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Spice Girls with Bodyguard Costume

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Spice Girls with Bodyguard Costume

Spice Girls with Bodyguard

Costume type:  Costumes for Groups
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for groups entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Brisa, the 'Spice Girls with Bodyguard' costume creator:

Office staff, decided to twist a little the true spice girls.

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20 votes
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#1 comment by Lyn October 1, 2014

How did you make the labels?

#2 comment by Brisa October 1, 2014

Hi Lyn,
white cardboard, red and manila filing folders, the rest are all printout pictures from the internet.
It was alot of fun.

#3 comment by Lyn October 2, 2014

thanks so much! A group of us at the office are going to spice it up!! :)

#4 comment by Brisa October 2, 2014

Have fun...
You should put a picture up.

#5 comment by Kerry Marvel October 13, 2014

Love love love......can u mail me the fronts.

#6 comment by Dani O October 16, 2014

Hey Ladies,

I think this costumer idea is awesome. How did you make the McCormick logo big?

#7 comment by Lynsie October 16, 2014


We Googled McCormick Logo and under the images we found that logo and just stretched it as far as we could without them getting distorted. =)

#8 comment by Brisa D. October 26, 2014

Love it!

#9 comment by Dakota November 26, 2014

Where can I get one of these?

#10 comment by Toni September 12, 2015

What is around your neck?
What was used to hold it on you?

#11 comment by Kristen October 7, 2015

Hi! I am working on making the logos for a large group for this Halloween. How exactly did you transfer them to the manila folders? I was thinking clear labels??? I think I have the MCCORMICK part good to go, but I'm struggling with the actual spice part. How exactly did you remove the background from the name/picture so it didn't print weird?

#12 comment by Lynsie October 7, 2015

The McCormick logo had a white square behind with blue border. We just cut out against the border.

Around the neck was just the word "McCormick" in white don't on a red background.

I may still have some of the logos on my computer. If you would like, I could email them to you!

#13 comment by Kristen October 8, 2015

That would be absolutely amazing if you still had them! I think the McCormick logo we are good with, I'm stuck on the bottom portion for some reason!

#14 comment by Allison October 9, 2015

Oh em gee!! I have decided to be a spice girl this year and i am struggling with making the label!!! This info is helpful, so thank you!!!

#15 comment by Kathy Smith October 13, 2015

Would you please email me the logo too! I would be so appreciative!!

#16 comment by Kathy DeLuca October 13, 2015

Love this idea! want to do it for a group at school, could you please email me the logos also. Thank you in advance!

#17 comment by Melissa October 13, 2015

Could you also email me the logos?

#18 comment by Laura October 13, 2015

Gosh, I would so appreciate it if you would e-mail me the logo and anything else to help me and my girlfriends out too. Thank you!

#19 comment by Melanie Brennan October 14, 2015

I love these costumes!!! My girl friends and I are going to Halloween dance, this would be perfect. Could you please email me the logos? You did a great job!!

#20 comment by Sue Rupe October 14, 2015

Could you please email whatever you might have to help my office staff be the spice girls this year.

#21 comment by Kabudi October 14, 2015

You guys did a great job!! If possible can you please email me the McCormick logo also?? Thank u

#22 comment by Fabiola October 15, 2015

could you email me the logos as well? I'm sorry I just jumped in here but this costume idea is amazing!
Thank you for sharing.

#23 comment by Lori October 15, 2015

If you aren't burned out on sharing the logo, I'd like to have a copy too! Thanks!

#24 comment by Christy October 15, 2015

If you have a chance, could you send an email to me as well?

#25 comment by Natalie October 16, 2015

I'm a little late to the game, but would appreciate the templates you used as well! Thank you!

#26 comment by melissa October 16, 2015

Please send me the templates as well!
Thank you!

#27 comment by Amy October 18, 2015

Please send me the templates too!

#28 comment by lisa October 18, 2015

My classroom is doing this anything you email me would be greatly appreciated

#29 comment by anissa October 19, 2015

Can I please get the templates as well.
and what did you have holding this up?

#30 comment by Tyrell October 19, 2015

We love this, so creative:O) I really hate to ask, but we'd love the templates too because we have tried many different things with no success:O/ Too bad you couldn't just post a general link so we don't have to ask for your time. Thanks in advance!

#31 comment by Lisa Pragg October 19, 2015

Could I have the templates too?

#32 comment by Carla October 20, 2015

Could you please send me the templates also? :)

#33 comment by Liz October 20, 2015

Love love this idea. IF you are any templates for hints, please would greatly appreciate them.

#34 comment by Christi October 20, 2015

Would love to get the templates too...

#35 comment by Andrea October 20, 2015

We are working on this also. Could you please email me what you have too? Thanks a lot!

#36 comment by Heather October 21, 2015

Would you be able to send me some templates as well? I'm thinking about doing this with friends and I love the idea!

#37 comment by Traci October 21, 2015

yes! This is perfect.
Could you add me to the list to email templates or logo or any helpful hints. Really want to do this for a party this weekend.

#38 comment by Lisa Pragg October 22, 2015

Could you email to me as well?

#39 comment by Katie October 22, 2015

Can you email the logos to me also
I would like the Cheyenne, ginger , and Jamaican jerk one is possible
And what size did you print them out?

#40 comment by kbedford October 22, 2015

I know you are probably burnt out with sending the emails but if you don't mind doing another I would love them so that our group at work can pull this off:-)

#41 comment by KelK October 24, 2015

Oh wow! We are trying to do this at work this year and are having a hard time with the labels. Could you possible send the templates to me also???

#42 comment by Chris Mansfield October 25, 2015

Please send me the templates too. Thank you in advance.

#43 comment by Sally October 27, 2015

I also would appreciate the templates. Thank you.

#44 comment by nicole October 28, 2015

Would also appreciate the template if you don't mind sharing.

#45 comment by Jamie Bysak October 28, 2015

I would be so grateful for the template as well. Trying to do something for me, my mom and my Grandma. Too cute!!!!

#46 comment by Anita October 30, 2015

Could you email me the logo and and any templates that helped make this costume? They are great!

#47 comment by Carissa June 22, 2016

Oh my goodness ... this is fabulous, you did a great job! If you wouldn't mind sharing the templates that you used once more, I would appreciate it. My friends and I are going to "Let's Make A Deal" and we wanted to dress as "Spice Girls". Thanks so much!

#48 comment by Penny Sorrell August 26, 2016

If you still have the templates I would be willing to pay you for a copy of the email. Thanks in advance!

#49 comment by Kristen September 30, 2016

Can you also send me the templates?? Please?

#50 comment by Kristina October 2, 2016

Looks like you've been getting questions about the templates. Anyway you're still sharing these?

#51 comment by Arieal October 7, 2016

Hello! Are your templates still available? If so could I get them emailed to me, please?

#52 comment by Cathy Phillips October 9, 2016

If you are still able to share the template I would appreciate it. Putting together the costumes for 4 6th graders. Super cute. Thanks.

#53 comment by Maria DelPrete October 10, 2016

I'm willing to pay for temples if they are available Going to a party and thought this was the cutest thing but I'm not very good on the computer

#54 comment by Patty October 10, 2016

Hello can you please email me the logo??

#55 comment by Jonna October 10, 2016

Can you email the logo to me also?

#56 comment by Jayson October 10, 2016

Could you please email this to me as well. We are going to do this as a group at the hospital I work at... Please and thank you!

#57 comment by Lisa Snidarich October 11, 2016

Can you email me the templates for this? Thank you!

#58 comment by Traci October 13, 2016

HI ! Love love your idea ! Please email me your template?
Thank you so much !

#59 comment by Andrea October 17, 2016

Could you send me the logos you have saved?

#60 comment by Jen October 17, 2016

Great costume!
Do you have a site for the templates? I'd love to use them for my teacher group costume

#61 comment by Becky Nohre October 20, 2016

Love this idea for our dietary bunch! Could you send me the templates, I can't figure it out!

#62 comment by Hannah M October 25, 2016

If anyone on the thread has these templates or ones similar I would GREATLY appreciate if someone could email them to me!! Love love love this idea!!! :)

#63 comment by Jade October 30, 2016

Could you all send me the templates ?

#64 comment by Rose November 11, 2016

Wow -- such a cute idea. I have a group who would love to do this next Halloween. Can you email them to me? Thanks so much!

#65 comment by Debbie September 23, 2017

We have a group of school cafeteria ladies who would love to do this. If anyone would be able to email this to me we would love to do this!

#66 comment by cshockley September 25, 2017

Found out that the restaurnat that i work at dresses up for Halloween..how appropriate would this be...can you email this to me as well.

#67 comment by Debbi September 26, 2017

Could you send me the template. Thankdsdott[at]comcast.net

#68 comment by Theresa September 27, 2017

Would someone please also send me the template? It would be much appreciated.

#69 comment by Lauren B October 9, 2017

Hello, not sure if you'll receive this message or not but several of us at work are going to copy your awesome idea. We're not sure how to print them out. Can you send me a how to or instructions so we can get this done? We love your idea!!!

Thank you!!!!!

#70 comment by Jennie October 10, 2017

Love the costume, if you still have the template please send it to me. Thank you.

#71 comment by Tracy October 12, 2017

Hi there, can I please request the template as well?
My school cafeteria team were very excited when I showed them this option for a costume. Thank you in advance :)

#72 comment by Jing Williams October 13, 2017

Hello there,
We are about 75th in your list, but can we also please get a template? Thank you so much!

#73 comment by Beth Felix October 16, 2017

Love the Idea! We are planning to do this at work and surprise everyone. Would love information on the template too. Since so many people are requesting this, what do you think about putting the link on this site so you don't have to email everyone?

#74 comment by Brenda Fletcher October 19, 2017

I know you've seen this alot, but it's because it just soooo cute,but would you share your templates with me as well?

#75 comment by Beth Young October 26, 2017

Could you please send me the template. The ladies I work with are wanting to do the spice girls. Thanks Happy Halloween �� �� �� �� ��

#76 comment by Sweta Sheth October 27, 2017

Hi there, can I please request the template as well?
My food service team were very excited when I showed them this option for a costume. Thank you in advance :)

#77 comment by Bobbie September 22, 2018

Could I please request the template also? The speech department at the school I work for would love to do this. Thank you!

#78 comment by Jodi Powers September 26, 2018

Hi Lynsie!
We love this idea at our preschool for our teachers. We followed your instructions,but are struggling on printing the labels.
If you can send us a link or even email what you used, we would appreciate it.
Thank you!

#79 comment by Julie September 30, 2018

Any chance I would be able to get the templates too? This is so cute! Thanks

#80 comment by Cathy October 1, 2018

Oh you poor woman.....so many requests for such a fabulous costume.!!!!
Could you please send me the templates too!!!
I would greatly appreciate it. Love this idea.

Thank you!

#81 comment by Emilie Craig October 2, 2018

I would absolutely love if you could send me the logos! We're hoping to use these for a school wide costume :)


#82 comment by Cathy October 3, 2018

# 80 comment


#83 comment by Jaime Cloud October 8, 2018

They have a transparent logo. I will try to post the link. Hopefully, it works.


If not, I found it on freelogovectors(dot)net
Search McCormick Logo

#84 comment by Bonnie October 9, 2018

I would love the templates as well, fabulous costume!!

#85 comment by Betty Avery October 11, 2018

This is a great costume for a group. Can I please have the template as well? My office would like to use it for our group costume. blavery[at]utmb.edu

#86 comment by Kimberly Powell October 13, 2018

Could you email me them too

#87 comment by JALMA October 19, 2018

Can you please email me the template as well?

#88 comment by Jesenia October 22, 2018

would you mind sending the template for this:) please me and my friends wanna do this!

#89 comment by Mary Gavalla October 22, 2018

I would love the templates for this also.

#90 comment by Sandra October 24, 2018

Please send me the templates. It is the first year my daughters want to include me!
It would be greatly appreciated. Happy Halloween.

#91 comment by Chelbey Eiler October 25, 2018

I love these and am planning on doing them for a youth group but am having a hard time finding enough spice templates can you please send me the templates or where you found them.

#92 comment by Sandi Espinosa October 26, 2018

Could you send me template like yesterday its CRUNCH TIME!

#93 comment by Kristine October 28, 2018

Can you please send me the templates? Thank you so much!

#94 comment by Sherry October 30, 2018

Can you please send me the logo/templates too!

#95 comment by amber March 22, 2019

so cute! Could you please send me the logo/templates?Thanks in advance!

#96 comment by Erinn August 2, 2019

If you could let me know the materials and send the template I'd appreciate it!

#97 comment by Sandy R August 21, 2019

If you are still sharing this template , could you please send to me. Preparing for an early Halloween party on Labour Day weekend.

Thank you!

#98 comment by Sheri August 29, 2019

Would you mind emailing me the template also?

#99 comment by Kristi Floyd September 26, 2019

I want the email as well please

#100 comment by Becky September 27, 2019

My bowling team would love to do these, but need the template please. I'll send you a picture of us. Thank you

#101 comment by Kristen October 3, 2019

Do you still have the templates? If you still have them!

#102 comment by Wendy October 3, 2019


If anyone still has the McCormick templates to share , I would really appreciate as our office would like to go as the Spice Girls.

Thank you so much in advance


#103 comment by Rachelle Maynard October 5, 2019

Hi there! Is it possible to still get your templates? I'd love to do this with my staff!

#104 comment by Vicki Schaffer October 7, 2019

Can someone email me them as well?


#105 comment by Kerry October 13, 2019

I am having problems finding any labels that I am able to print large enough, and I need templates for the spices. Please send me any information on the Spice girls costume you made and how you did it.
Thank you

#106 comment by Mikaela October 14, 2019

Any chance someone still has these logos in a printable format?

#107 comment by MYell October 22, 2019

I could use the templates as well! Thank you

#108 comment by Deborah Dobert October 23, 2019

Could you please email the template if possible? I can pay for it!

#109 comment by Sarabjit Sital October 23, 2019

Can you please email the template? This is such a great idea for my office team Halloween party

#110 comment by Christine Wells October 24, 2019

Can you please email the template? We have a team of teachers who would love to use this idea!

#111 comment by Debra Gulley October 25, 2019

would love to use it as well! dgulley1[at]ecsd.me

#112 comment by Carolyn October 28, 2019

Could you possibly email me the labels? Thank you!

#113 comment by Sherry S October 28, 2019

I have found the white McCormick logo but am trying to figure out how to add the yellow and the spice name. If you can email the template or more instructions, I would appreciate it.

#114 comment by Kim B October 28, 2019

If you could please share your template.

#115 comment by Tobie Knaub October 29, 2019

Could you please share your template?

#116 comment by Amy November 23, 2019

This is great! Would you email me your template please?

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