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This is the gallery of homemade costumes for groups, entered our online costume contest over the years since 2006.

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Marie Antoinette, her Executioner, and Louis XVI CostumeMarie Antoinette, Executioner, and Louis XVI

The Addams Family Homemade CostumeThe Addams Family

Adult Crayons and Box Homemade Group CostumeAdult Crayons and Box

American Gladiators Homemade CostumeAmerican Gladiators

Formula One Car and Pit Crew Homemade CostumeFormula One Car and Pit Crew

Wreck-It Ralph Gang Homemade CostumeWreck-It Ralph Gang

Seal Team VI Homemade CostumeSeal Team VI

Minecraft Creepers and Enderman Homemade CostumeMinecraft Creepers and Enderman

The Princess Bride Homemade CostumeThe Princess Bride

The Dark Circus Homemade CostumeThe Dark Circus

Channel 4 News Team Homemade CostumeChannel 4 News Team

Toy Story Jessie, Woody and Buzz Homemade CostumeToy Story Jessie, Woody and Buzz

Zombie Homemade CostumesZombie

Disney Villains Homemade CostumeDisney Villains

The Golden Rule Homemade CostumeThe Golden Rule


Wizard of Oz Homemade CostumeWizard of Oz

Mario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong Homemade CostumeMario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong

It's a Boy! Homemade CostumeIt's a Boy!

McDonalds's Crew Homemade CostumeMcDonalds's Crew

The Wizard of Oz Homemade CostumeThe Wizard of Oz

Hocus Pocus Homemade CostumeHocus Pocus

Graveyard Homemade CostumeGraveyard

Spice Girls with Bodyguard Homemade CostumeSpice Girls with Bodyguard

Candy Crush Homemade CostumeCandy Crush

Zombie Bridal Party Homemade CostumeZombie Bridal Party

Harry Potter Homemade CostumeHarry Potter

Super Engines Homemade CostumeSuper Engines

Pez Candy Homemade CostumePez Candy

Sugar Crush Homemade CostumeSugar Crush

The Three Blind Mice Homemade CostumeThe Three Blind Mice

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