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Homemade Costumes for Pets

Homemade Costumes for DogsMany families like to include their pets in everything, and Halloween is no exception. Halloween costumes for pets are all the rage for animal lovers. People love dressing their pets up for holidays, particularly their cats and dogs. Depending on the mood of your pets, costumes for pets are an excellent way to include your pets in with your Halloween family fun. Creative costumes for pets can be hilarious and a fun way to include children in helping prepare your pet for its first decked out Halloween!

Homemade Costumes for CatsDressing your pet up with a unique costume choice may be difficult to purchase, so many opt for hand making them, as they are usually pretty easy and cheap to make anyways. Unique Halloween costumes for pets can provide a fun time for your family and friends as you watch your lovable pet parade around in their very own Halloween costume.
Check out the Halloween costumes for pets below! These are all homemade, unique, and contest entries from our pets costume contest.

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K-9 Officer Homemade CostumeK-9 Officer

Guinea Pig Cookie Monster Homemade CostumeCookie Monster

Bo Peep and her hesitant Sheep Homemade CostumeBo Peep and her hesitant Sheep

Fly on Poop Homemade CostumeFly on Poop

Unipug CostumeUnipug

Taco Dog CostumeTaco Dog

Like Totally Tubular Dog Homemade CostumeLike Totally Tubular

Spider Dog Homemade CostumeSpider Dog

Princess Leia and Darth Vader Dogs CostumePrincess Leia and Darth Vader

Pennywise and Georgie Dogs Homemade CostumePennywise and Georgie

It's Raining Cats and Dogs Homemade CostumeIt's Raining Cats and Dogs

Dorothy and Tin Man Dogs Homemade CostumeDorothy and Tin Man

Nurse Annie Dog Homemade CostumeNurse Annie

Pawrate of the Carribean CostumePawrate of the Carribean

S'more Please Homemade CostumeS'more Please

Piggy Watermelon CostumePiggy Watermelon

Not All Treasure is Gold Homemade CostumeNot All Treasure is Gold

Pearl The Sea Sailing Sweetie Homemade CostumePearl The Sea Sailing Sweetie

Santa Paws Homemade CostumeSanta Paws

The Rox Lobster CostumeThe Rox Lobster

Pikachu Dog Homemade CostumePikachu

Oscar the Grouch Dog Homemade CostumeOscar the Grouch

Wonder Woman Dog CostumeWonder Woman

The Wizard of Oz Dogs Homemade CostumeThe Wizard of Oz

Peter Pan Pups Homemade CostumePeter Pan Pups

Cabana Boy Dog Homemade CostumeCabana Boy

Jack Skellington Dog Homemade CostumeJack Skellington

Captain Iggy Homemade CostumeCaptain Iggy

Pug Pirate CostumePug Pirate

Iggy Wrigley Pirate CostumeIggy Wrigley Pirate

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