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Uniform Costumes

This is the photo gallery of homemade uniform costumes, entered our Halloween costume contest over the years since 2006.

We'd love to see your creative home made costumes in our gallery! Submit your Halloween costume photo, and enter our 2020 Halloween costume contest!

Flight Attendant Homemade CostumeFlight Attendant

Swat Team Couple CostumeSwat Team

Sailor Girl CostumeSailor Girl

Little Marine Homemade CostumeLittle Marine

Couple of Sailors Homemade CostumeCouple of Sailors

Baby Marine CostumeBaby Marine

SWAT Homemade CostumeSWAT

Marine Cpl. Homemade CostumeMarine Cpl.

The Camo Family CostumeThe Camo Family

Cop and Convict CostumeCop and Convict

Baby Marine Semper Fi CostumeBaby Marine Semper Fi

Seductive Police Officer CostumeSeductive Police Officer

Police Officer and Prisoner Couple CostumePolice Officer and Prisoner

Police Officer and Inmate CostumePolice Officer and Inmate

Bad Dog and Police Officers CostumesPolice Officers and Bad Dog


Zombie Nurse Halloween CostumeZombie Nurse

SWAT Zombie CostumeSWAT Zombie

Homemade STARS Cheerleader costumeSTARS Cheerleader

Basketbelly Player Pregnant CostumeBasketbelly Player

USA Swim Team CostumeUSA Swim Team

Army Man costumeLittle Army Man

Miguel Cabrera Halloween CostumeMiguel Cabrera

Homemade Ghostbusters CostumeGhostbusters

Rockford Peaches CostumeRockford Peaches Women's Baseball League

Mall Cop CostumeMall Cop

Ghostbuster CostumeGhostbusters!

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