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Chucky Costume
by Merissa
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Chucky Costume

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Chucky Costume

Hi my name is chucky wanna play?

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Photo #1 - Hi my name is chucky wanna play? Photo #2 - Chucky Photo #3 - I'm a good guy(girl)
Costume type:  Costumes for Babies
Categories:Halloween Costumes, Movie and TV Show Costumes

This homemade costume for babies entered our 2014 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Yadira, the 'Chucky' costume creator:

My 1 yr old daughter Delilah Perez is dressed as chucky the posses doll hehehe.. My husband and I were just talking about what should our daughter b for her 1st Halloween n he said what about chucky n I thought it was great because she small light complected and has almost the same color eyes as chucky, but he was just fooling around. I looked for the costume everywhere they all said they didn't have that costume for infants so then I went to Walmart n I seen fabric the exact fabric of chuckys shirt so I went ahead and bought it and I got the overalls some place else n her chucks. I didn't know how to sow so I told my husbands aunt if she could sow her the shirt she was more than happy to help she used yarn and some old buttons she had after an hr she was done so I then started to draw the little figures on the overall and there her costume was done all I had to do now was spray paint her hair n draw on the scars :) . It took me almost a whole day to get her the costume ready but it came out good!

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40 votes
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#1 comment by Alicia Baker September 9, 2014

Do you still have this? Can you make another? I'd pay!

#2 comment by Yadira September 10, 2014

Yes I still have it . How much would u pay me??

#3 comment by Alicia Bakee September 11, 2014

What size? $40...?

#4 comment by Yadira September 11, 2014

9 monthz n 50 is the cheapest and 10 for shipping n handling

#5 comment by alicia September 11, 2014

Well id be willing but my nephew is too big for that. It is adorable though. Did you make the shirt?

#6 comment by Yadira September 12, 2014

Yes I also made the shirt I got the fabric at Walmart

#7 comment by kaili September 16, 2014

this baby should most definetley be professional!!! this is so adorable!! thats what i was wanting to dress my two year old daughter who also has the same hair. your child is wonderful..!! thanks ! :)
you can aslo get ahold of me through facebook same as my email..

#8 comment by Yadira September 17, 2014

Thank you! I've been wanting to get her into bby modeling but idk how . I'm sorry but I don't have Facebook. Did u upload a pik of ur daughter on here??

#9 comment by Jessica September 22, 2014

Hey Yadira do you have your own website where I can order this costume from? I would love this for my 2 yr old

#10 comment by greg September 24, 2014


I am looking for this costume. Would you happen to have one for a 1 year old. My daughter fits fits 12-18mo.

#11 comment by Yadira September 27, 2014

Costume size is 9 months . Sorry but this is the only one I have

#12 comment by Marquitta September 28, 2014

I'd be willing to pay $50 plus $10 shipping if you are including shoes...what size are the shoes? Thanks

#13 comment by jessica September 30, 2014

hi, would you be willing to make me the outfit in size 2t/3t?? id pay.

#14 comment by rous September 30, 2014

If you have the costume ill by it for 70 shipping. Thank you.

#15 comment by Yadira September 30, 2014

Rous do you have an eBay account?

#16 comment by rous October 1, 2014

yes.pls send me an email. thank you

#17 comment by Yadira October 1, 2014

What's your email?

#18 comment by rous October 1, 2014

I am sorry I can't share it here. Is it possible for you to share yours or your ebay ID?

#19 comment by Yadira October 6, 2014

It's jazleen2007 ill post the costume in about 3 days ok.

#20 comment by Haley Mathis October 6, 2014

Can you make me one of these by Halloween?

#21 comment by Erin October 8, 2014

I am also interested if ur making it
I would need 24 months
Will pay whatever

#22 comment by Navil October 9, 2014

I love the costume for my 12 month old bby !! Do you still have it???

#23 comment by Amory October 9, 2014

I saw this entry and I was really wondering if this was my friends baby from years ago, she is seven now, cause her name is Delilah Perez...But then I saw your name & picture too, so I knew it wasn't her. Anyways truly genious idea. I am doing wizard of oz this year or else i'd try for my 18 months boy! happy halloween

#24 comment by Krys October 10, 2014

Hey I was wondering if I can get this in size 3 before Halloween?

#25 comment by anissa October 10, 2014

Do u know what's the frabic called?

#26 comment by kimberle October 19, 2014

I'll buy it for a 100 and pay for shopping. Please contact me at Kimberle.pacilio[at]gmail asap Thank You

#27 comment by Yadira October 20, 2014

Kimberle I emailed you already...

#28 comment by Mariam October 21, 2014

Are you will to make another one size 2t? If yes i will pay you 60 plus shipping please.

#29 comment by Danielle October 24, 2014

How did you make the overalls? Did they already have the little tools on them or didn't you iron them on or something

#30 comment by Yadira October 24, 2014

There regular plain overalls I drew da tools on the over alla with fabric markers

#31 comment by Elena October 29, 2014

My daughter is chucky this year. lol

#32 comment by Willy October 29, 2014

Please drop me an email. Thanks.

#33 comment by Willy October 29, 2014

Ms Yadira, I left out my email address earlier on. Here it is. willy.liang[at]email.com. Something to do with your cute chucky. :)

#34 comment by Brit October 29, 2014

Is that real hair color. If not what hair dye did u use where did u get it from? Thanks

#35 comment by Yadira October 29, 2014

I got the orange hair paint at the dollar store it's just. Orange hair dye u kan get it at amazon

#36 comment by Willy November 1, 2014

Ms Yadira, My email is willy.liang[at]gmail.com.
Sorry for the error earlier.
The comment doesnt allow me to post multi post.

#37 comment by Elise November 26, 2014

Is there instructions on how to make this? This is the best one I've seen!

#38 comment by Kai January 7, 2015

Hi Mama,

are you still making this one? I am interested. Please let me know. For a 1 1/2 year old.

Thank u!

#39 comment by kelly August 19, 2015

Hi I would be interested in you making a costume like this for me. 24mnths. I will pay you for your time. Thank you.

#40 comment by Sylvia August 20, 2015

Have you sold this costume yet?

#41 comment by Tin August 22, 2015

hello i am interested if you can make one for my 24 months baby boy. i will pay you if you are interested in making a new one. Please reply me asap. Thanks!

#42 comment by Amber August 23, 2015

Do you still make this costume ? If so I want to purchase one

#43 comment by Katie morrow August 24, 2015

Can u email me please I really want this costume for me don if you can still make it thanks

#44 comment by Griselda Vazquez August 25, 2015

How much do You charge for a 2t By This coming up before Halloween??

#45 comment by Tori August 26, 2015

Hi Yadira. I'm also interested in this costume =). It's the best one I've seen so far! I will definitely pay if you're still making it. Please email me at tori89r[at]gmail.com

Thank you!

#46 comment by Yadira August 26, 2015

I'm sorry but I don't have time to make it wit work n my daughter n son don't have time :( I do have this costume tho size 9-12 months for $60

#47 comment by Sasha August 29, 2015

Does anyone by chance have or know where I can get the chucky costume in a 3t or make it?

#48 comment by Mich August 31, 2015

Hi! Is this costume sold? Im interested!

#49 comment by Mich August 31, 2015

Please email me if it still is. Thanks so much! emmitych[at]gmail.com. Hope to hear from you!

#50 comment by Yadira August 31, 2015

Mich I still have this costume

#51 comment by CAT September 1, 2015


#52 comment by Mich September 1, 2015

How can I get in touch with you? This costume is perfect for my baby!:) pls send me an email: emmitych[at]gmail.com or let me email you. Thank you so much!

#53 comment by irene September 2, 2015

What's the name of the fabric??

#54 comment by yesenia September 3, 2015


i was wondering if you had time to make this for my baby. hes 14months just send me an email please to see if you can or if can give me where you got your overalls. email is ramirezyesenia714[at]yahoo.com

thank you,

#55 comment by Jenny September 6, 2015

Hello. I just love this costume. Are u willing make them. My son will be 1 in two weeks. And ive been looking for a costume this good for months now. He is in size 12-18 months

#56 comment by John D. September 6, 2015

Still selling thos costume?

#57 comment by Amanda September 10, 2015

Hi do you still have the 9-12 month costume? Willing to pay whatever you want =)

#58 comment by Jasmine September 11, 2015

Hi! Anyway you still have this? I have overalls but need the shirt and I'd be willing to pay!! Please and thank you. My email is jalequin1[at]gmail.com

#59 comment by Yadira September 12, 2015

Amanda yes I still have the costume email me plz yarevalo2010[at]yahoo.com

#60 comment by Jessica September 16, 2015

Are you making these costumes? Looking for sz 2t and sz 7shoe. Willing to pay w/e. :)

#61 comment by Marissa September 16, 2015

Could you make a 3t outfit!

#62 comment by Jackie September 16, 2015

Hey how much for both costumes 1 for I guess 18months and a 2 year old?

#63 comment by Laura September 17, 2015

Hi can u make me one of these...?

#64 comment by Nena September 19, 2015

HI I was wondering where you got her overall?

#65 comment by Cassue September 21, 2015

I would love to buy this costume if it is still available!! please email me

#66 comment by kira September 22, 2015

Need 9 to 12 month chucky costume

#67 comment by teiairia September 24, 2015

I need one...12 mnths pls...how much

#68 comment by Priscilla September 27, 2015

Hi, I am really interested in this costume? Do you make them? I need a 24 month! Plz let me know.

#69 comment by Carly September 28, 2015

I'll buy this please!!!!
If still available??

#70 comment by Carly barry September 28, 2015

$100 ?!

#71 comment by Bianca September 29, 2015

I want to order this

#72 comment by Carly September 30, 2015

Can I please buy this

#73 comment by Eren September 30, 2015

Can your aunt make a shirt in 4t? Will pay! Email me please :)

#74 comment by David October 1, 2015

Are you still making, i want my baby to be it for his first Halloween

#75 comment by Tatiana October 2, 2015

Ineed this for son how can iget it ?? Please contact me my facebook email is barbiedolltati[at]live.com

#76 comment by Yadira October 3, 2015

Hello ppl,

I DONT MAKE THIS COSTUME ANYMORE BECAUSE OF MY BUSY SCHEDULE, however this costume is still available!!!!! SIZE 9-12 months! My daughter was a week away from turning 1 I guess it'll for a 12-18 months a lil tight but it'll fit. If you guyz want this costume please EMAIL ME! Yarevalo2010[at]yahoo.com I will take the highest bid no lower than $50 plz! Once again email me :) so who wants a chucky baby for Halloween? Lol :) EMAIL ME PLL I will b checking my email for the highest bid.

#77 comment by Lorena vazquez October 4, 2015

I would really love this costume in 18months .. Pleeeeease let me know if u can make it for me. Thank you

#78 comment by Brittany Gardner October 5, 2015

I sent you an email last night about the costume!! Is it still available?

#79 comment by cynthia October 8, 2015

Hello, i am wanting to dress my 2 yeold son like chucky this year can your aunt makehis shirt only?id pay

#80 comment by Angel Howard October 11, 2015

I need one of these costumes bad for my best friends little boy size 2t

#81 comment by brianna October 17, 2015

do you make this costume? im looking for a chucky costume for my nephew

#82 comment by Joe sanchez October 19, 2015

I would love to have that costume for my 14 month old daughter and she is tall for her age please contact me 8189677105 Joe

#83 comment by Erica Alexander October 20, 2015

Hey can I pay u 100 for this

#84 comment by Yadira October 20, 2015

Erica email me yarevalo2010[at]yahoo.com

#85 comment by chad danner October 21, 2015

What is the name of the fabric

#86 comment by Kayla October 22, 2015

How can I order this for my daughter??

#87 comment by Marilyn October 22, 2015

What is the name of the fabric?

#88 comment by Nena October 24, 2015

The name of the fabric is called multi colored stripes 100% cotton

#89 comment by mabel October 24, 2015

Will I receive this week if I order it now?

#90 comment by Michelle October 27, 2015

My son is 9 months would love to buy it from u it's his first Halloween he even has long hair it would b perfect willing to buy 100.00 $ it's kind of late but willing to ship over night will also pay for that michelleFeare3064[at]icloud.com please

#91 comment by Maha October 28, 2015

Do you still make this costume ? And how long it takes to receive if I want one my son is 1 year old I'll pay as much as you want I need it for this Sunday let me know asap please.
Thank you !

#92 comment by Yadira October 28, 2015

I already sold the costume

#93 comment by Kierra Doiley March 29, 2016

I would love to pay you $80 to make this for my son. He is 4 so he would need a 4t. Hmu

#94 comment by denise April 27, 2016

Can you just quit your job and make costumes ??? lol Like everyone else I would LOVE to purchase one but i read the comments and get that unfortunatly you dont have time.

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