is not only spot-on; it is absolutely brilliant! The face make-up is remarkable! Hands down, this costume gets my vote!!

#3 comment by Dave Tabor October 17, 2014

This guy IS Gene Simmons!
He's got the shtick and props to TOTALLY pull it off!

In person this man is LARGER THAN LIFE, and also carries and plays a h

My Vote is for Johnny "The Demon" Smoke!

#4 comment by April Gilley October 17, 2014


#5 comment by Erica Lampley October 17, 2014

Definitely a winner for both creativity and appearance! My vote goes to Smoke!

#6 comment by Holly Ween October 18, 2014

Dead ringer for the God of Thunder from KISS - Gene Simmons!....Spot On costume and being that it's "homemade" makes it even more awesome!

#7 comment by Nicole October 19, 2014

You have my vote Johnny Smoke!!!!

#8 comment by Paula October 21, 2014

Vote yes!

#9 comment by becky October 21, 2014

Not only is the costume awesome, but he plays bass pretty damn good too!

#10 comment by Claire Currey October 21, 2014

Absolutely THE BEST !!!!!

#11 comment by John Porter October 21, 2014

Holy I have to admit one of the best costumes I have seen in any genre! ! It is frigging perfect all the way to the makeup and pose.

#12 comment by Christy Reeder October 21, 2014

Looks so real!!

#13 comment by Sharon October 21, 2014

Wonderful artistry, you go Johnny Smoke!

#14 comment by Chris Ann Colvin October 21, 2014

Nobody does it better than the Delaware Demon!The One! The Only! Johnny Smoke! Smoke will always have my vote!! Rock on!!

#15 comment by Judy October 21, 2014

Johnny Smoke is SMOKIN!!!!

#16 comment by Sherry Mills October 21, 2014

Johnny smoke you have my vote! Great costume for a good man!

#17 comment by Tina Ritchie October 21, 2014

I vote for Johnny Smoke as Gene 1

#18 comment by Denise October 22, 2014

Awesome! If you ever get the chance to see him perform jump at it.

#19 comment by Shirlee Duffy October 22, 2014

Wow! When I first saw this, I thought it WAS Gene Simmons of KISS! Johnny Smoke has MY vote!

#20 comment by Charles E deBrabander October 22, 2014

This is indeed a winner of a costume! Johnny Smoke has my vote!

#21 comment by Joan October 22, 2014


#22 comment by Meeta G Parker October 22, 2014

Johnny Smokes looks just like Gene Simmons!!! Rock on Johnny!!!

#23 comment by Evelyn Fischer October 22, 2014

This guy rocks! You would think he IS Gene Simmons.

#24 comment by Stephany McCabe October 22, 2014

There's no other better costume or Gene Simmons than Johnny Smoke!

#25 comment by Suzanne Shaw October 22, 2014

Johnny Smokes got my vote! Rock on

#26 comment by Frank Parker October 23, 2014

Johnny Smokes is the Real Deal!! Not only should he easily win every contest he enters, but he should be a top paid impersonator of Gene Simmons! John, if you ever wanna quit you're day job....just sayin

#27 comment by Dee Rogers October 23, 2014

Very cool! I think Johnny looks better than Gene! He should definitely win this :)

#28 comment by Anthony Rossetti October 23, 2014

Hey look out

#29 comment by Cim October 23, 2014


#30 comment by Tom Flynn October 23, 2014

Sweet! Makes me want to rock and roll all night and party half the day (I'm old)

#31 comment by Patty niezgoda October 23, 2014

Awesome. You got my vote

#32 comment by Brenda October 23, 2014

You got my vote!!!! Looking GREAT as ALWAYS!!!!

#33 comment by Susan October 24, 2014

Absolutely Fabulous!!

#34 comment by Jeryl Moore October 24, 2014

Definitely the winner! Awesome costume, looks very authentic! I vote for this guy hands down! He's rockin the Gene Simmons look!

#35 comment by Sab October 24, 2014

I vote for Smoke cause whatever he wins the real Gene Simmonds will want a cut of the profits.

#36 comment by Erika October 26, 2014

Johnny smoke always dresses to impress! This is what a Halloween costume should look like!!!

#37 comment by William Jackson October 27, 2014

Very well done...gets my vote

#38 comment by Allison October 29, 2014

Gene Simmons of KISS! Smoke rocks it!

#39 comment by sandy October 29, 2014

Great custom!

#40 comment by JIm Malgire October 29, 2014

Yes,,a vote for Smoke !

#41 comment by Ken October 30, 2014

You are the one and only!

#42 comment by Ken Herbert October 30, 2014

Been Rockin' since as far back as the Big Kahuna days as far as I remember!!!
Keep on Rockin' Bro!!

#43 comment by Stacy October 30, 2014

You look amazing!!!!

#44 comment by Chris McGinnis October 30, 2014

Good luck Johnny

#45 comment by Chris wardick October 30, 2014

Awesome costume for an awesome guy...he even looks like gene does now without the makeup.....smoke hands down

#46 comment by Ray Van Zant October 30, 2014

Lot of effort and time went into this costume,as you can see.

#47 comment by Kelly Clark October 30, 2014

Nobody does it better!! Go get them Johnny Smoke

#48 comment by Jennifer Adams October 30, 2014

Winner hands down!!!!
You ROCK!!!

#49 comment by Dell Tush October 30, 2014

Great costume!! Nice job!!

#50 comment by michael zimmonz October 30, 2014

rock it baby.

#51 comment by ski October 30, 2014

u got my vote brother.......ski

#52 comment by Kirsten October 30, 2014

You rock Johnny! Go get em!

#53 comment by Kathy October 30, 2014

Pretty awesome and very authentic!! Good luck

#54 comment by Marc Moore October 30, 2014

Johnny Gene Simmons Barbieri aka Mr Halloween !

#55 comment by Mikey October 30, 2014

Awesome bro

#56 comment by Brian Rinnier October 30, 2014

Johnny rocks!!

#57 comment by Stephany McCabe October 30, 2014

No one else can pull off Gene Simmons like Johnny Smoke; he's the best!

#58 comment by Barry October 31, 2014

Outstanding job very well done and good luck to you !!

#59 comment by Diane Norton October 31, 2014

Awesome costume...looks soooooo much like Gene Simmons...gets my vote!!!

#60 comment by Nanette October 31, 2014

Totally awesome!! Amazing likeness!!

#61 comment by Teresa November 3, 2014

This costume is Awesome, as close to Gene Simmons as it gets!!! Gets my vote for #1...GOOD LUCK $moke!

#62 comment by Pat November 3, 2014

Good Luck Smoke!! You have my vote as always.

#63 comment by Yogi & Boo Boo November 5, 2014

Killer Costume that ROCKS and it's homemade too!...Very realistic in detail

#64 comment by Sidekick Bob November 5, 2014

Well done, lad. A vote for the Smoke Man.

#65 comment by Emu2 November 6, 2014


#66 comment by Ace Chriss November 6, 2014

Johnny is a great impersonation of the Demon!
Plays a REAL bass too!

#67 comment by Jens Igler November 6, 2014

Unbelivable good!
Unglaublich gut! Er ist perfekt!
Viel Glück John!!!

#68 comment by Debbie November 6, 2014

Holy crap! I give this guy two thumbs up and a shake. Best rock costume I've seen by far.

#69 comment by MR. T November 6, 2014


#70 comment by CB November 6, 2014

He always Rocks it.....

#71 comment by gil garcia November 6, 2014

This is THE man!

#72 comment by kdd November 7, 2014

Rockin Roll at it's best!

#73 comment by Linda Harms November 7, 2014

We all love johnny smoke he has a great personality and he is a great singer and also a musician,he loves the bands and supports all.his costume is amazing just like gene simmons makeup and all ,he puts an amazing efforts to be the best look alike and i think his costume is amazing

#74 comment by Matt Porter November 7, 2014

Johnny Smoke has been sharing his fantastic tribute to Gene Simmons for years, since before the days when authentic KISS costumes were readily available.
He looks like Gene, moves like Gene, talks like Gene,sings like Gene, and plays the bass like Gene.
Johnny Smoke IS the demon.

#75 comment by Lorene Lanning November 7, 2014

You rock it Johnny.
Everyone who sees your pic thinks your the real Gene.

#76 comment by Harlem Hutch November 7, 2014

Smoke is the best period!!

#77 comment by dino Gatsoulas November 7, 2014

If He went on stage with kiss as Gene I doubt very much that the audience or the band would realize that it's John! In fact I think everyone would think that Gene was better than usual. John is the real deal!!!

#78 comment by John Baird November 7, 2014

Great costume the best

#79 comment by r2d2 November 7, 2014

Now that's what I call a Halloween costume!... A 100 Thumbs up!

#80 comment by Joe Favoroso November 7, 2014

I echo the same sentiments above #74 as my friend Matt Porter concerning Johnny Smoke.
He takes this very seriously, and has all of Gene's characteristics down to a T!!!!!

#81 comment by Anthony November 7, 2014

Great costume!! Looks just like Gene!

#82 comment by Troy Wildasin November 7, 2014

You got my vote buddy ! GOOD WORK !!!!

#83 comment by ARNIE SLATER November 7, 2014

Johnny Rocks!......as Gene!

#84 comment by Beth November 7, 2014

Great costume! I love Gene Simmons and I love this costume!

#85 comment by Carla November 8, 2014

Smoke Rocks !!!

#86 comment by Michelle November 9, 2014

Call out Dr. Love, this Gene is hotter than hell!

#87 comment by Don November 9, 2014

Awesome costume, Johnny totally nails it!!!

#88 comment by Ed Teodozow November 10, 2014

The worlds best Kiss tribute artist ever

#89 comment by Margie Dubicki November 10, 2014

He is THE embodiment of Gene Simmons! Great costume!

#90 comment by Karen Brumbaugh November 10, 2014

Johnny rocks it like no other! He is transformed by this costume! Love it!

#91 comment by Ed McGuire November 10, 2014

Smoke gets my vote!!

#92 comment by Buddy Payne November 10, 2014

Nice looking great. Looks like the real deal.....

#93 comment by Carolyn maccariella November 10, 2014

This is the most authentic costume I have ever seen ! He absolutely is the best out there. ! Hands down I vote 200 times if I could ! ROCK ON !

#94 comment by Bob Brumbaugh November 10, 2014

Johnny Smoke has rocked the Kiss Army well through the years. He's a kick ass Gene Simmons !!!!!!

#95 comment by Bill The Courier November 11, 2014

Great Costume.....Totally Rocks!

#96 comment by Dave Maisano November 11, 2014

Outstanding !! Rock on !!

#97 comment by Scott Testerman November 11, 2014

By far the hardest workin longest acting pyrotechnical rock-n-roll pneumoniacal fire breathing stage strutting coolest mofo in this state let alone lurking and crawling this earth- johnny the delaware demon-smoke himself , best I luv my friend, from your fried always Scott Testerman

#98 comment by Roseann November 11, 2014

Awesome, authentic looking. Great job.

#99 comment by Joe Favoroso November 11, 2014

Johnny Smoke has the look, sound and attitude of Gene Simmons down very well!!!

#100 comment by Dave November 11, 2014

My vote is for Johnny Smoke, amazing costume, and the act is spot on Gene would be proud

#101 comment by Mary November 11, 2014

This KISS costume of John Barbiari's is Killer!

#102 comment by Shay Dilorenzo November 11, 2014

Rock n roll all night! This guy rocks!

#103 comment by Terry turner November 11, 2014

Gene Simmons would be jealous!

#104 comment by Roadie" Dave November 11, 2014

Make no mistake, as others have in the past.
This is NOT Gene Simmons of younger years...
This is an imposter.... A VERY GOOD IMPOSTER!!!

#105 comment by Cindy November 11, 2014

Johnny Smoke gets my vote, no question!!!

#106 comment by Ruthann Rapuano November 11, 2014

Totally awesome!!looks exactly like Gene Simmons
You Rock it for sure!

#107 comment by Brenda November 11, 2014

I vote for Johnny. Wow!!!!!

#108 comment by Jill November 11, 2014

You have my vote Smoke!

#109 comment by Karuna Belikoff November 11, 2014

If I didn't know better, I would have thought this was the real Gene Simmons. One if the best costumes I've ever seen.

#110 comment by Lou Bouton November 12, 2014


#111 comment by JohnnyRoxx November 13, 2014

Many thanks to everyone who shared, liked, commented on and supported me in this contest. I'm Johnny Smoke and I approve this message!

#112 comment by Charlie Gibb November 13, 2014

This is more then just a costume, Johnny Smoke becomes Gene Simmons.I remember the first time I saw himand I was totally blown away!!!

#113 comment by jazzyjeff November 14, 2014

Brilliant costume I must say

#114 comment by ted ariel November 14, 2014

smoking good ! best wishes

#115 comment by AllBut6 November 14, 2014

Fabulous costume and even more amazing lookalike for the real Gene Simmons.

#116 comment by Rozetta Kandi November 14, 2014

Johnny Smoke has my vote any day!!!!

#117 comment by Jerry Tevolini November 15, 2014

This is the god of thunder and rock and roll !

#118 comment by Gina Hastings November 15, 2014

The Delaware Deamon Johnny Smoke really rocks as Hene Simmons from Kiss- I've even seen him in person several times. You can't imagine how awesome and authentic he is, from head to toe! That is his own hair! Great boots! Great costume, and he does know all the songs, and special effects (hence the nickname Johnny Smoke), and he plays guitar. You can't beat this guy!

#119 comment by Steve"hendrix" Wright November 15, 2014

Johnny Smoke aint no joke. Ive known him 40 plus years. He is the most dedicated Kiss fan I know.He should be an honorary member!

#120 comment by Dave Hastings November 15, 2014

Johnny Smoke always leaves 'me screaming for more; I've never seen a better, more devoted tribute.

#121 comment by Alex November 16, 2014

This is one of the best costumes I've ever seen! Imagine the effort and time spent. I would think it was Gene Simmons himself if I saw this....lol

#122 comment by Jan Poteet November 17, 2014

Fabulous! Best I've ever seen! You rock!

#123 comment by JAKE November 17, 2014

Most excellent Costume

#124 comment by Lisa Panzer November 17, 2014

Terrific! Just "WOW"!

#125 comment by Scott F. November 17, 2014

Gene Simmons costume with unique touches that is Johnny Smoke...

#126 comment by Bobbie Hartz November 18, 2014

Great costume. Johnny, you rock!

#127 comment by WUB November 20, 2014

This guy apparently paid attention to detail and the lookalike factor is the best I've seen yet.

#128 comment by Charlie November 20, 2014

I'm no expert, but if I didn't know better, I'd swear his was THE Gene Simmons himself. This costume is simply AMAZING!

#129 comment by Frank Ginocchio November 20, 2014

Johnny is the real deal bar none! Amazing attention to detail! I've seen him in costume up close and one time when my band was playing, he showed up in full gear and I thought it was actually Gene! I'm telling ya you will not find anyone anywhere that comes close. Hell, GENE doesn't even look this good!

#130 comment by SkYwAlKeR November 20, 2014

Very well done.

#131 comment by Charles November 20, 2014

That's his real hair, his real nipples, he really plays bass, and he breathes fire! What more could you ask for? This costume is the real deal.

#132 comment by PAULA January 12, 2017

Johnny Smoke!! I stumbled onto this site. It doesn't matter what year you have the contest, Smoke and the Kiss Klones WIN, WIN, WIN

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