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Waldorf and Statler The Muppet Show Costume

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Waldorf and Statler The Muppet Show Costume

Waldorf and Statler

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Costume type:  Costumes for Adults
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This homemade costume for adults entered our 2011 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Mark, the 'Waldorf and Statler' costume creator:

This year, Joshua Womer, and myself, Mark Ruszkowski, created the two crumudgeons that sit stage left on 'The Muppet Show', Waldorf and Statler.

Knowing a new movie is coming out next month, as well as that these two guys have been a favorite of ours for some time now, it only seemed fitting to attempt to make them into a home-made costume.

To do this we found couch cushions (and vinyl) that somebody was going to trash, spent a total of $16 on faux fur and polar fleece, used things from around the house (for example; glue, thread, and magnets for the eyes). Aside from that we shaped, sewed, affixed, and designed everything entirely on our own without the help of any machine or professional (home made and hand made!!!).

Everything, including the balcony, took about a month to create.

Rating: 4.6 of 5. Votes: 91

91 votes
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#1 comment by Mark Anthony November 14, 2011

Thanks to everybody that's been voting and supporting me....however, if you can, please, leave a comment indicating WHY you voted for my home-made costume in Costume Work's costume contest.

#2 comment by Troy Ruszkowski November 14, 2011

awesome job on the detail and execution of these costumes. Must have been hard to make; from things from around the house! Wow!

Definitely a prize winner!

#3 comment by Christina L. November 14, 2011

These really are great looking costumes. I have been a part of many costume contests, but these almost look professional. Had it not been for the proof photos, I really would have thought otherwise; couch cushions....WOW!

#4 comment by Joe Brown November 14, 2011

I didn't leave a comment before because I thought this photo was evidence enough that we had found the winner in the 2011 Costume-Works costume contest!

#5 comment by Ed Sligh November 14, 2011

The muppets are pretty timeless; hence their newest movie coming out. these costumes however, transend description. I have been fortunate enough to see some of Mark's costumes in years past, and believe me when I say this truly takes the cake!

#6 comment by Janine G. November 14, 2011

Speaking as the only women that's commented on these photos, let me just say that I absolutely LOVE THEM

#7 comment by Jen G. November 14, 2011

I still can't get over how much their likeness to the real Waldorf and Statler are....... these guys really went out of their way for the holiday!

#8 comment by Demone November 14, 2011

These are really awesome costumes. I don't know whether or not I have the skill to make something like this, but I am sure an expert at calling something great when I see it!


#9 comment by Melissa C. November 14, 2011

I am just going to say that these beats out ALL of hte costumes found in Costume-Works banner....and am pretty confident Waldorf and Statler beat out most of the competition that I afforded myself time to peer over.

#10 comment by Sandy November 14, 2011

You need help mark. As great as this costume is....I can't picture anybody else actually making it come to life quite like yourself.

Makes me wonder where you got the couch cushions ::::smirks:::

#11 comment by Penny W. November 14, 2011

incredible! I know a one word comment by itself is too short to submit, but honestly, what else is there to say?

#12 comment by Sarah B. November 14, 2011

not sure what category these are in, or what the prize even...however, if there is such an option as 'voter's choice', this clearly should recieve such honor

#13 comment by Sarah Lakshmi November 14, 2011

I miss living next door to this imagination and creativity! Mark, I sure hope you win in this and in any other contests you might have entered you and Josh into! Best of luck

#14 comment by Maryann R. November 14, 2011

This was just such a joy to see make it up against all of the other finalists in this competition.

this is a really great job and a fine piece of craftsmenship.

#15 comment by Shaun November 14, 2011

I voted for this to win because I think it is incredibly creative and original and beautifully constructed!Totally embraces the spirit of Halloween. Great job!

#16 comment by Angie November 14, 2011

Great Costumes!Brings back many childhood memories!These costumes not only show your creativity but also such great imaginations and talent!

#17 comment by Ty Moeller November 14, 2011

One of the best costumes I've ever had the fortune to see. The amount of time and dedication put into this costume are truly unbelievable and I think I speak for everyone when I say how inspiring Josh and Mark's costume is. Way to go!

#18 comment by Mark A. Ruszkowski November 15, 2011

Thanks is in order to each and every one of yo for the encouraging words and genuine support that has been expressed and shared on this site.

#19 comment by Melanie D. November 15, 2011

The originality alone should make Mark the Winner! It won't let me post just that, so here are more words.

#20 comment by mich mich November 16, 2011

love the craftsmanship and creativity! these costumes just seem like an all around fun idea that people could definitely get nostalgic over. i remember these guys being two of the best parts of any of the muppets hands down!

#21 comment by Tron. November 16, 2011

It really is a great costume though. I mean, it has all the elements. It's an obscure enough reference to make people think but not too obscure as to make it unrecognizable. It is completely home made and it shows! It caters to the olde...r generation's sensibility and brings back memories of the Muppet's but it also plays perfectly into the new Muppet movie that is coming out this year. It is also a two person costume, which we all know are much harder to pull off since you have to be in sync as a team. It also isn't a horror-themed costume, creative, funny, quirky costumes are always the best. And lastly, it doesn't play on some cliched one-liner (one night stand), it isn't topical (Rick Perry / Herman Cain), and it's not "slutty", which are the worst

#22 comment by Carol November 19, 2011

This is truly an awesome show of talent, craft, and creativity. I don't know if I could have fashioned even just one of these characters to such likeness, let alone two of them. Seems very few other entrants did something as difficult, and because of this sheer fact alone, because these Muppets are winners!

#23 comment by Megan Walsh November 20, 2011

I absolutely love the creativity of this project and the time that was taken to make such an amazing costume!

#24 comment by Chelsea November 20, 2011

Mark your costumes are always the best! This one takes the cake!! Great job!! I like that you are able to create such an elaborate costume at such little cost, and in a very green way of reduce, reuse, and recycle!!!

#25 comment by Rachel K. November 20, 2011

This is really an impressive costume. I have noticed throughout the past days that Waldorf and Statler have been losing ranking in the favorite competition, but it's not because other costumes are better or more intricate; it's merely because they have better networking skills. As biased as that seems, These guys here should truly be recognized for everything they put into making this Halloween costume happen

#26 comment by Sindi November 20, 2011

I completely agree with what Chelsea wrote above. Mark made these both out of scraps and in some cases, trash. When gauging this alone compared to many others in this competition, it's clean who goes the extra mile when it comes to Halloween and those who only want to be noticed and recognized as original; When in fact they aren't.

Clearly these guys are hands down better than a tank!

#27 comment by Gray S November 20, 2011

Amazing! Truly original and unique! Being made and not purchased this costume certainly deserves a big WIN for originality, true resemblance, creative inspiration, and just being awesome .

#28 comment by joel November 20, 2011

Simply amazing. The best of the best. The detail and creativity is unmatched. My pick for the best overall.

#29 comment by Camp Hart November 20, 2011

Awesone! Very creative and totally original. The fact that these costumes and supporting stage were homemade makes this a top pick!

#30 comment by Christine V November 20, 2011

So creative, can't wait to see what they come up with next year. To see it come together, maybe you should look into costume design or special effects.

#31 comment by North Jersey Eric November 20, 2011

WOW. These are the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational costumes ever!!! You can see all the time and effort put into these costumes.

#32 comment by Suzanne November 22, 2011

I love this costume. I've never seen anything else like it! That's why I voted for it :)

#33 comment by Nathalie November 17, 2014

This is so cool!

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