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Sexy Valentine's Day Costumes

The title of this page does very well in describing the types of costumes you'll find here. Most of the Costume Shops that I direct you to have an "Adult" or "Sexy" Costume section for you to browse and purchase from SO it is my thought that not many of you will be offended if I post a few of the Adult/Sexy Costumes here...on a page specifically labeled "Sexy" so there will be no confusion and persons not wishing to view these types of costumes simply need not CLICK to this page. :-)

Actually, the costumes I WILL post are NOT going to be "over-the-top" or anything that could be labeled "nasty" or "adult" so if you are looking for something THAT "sexy"... this is not the place to find it.

One more thing before we begin: It seems rather strange to me... but then... I never really thought about it much before this moment: there are VERY FEW, close to NONE in fact, "Sexy" Costumes for MEN! Basically there are a few "Smoking Jackets"/"Play boy Pajamas" (which I WILL post for you) and that's about it. I guess we should assume then, that WOMEN are to dress sexy for their men...or that women can dress sexy to go "on the prowl" and catch that one fella she has had her eye on for quite some time. It is NOT to say that a man cannot find a costume to look "SEXY" in..I am just stating a fact that ...a male may not find many costumes for HIMSELF on this page. He MAY however, like to assist his Woman in choosing something he would like to see her wearing. I am sure that the male part of a couple might like to dress to coincide with what his significant other will be wearing. For example: If SHE is wearing a sexy Lil Red Riding Hood Costume...HE might like to be the Big Bad Wolf (and can find that costume at one of the costume stores I have posted on this site :-) . HE can also dress as a NECESSARY part of a "couples" costume. For another example: If SHE is a Lock..HE would most definately work well as THE KEY. So Men...Not to worry...although we don't have many "sexy" man duds...You can STILL "dress-up". You simply need to check out the other costume pages to find what you need.

IF you need some IDEAS for "Couples" Costumes, please see my Article on Couples Costumes... I don't think you will be disappointed Ü

THAT SAID!...Let us move along to the FUN stuff!

smile kiss

I now (as of 10/09) have a section called "Sexy Halloween Costumes" from which you may find something sweet and sexy for yourself and/or your other-half in the way of Valentine's Day Costumes.

Here are some Costumes especially for Valentines Day:

Queen of Heartbreaks Adult

Cupid Adult

Dark Queen of Hearts Adult

Enchanting Queen of Hearts Adult

Conversation "Hug Me" Heart Adult

Buy Costumes offers a nice selection of Sexy Valentine's Day Costumes and Accessories. They have a large selection of Sexy Costumes and Couples Costumes that would also suffice as Valentines Day Wear at any Event or Party you plan to attend.

Valentines hearts