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The Greatest ShowFAM Costume

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The Greatest ShowFAM Costume

The Greatest ShowFAM

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Photo #1 - The Greatest ShowFAM Photo #2 - Side by Side with Hugh Jackman Photo #3 - Side by side with Zac Efron Photo #4 - Side by side with Zendaya Photo #5 - Side by side with Keala Settle
Costume type:  Costumes for Families
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This homemade costume for families entered our 2018 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Cherry, the 'The Greatest Show' costume creator:

Our family costumes include our two son's as Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron as the ring masters, me as Zendeya in her Trapeze outfit my husband as the Bearded Lady: Keala Settle.

My boys love The Greatest Showman, to the point where we have the soundtrack in the car and the movie. Our littlest one, goes around singing Baaahhaahh (tap tap) from the entrance song. So naturally our boys wanted to be the characters from the movie for halloween.

I decided that I would make our costumes instead of purchasing them, because it was hard to find costumes in the first place and I believe Etsy was charging a bunch. So I started looking up pictures of each character and basically finding all the material that would go along with each costume. Several different visits to different Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Michaeals and Walmart. I measured my boys and started dissecting my husbands old coats to figure out how to make them. This sewing project started back in August because I'm in nursing school and work part time so getting these costumes done by October was a must. I had to hand sew all the tool on my husband's dress and finish decorating the coats along the way. By the end of three costumes I almost gave up on mine, because working with stretchy material was not fun, as I had to sew while wearing the material on myself. Even getting ready for halloween was a lot of work as I had to style my own wig along with doing my husbands hair and makeup. All in all, I am very proud of these costumes and my kids had such a great time! My husband made their sticks and his flower head piece to go along with it.

Excited to see what You all think of our family costumes! Also I may add that people who are costume designers and fashion designers or seamstress are AMAZING people because this took a lot of work and I only have the bare minimum of sewing abilities.

Thanks for listening (reading) about our costumes!

Our boys ended up having such a great time! And their dad was such a trooper wearing a dress, petty coat and makeup! Yes that's his real hair that I curled haha!

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#1 comment by Aileen November 5, 2018

I absolutely love their costumes!!! My kids and I think that Cherry did an amazing job re-creating the movie with her family. Good job Acala Fam!!!!

#2 comment by MWilliams November 5, 2018

These are amazing!! Lots of work and time spent! The best !!!

#3 comment by Sarah November 5, 2018

Absolutely amazing! Especially while learning along the way! Turned out great!

#4 comment by Monica Klinefelter November 5, 2018

The best family costume ever!!!! And the fact that it was handmade & custom tailored makes it even more special. This deserves the winning prize, hands down!

#5 comment by Lindsey Medema November 5, 2018

Not only are these hands down the best costumes I saw anywhere, then you add the fact that this busy mama handmade them all, and they were worn as a family...I mean, come on The whole package!

#6 comment by Angeline C. November 5, 2018

BEAUTIFUL costumes and Cherry has pure talent! Can't wait to see what's in store for next year!

#7 comment by Belia November 5, 2018

This is SOOO good!! And original!!! And you Made them???? Wow!! Such a good job!!! This is awesome!!!

#8 comment by Theresa November 5, 2018

Outstanding! Truly amazing you got not one but four incredible costumes done and they are done with detail and you didn't skimp or cut it down to make it easier. You did a fantastic job and you can see the joy on all of your faces. Your family truly enjoyed dressing up to celebrate their favorite movie.
Your family is the greatest showman!

#9 comment by Jacquelyn Wright November 5, 2018

Absolutely breathtaking!!! Top notch work and creativity.

#10 comment by Emily Newby November 5, 2018

Now THAT'S creative!!! Love this.

#11 comment by Tim K. November 5, 2018

Super cool

#12 comment by Diana November 5, 2018

Wow this is amazing!!

#13 comment by Kimberly November 5, 2018

So amazing!

#14 comment by Chrysta Pantohan November 5, 2018

Can't believe you made these love love them! Denis in a dress with his beard is so awesome! You and the kids look great too!

#15 comment by Alia November 5, 2018

Hands down the best Halloween costumes of 2018! Not only are they original and not your traditional every day characters, all costumes were hand made by Cherry! WOW! Looking at the attention to detail and considering the time, effort and thought that went into these, the Acala family definitely deserves to win!

#16 comment by Yasmine A November 5, 2018

Always so creative and above and beyond with costumes! Did an amazing job cousin !!

#17 comment by Wanda Acala November 5, 2018

Beautiful costumes for a beautiful family. The costumes look very authentic. They were handmade just with that being said a lot of love went in to these costumes. They deserve to win.

#18 comment by C. P. November 5, 2018

Love love love!

#19 comment by Kristina November 5, 2018

Amazing costumes! Great job Acala family!

#20 comment by Charlene Jose November 5, 2018

These costumes are amazing! The family looks so awesome! Love it!

#21 comment by Loida November 5, 2018

Very creative and definitely a labor of love. Well done, Cherry and Dennis.

#22 comment by Jess breding November 5, 2018

The BEST!! Great job making those!!!!

#23 comment by Aaron Medema November 5, 2018

Handmade every 1 of the costumes.....that's a for sure win in my book by itself. Then you add in that the costumes look FANTASTIC, Seriously how could this FAMILY not win. Great job Acala family.

#24 comment by Agapia Rumpel November 5, 2018

BEST COSTUMES EVER. Cherry is the best and so talented, can't believe she made these all herself. Such a busy mama, working, going to nursing school and still having time to make her kids' and husband's costume. Love love the costumes and the people wearing them!

#25 comment by Rebecca November 5, 2018

So impressive! Amazing job

#26 comment by Ayesha Ayalde November 5, 2018

They absolutely, without a doubt, nailed the costumes. I fell in love with the costumes. Ate Cherry did an awesome job!! lovess

#27 comment by Maureen Clingman November 5, 2018

The Greastest Show is amazing, definitely my favorite!

#28 comment by Renee November 5, 2018

Love it!!!

#29 comment by Annette Hampson November 5, 2018

This family deserves to win. As busy as I know they are & still found time to create these awesome costumes. You never cease to amaze me.

#30 comment by Carlos Rivas November 5, 2018

Amazing work, beautiful family, great job !!

#31 comment by Bryan November 5, 2018

Awesome work! The bearded lady make up and beard are fantastic!

#32 comment by Jammie November 5, 2018

Beautiful costumes by a beautiful human! I love this all so much!!

#33 comment by Serena November 5, 2018

They looked even more amazing in person! Such a fun theme.

#34 comment by Sarah November 5, 2018

So creative and amazing! Love it!

#35 comment by B Sherman November 5, 2018

The best costumes I've possibly ever seen! I can't believe they're hand sewn, and by a busy mom at that!

#36 comment by Chrysty Lemasters November 5, 2018

Cherry, you did amazing! My favorite costumes ever!

#37 comment by ChristineAra November 5, 2018

AMAZING costumes! The attention to detail is so on point! She added her own flare to each costume, thus complimenting the original pieces. The time and effort put into each costume definitely deserves to be recognized! Great job!!!

#38 comment by Amber Ferguson November 5, 2018

Amazing vision, amazing attention to detail and you all really rocked the heck out of these containers too!

#39 comment by Elysha Peters November 5, 2018

Hands down, the best group costumes! They went all out!

#40 comment by Leslie November 5, 2018

Amazing costumes Acala family.

#41 comment by Gabi November 5, 2018

This is such a fun and creative group costume! It is so ela orate for a homemade costume, the work is absolutely amazing! I love that the leads of the groups are the little ones :)

#42 comment by Amy November 5, 2018

So much hard work and creativity. Love this family and their costumes!!

#43 comment by Maria Schramm November 5, 2018

So very amazing!!!

#44 comment by Janeen November 6, 2018

Amazing job! I loved all the details you made, even more awesome that the boys enjoyed it! I know how much hard work you put in and it shows! Fabulous job Cherry! This is extremely impressive!

#45 comment by Raylene November 6, 2018

Girlfriend, you worked those outfits and made the most amazing family coordinated costumes I've ever seen. Group costumes may have a general theme, and yours does in The Greatest Showman, but the outfits are so unique and separate from one another, not the same as if you were all zombies or all vampires. And you weren't even working with a sewing pattern! That is outstanding in and of itself,especially while going to school and raising two little ones. It wears me out just to think about all you did. I love that your boys are the ringmasters because they truly are the stars of the show. Your outfit is absolutely beautiful and your husband is such a brave man. I wholeheartedly appreciate your efforts and your family should win every Halloween costume contest there is.

#46 comment by Red November 6, 2018

This wins halloween :)

#47 comment by Carree November 6, 2018

Such an awesome and creative costumes! Deserves to win!

#48 comment by Cristina Olivas November 6, 2018

So much creativity!!!!!! Your family looks absolutely amazing. You not only deserve to win this contest but so much more for the time, effort, creativeness, and the beauty you captured! You should start your own costume making business that's how great they look. If you dont win these people must be blind!!!!

#49 comment by Morgan November 6, 2018

Turned out amazing! Impressed!!!

#50 comment by EllenR November 6, 2018

This is the best family costume group I have ever seen! Cherry, you are a costume wizard. Great work Acala family!

#51 comment by Kat November 6, 2018

Awesome work Cherry Beary! :)

#52 comment by Kat Perry November 6, 2018

I'm so glad I got to see these in person. You did an amazing job and I especially love all the detail work. Great job!

#53 comment by Kristi Olson November 6, 2018

These are amazing love this family

#54 comment by Elizah November 7, 2018

i though this was one of the best group costumes ever!! it's so unexpected and not basic, plus it's so creative and well designed!! well done Ate!! GO TEAM ACALA!!!

#55 comment by Nina November 7, 2018

I love these costumes and looks amazing!

#56 comment by Charles November 7, 2018

Great work! These look amazing! Love love love them!

#57 comment by Glynnis November 8, 2018

Creative, fun, and fabulous! The Acala family embodies the true spirit of Halloween.

#58 comment by Ana Lara-Medellin November 10, 2018

Love the costumes! Amazing job!!!!!

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