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Homemade Costumes for Pets

This is the gallery of homemade costumes for pets, entered our online costume contest over the years since 2006.

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SpongeDog Homemade CostumeSpongeDog

Toy Story Dog Homemade CostumeToy Story

The Wizard of Oz Homemade CostumeThe Wizard of Oz

Fish & Chips Homemade CostumeFish & Chips

Fluffy Ladybug Homemade CostumeFluffy Ladybug

Georgie Dog Homemade CostumeGeorgie

Bella and her Mummy Homemade CostumeBella and her Mummy

Motocross Dog Homemade CostumeMotocross

Spider and Fly Homemade CostumeSpider and Fly

It's Football Season! Homemade CostumeIt's Football Season!

Ewok & Beetlejuice Dogs Homemade CostumeEwok & Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice Dog Homemade CostumeBeetlejuice

Sunshine Dog Homemade CostumeSunshine

The Energizer Bunny Horse Homemade CostumeThe Energizer Bunny

Loofah and Soap Dogs Homemade CostumeLoofah and Soap


Moomin the Magical Unicorn CostumeMoomin the Magical Unicorn

Billie Holiday at the Savoy Ballroom Homemade CostumeBillie Holiday at the Savoy Ballroom

The Magic School Bus Homemade CostumeThe Magic School Bus

Cat in the Hat Homemade CostumeCat in the Hat

Max from the Grinch Homemade CostumeMax from the Grinch

Aviator Dog Homemade CostumeAviator

Bear the Garden Gnome Homemade CostumeBear the Garden Gnome

Dances with Dogs Homemade CostumeDances with Dogs

Tarzan Dog Homemade CostumeTarzan

Tony the Tiger Dog Homemade CostumeTony the Tiger

Wonder Woman Cat Homemade CostumeWonder Woman

Winnie the Pooh Characters Cats Homemade CostumeWinnie the Pooh Characters

Kitty Purry Homemade CostumeKitty Purry

Llama Dog Homemade CostumeLlama

Howl & Oates Dogs Homemade CostumeHowl & Oates

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