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Make-Up and Face Paint

If one is dressing as a somewhat NORMAL human being, he or she might want to use just regular make up to get into Character for somebody who might wear a bit more make up than you do... perhaps to add to a "starlet" look. A Child may want to use Moms Make-up if she's stepping into an "Adult Costume" of a womanly type. Then we have the heavier, Face Paint.

Zombie homemade costumeZombie Softball Player

Prom Queen Zombie CostumeProm Queen Zombie

Zombie Wedding Family CostumeZombie Wedding

Homemade Scary Witch CostumeScary Witch

It is a MUST to use White, Red and maybe a bit of Green Face Paint to make your Zombies look truly like the walking dead. FYI: It is possible to achieve this effect with some Pale Face Powder, Red Lipstick, and a little Green Eye Shadow. (isn't he lovely? :-)

Have fun painting your face, or the face of someone else donning the appropriate Costume in the look of a Clown... Be as creative as you'd like! Be a Hippie and paint Flowers on your cheeks, and even on your Husbands... If he'll LET you! Ü. If you are going to be an animal, such as a Tiger perhaps?, If you have no mask, just paint your face with orange and black stripes, add a few whiskers.. and THERE YOU GO! "Meow".... or "ROAR!"?

Fun face painting

One (well probably more than "one" Ü) word or warning about Costume make-up. Not all skin can tolerate it, so we must be careful in applying it... especially in children. You may want to try applying a product to a small patch of skin (for about 20 minutes) before covering a whole area. If redness or complaints of itchiness occur... cleanse area immediately with soap and warm water. If a rash or something worse appears call a physician and follow his/her instructions. It would probably be something as simple as applying a cortisone ointment/cream. I don't mean to make anyone fearful... a bad reaction to Costume Make-up is a rather rare occurance. These products are well tested and there is usually no problem with them at all. BUT! Instead of taking a chance on Halloween night becoming something other than what is planned, try a little smudge of the make-up on your child or children a few days prior to a Halloween/Costume event..?

Returning to HAPPIER thoughts... Let's see what kinds of make-up we can come up with... Some of you may want to make your own Scars, Fake Noses, Fake Chins, even Hands and/or Feet. With a little know-how and the right products, you CAN definately do some of these things.

Vampire CostumeVampire

Homemade Wicked Witch CostumeWicked Witch

Kikaida CostumeKikaida

Angel and Devil Halloween costumesAngel & Devil

Wicked Witch of the West Halloween CostumeWicked Witch

The Exorcist Demon Possessed Girl CostumeRegan of "The Exorcist"

One-Eyed Zombie CostumeOne-Eyed Zombie

Freddy Krueger Movie CostumeFreddy Krueger

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